Know your Linux! New Linux Foundation certification aims to boost Linux job market

Linux has been expanding its reach — powering Google, Facebook and other major platforms — and hiring managers say they’re in need of an increasing number of Linux developers. But many of those jobs are going unfilled, and given the entrenched position of Microsoft Windows inside many companies, not as many developers and admins are getting Linux training and certification… Read More


‘The phone is the PC’: Ubuntu tests demand for all-in-one device with $32M campaign

The line is increasingly blurring between smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. But how much blurring are we ready for? Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has launched a new $32 million crowdfunding campaign that will test the demand for an all-in-one device — an “Ubuntu Edge” smartphone powerful enough to serve as the… Read More


Valve launches Steam for Linux with big sale

After nearly two months in beta mode, Valve has released Steam for Linux. You can get the Steam client from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Currently there are more than 50 Linux games on Steam and to celebrate the release, Valve is putting on a big week-long sale with games discounted by up to 75 percent.  Valve… Read More


Valve unveiling Steam Box this year, will run on Linux

It looks like the Steam Box is coming and will run on Linux. German IT site Golem is reporting that Valve engineer Ben Krasnow spoke at a EHSM conference a few weeks ago and confirmed that Valve’s “Steam Box,” a PC designed to connect to your TV and take advantage of the Steam’s Big Picture mode, will debut… Read More


Valve opens Steam for Linux beta to everyone

After opening the doors to a limited beta of Steam for Linux to just 1,000 people last month, Valve is now rolling out Steam Linux beta for all users. People can now play 39 titles in beta, including Team Fortress 2, Portal and Serious Sam BFE, with Left 4 Dead 2 coming soon. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said earlier this month… Read More

Keith Curtis

Video: Former Microsoftie making ‘Software Wars’ movie

Break out the popcorn: A new crowdfunding campaign, launched overnight, aims to raise $150,000 to complete a movie about the open-source software movement and the “war for freedom” against the world of proprietary software. The main producer is Keith Curtis, a Seattle-based author and programmer who spent 11 years at Microsoft before being converted to… Read More


Microsoft teams with China’s top Linux vendor in the cloud

Microsoft and China Standard Software Co. plan to work together develop and sell cloud cloud computing technologies in the country. The companies announced the agreement last night. China Standard Software, also known as CS2C, is described as the country’s leading Linux vendor. The products resulting from the partnership will be built on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Open Cloud architecture and… Read More


Microsoft extends SUSE deal, agrees to buy another $100M in Linux support

Linux vendor Novell Inc. is no longer a standalone company, but Microsoft today announced an agreement with its successor, Attachmate’s SUSE unit, to extend by four years the technology collaboration agreement and controversial patent protection deal that the companies announced nearly five years ago. As part of the extended agreement, Microsoft agreed to spend an… Read More

PopCap's 'Unpleasant Horse' is not for the faint of heart

Nerd Notes: Woz seems lonely, YouTube seems bored and Apple doesn’t seem to like horses

Woz says he’d mull return to Apple if asked — which he hasn’t been. Geek Zodiac.  Too bad geeks don’t get into things like ancient celestial paths based on constellations and ecliptic coordinate systems encompassing planets in space… The Crow is being remade.   We’re sure it’s providing emo kids everywhere with something to rage about.  Something to cry… Read More