Dan Richman covers cloud technology, developer tools and enterprise software. He has been covering the news for more than 25 years, writing for daily and weekly newspapers including a decade at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and for MSNBC and private newsletters. For seven years he wrote for the computer trade press, including UNIX Today!, Information Week and Computerworld, specializing in relational database management systems and development tools.

Though focused on technology, he has written on topics as diverse as forestry practices, pot legalization, county government, business and modernizing the electricity-delivery system. He recently edited both a fiction and a non-fiction book and has written two of his own.

Dan grew up in Chicago, where he was trained to be a mean lawyer. Gentled by his move to the PNW nearly 30 years ago, he returned to journalism. His serial passions, in no particular order, have included motorcycling, long-distance sailing, lawn care, bicycling, speeders, stunt kites, Latin percussion, species orchids, scanners, the study of weather and all things Cuban.

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