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Oregon medical-records company Kryptiq sold to Surescripts

Oregon is more than that little bastion of ‘Portlandia’ jokes sandwiched in between Seattle and Silicon Valley — they have tech, too. And this week Hillsboro-based Kryptiq, an electronic medical records company, announced that it has been sold to Virginia-based Surescripts. As reports, Surescripts already owned a small stake in Kryptiq (acquired in 2010),… Read More

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Paul McCartney returns to streaming music sites

In February, we reported that Paul McCartney had pulled his music from streaming sites, like Rhapsody, Spotify and Rdio. It appears that the Beatle’s camp has changed their minds — some of McCartney’s music is back online. Spotify has added his solo album, Ram (1971). Memory Almost Full (2007) and this year’s Kisses on the… Read More

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Uber Entertainment closer to ‘Planetary Annihilation’ with $900,000 Kickstarter effort

Do you sit around all day, wishing you could engage in some post-apocalyptic planet-destroying action, pitting your strategy against other wannabe planet-destroyers in real time? Well, ‘Planetary Annihilation’ is one step closer to becoming the reality to pin all your intergalactic planetary destruction hopes and energies on. Because that stuff really needs to get channeled… Read More

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Zappos to let Pinterest users show picks via PinPointing

With all the social networking and such online it was only a matter of time until shopping got more into the act, too. Zappos has announced a new page called PinPointing that recommends products based on Pinterest posts. As Bloomberg reports, San Francisco-based Zappos Labs created PinPointing, which loads Zappos products — shoes, clothes, etc…. Read More

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Microsoft’s Xbox Live gets political with election portal

Election Day may still be more than two months away, but Microsoft announced some efforts today to get more young people informed about this upcoming election. And their medium of choice to convey this message? Xbox, of course. Sorry, but you won’t be able to vote for Master Chief. “Election 2012″ on Xbox Live will be… Read More


Live on Twitter, Paul Allen covers battleship salvage

When he’s not partying with has-been celebs, Paul Allen is hosting a salvage crew aboard his Octopus yacht — and reporting back to the world about what’s happening. In a series of tweets started earlier today, the Microsoft co-founder is documenting the recovery process of the bell from the HMS Hood battleship in the North Atlantic…. Read More

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Why the Space Needle is sporting a Twitter hashtag

Calling all art geeks: here’s your chance to get your design on top of the Space Needle. Now through Sept. 20, the Space Needle is accepting design submissions for its “Top Off Our 50th” campaign. The new design will be painted atop the famous needle’s roof on Oct. 21, the anniversary of the closing day of… Read More

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Highlighter, 20MM release free interactive sociology book

Do you remember hitting ye olde campus bookstore back in your college days and getting sticker-shock from the final tally on your books? Yep, it’s expensive. Educational nonprofit 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM) and publishing platform developer Highlighter announced their partnership on a new book for fall, Introduction to Sociology. And it’s free. Both organizations… Read More

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Katniss vs. Harry: Hunger Games outsells Harry Potter on Amazon

It’s happened. Something has outsold the Harry Potter series on Amazon. And that something is Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. Heck, even Bill Gates liked it. Amazon announced today that the three-book Hunger Games series following hero Katniss Everdeen’s adventures of survival and derring-do have outsold the seven-book Potter series that followed those lovable wizards… Read More


Apple points finger at Amazon in DOJ e-book pricing lawsuit

Yet more news has developed in the DOJ’s case against Apple and several book publishers over their alleged collusion to price-fix e-books, or what we like to call The Never-ending Lawsuit That is Slowly Choking the Fun out of Reading. This week, Apple filed this statement with the Southern District Court of New York, which… Read More

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Battle of the mobile wallet: Target, Wal-Mart and others team up against Google

It sounds like such a simply great idea, a mobile wallet in your smartphone, right? Major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, among others, think so. That’s why they announced today that they’re joining forces to form the Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX, and are creating their own collective nationwide mobile commerce network. MCX, while… Read More

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Student rocket soars using hybrid propulsion system

The DAQ Destroyer isn’t some fancy new ice cream treat from DQ. No, it’s a badass rocket built by University of Washington students that just snagged the top prize in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition’s advanced category. The Detroyer was launched more than 5 miles high — or about 26,000 feet — and was powered… Read More