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Ater Wynne LLP

  • Contact Person 1 Two Union Square, 601 Union Street #1501 Seattle, WA 98101    Contact Person 1 206.623.4711
  • Contact Person 1 Joel Paisner, Partner-in-charge, Seattle Office - 206-753-3037   e-mail
  • Contact Person 2 Alex Modelski, Partner - 206-753-3012   e-mail

Ater Wynne is a West Coast law firm that is focused on serving the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses in the technology, energy and manufacturing industries by providing a unique blend of business expertise and strategic legal advice to help them form, grow and protect their businesses, comply with federal and state regulations, evaluate risks and pursue opportunities, as well as deal with the legal issues that attend successful growth and critical transactions.

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McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren PLLC

  • Contact Person 1 (206) 467-1816
  • Contact Person 1 William Carleton, Member - (206) 389-9368   e-mail   twitter
  • Contact Person 2 Bob Muraski, Attorney - (206) 389-9365   e-mail

In the past few years, our tech practice group has established a reputation as a go-to alternative for established and emerging technology companies seeking responsive professionals at reasonable rates.

The group's "sweet spot" is the growing company, perhaps already in need of a full-time general counsel, but thinking to spread that cost across a wider skill set. We handle corporate, board, executive management, financing, software licensing, digital media, distribution and development agreements; represent our clients through private financings and acquisitions; and facilitate access to the firm's excellent litigation practice.e are lawyers who assist entrepreneurs with noncompetes (current or prior employer), founders' relationships, new entity organization, IP licensing, financing, and trademark and branding matters.

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  • Contact Person 1 P.O. Box 50428 Bellevue, WA 98015    Contact Person 1 425.454.6840
  • Contact Person 1 Jody Peake, CEO - 503.802.4400   e-mail   twitter
  • Contact Person 2 Dave Wilson, COO / CFO - 425.454.6840   e-mail   twitter

OnPR is a technology-focused PR agency with experience spanning media relations, financial PR, analyst relations, vertical media relations, social media, financial relations, crisis communications, conference keynotes and panels, broadcast, print and online media. Today, OnPR works with companies involved in enterprise technology, consumer technology and wireless technology. We have crafted global PR strategies, implemented worldwide programs and created core materials for dozens of the world’s leading International technology companies.

OnPR’s team is also expert in helping ‘Made in Germany’ technology companies to expand overseas, and supporting those clients that want to succeed in Germany – the world’s second largest IT market.

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