Make no mistake: Nokia is Microsoft’s biggest deal ever

Yes, in raw numbers, Microsoft is paying less for Nokia’s Devices & Services business than it did for Skype — forking over $7.2 billion for the smartphone maker, compared with $8.5 billion for the video communications company. But by almost every other measure, the Nokia deal is the biggest in Microsoft’s history. The company will… Read More


Microsoft: Economics make Nokia a ‘smart acquisition’

Microsoft’s gross margin from royalties on Windows Phones sold by Nokia is less than $10 per unit, but the margin will be more than $40 per unit once Nokia’s Windows Phone business is brought in house as part of Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of the Nokia Devices & Services business. That’s one of the financial… Read More

Nokia's Stephen Elop and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.

Sirius-ly: Can Nokia save Microsoft’s Windows RT?

A new report from The Verge this morning puts more weight behind the rumors that Nokia will be coming out with its own Windows RT tablet, code-named Sirius — further expanding its Microsoft partnership with a 10.1-inch device reminiscent of Nokia’s flagship Lumia line of Windows Phones. Microsoft can certainly use the help. Sales of… Read More


Windows Phone global shipments up 77%, extending lead over BlackBerry

New stats released today by IDC show shipments of Windows Phone reaching 8.7 million units in the second quarter — still a distant third behind Android (187.4 million) and iPhone (31.2 million), but coming in ahead of BlackBerry (6.8 million) to cement Microsoft’s position as the world’s third-largest smartphone operating system. Microsoft’s number represented a… Read More


Nokia’s new Lumia 625 has huge screen, lower price

Nokia is out with another smartphone, this time with a big screen and lower price tag. The handset maker introduced the Lumia 625 today, it’s biggest Lumia Windows Phone to date at 4.7 inches. The 625 also comes with 4G connection and 8GB of memory. The new device will hit shelves next quarter in China,… Read More


Nokia CEO says he picked Windows Phone over fear of Samsung dominating Android

Last week, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop defended his company’s decision two years ago to try to create a “third ecosystem” by throwing its weight behind Windows Phone, competing against iPhone and Android. Now, in a recent roundtable with European media outlets, Elop went into more detail about that logic and shed light on how he feared Samsung would dominate… Read More


Nokia debuts Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera, available July 26 for $299 on AT&T

Nokia today officially unveiled its new Lumia 1020, complete with an impressive 41-megapixel — yes, 41-megapixel — camera. The obvious draw for Nokia’s newest device is the PureView 808 camera, which features optical image stabilization, 6-lens Zeiss optics, a xenon flash and the ability to capture 34 and 38 megapixel-photos in 16:9 or 4:3. The device also… Read More

DONE!  3rd Marathon in 3 Countries in 6 months!  WOO HOO!

Microsoft exec releases pics from ‘secret’ Nokia Lumia 1020 into the wild

Completing a marathon is problem enough to make you forget the smartphone in your pocket is a model that hasn’t been announced yet. I can’t say I’ve ever been in that situation, but given some new Flickr photos, it seems conceivable. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Vice President for Windows Phone Program Management and Design, just completed his… Read More


Microsoft not buying Nokia’s handset business, for now

One of the weirdest forms of journalism is the retroactive irrelevant scoop. As in, “Hey, there’s this thing you didn’t know this company was thinking about doing. And guess what — it turns out they’re not doing it.” The Wall Street Journal scored a twofer in this category this week, with the “news” that Microsoft explored… Read More


Study: Windows Phone hits highest U.S. market share yet

Maybe there’s some truth to the hilarious and equally ridiculous ad Microsoft put out today, which attempts to differentiate Windows Phone from Apple and Samsung by poking fun at stereotypical users of the leading smartphones. The first quarter numbers from Kantar show Windows making consistent gains in the U.S. smartphone market, as evidenced by growth of 1.9 percentage… Read More


Report: Lumia 920 rises to top of Windows Phone market

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is now the most widely used Windows Phone device, reaching 14 percent of usage, and Nokia is by far the biggest maker of Windows Phones, with upwards of 80 percent of the market for Microsoft-powered devices. That’s the word from AdDuplex, an app-promotion service for Windows Phone and Windows 8, drawing from its latest… Read More


Nokia’s new Windows Phones aim for affordability

Nokia announced two new Windows Phone 8 models during its news conference this morning at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — aiming to expand its market share by appealing to smartphone buyers on a budget and those in developing countries. It’s part of a broader effort by Nokia and Microsoft to gain traction in the… Read More


Report: Nokia bringing 41MP camera to Windows Phone

Nokia will take a new step to differentiate itself with high-end photography on Microsoft’s Windows Phones, according to a new report. The handset maker is bringing its 41 megapixel PureView camera to a future Windows Phone model, the Verge reports this morning. The device is code-named EOS, according to the site. A similar camera is… Read More