Google sells out of its one-day supply of Glass

Google says it ran out of slots for people interested in purchasing Google Glass during a one-day promotion Tuesday when the head-mounted device was available for sale to the public. Like previous buyers of Google’s hardware, purchasers from this latest round had to pay $1,500 plus tax for the latest “Explorer Edition” hardware in their choice of… Read More


Google Glass has to get real before it gets sold

When I saw that Google would hold the Seattle stop of its Google Glass open house tour at Sodo Park last weekend, I was impressed. Finally, I thought, the device that’s been barraged by public controversy will go out in public. Moms might pull over with their strollers. Old men might try them on and… Read More


Google to Glassholes: Stop making us look bad

It seems like Google is finally coming to the realization that the worst enemy of Google Glass may not be any of the direct competitors, but Glass users themselves. For better or worse, the first interactions people have with Google Glass are through members of the Glass Explorer program who are wearing the device out… Read More


Q&A: Robert Scoble on ‘Age of Context,’ Google, Microsoft and the ‘freaky factor’

Writer, interviewer and tech evangelist Robert Scoble was back in Seattle this week, with his ever-present Google Glass, to promote the “Age of Context,” his new book with Shel Israel about the rise of data, sensors, machine learning, wearables and other technologies that are expanding the boundaries of computing and augmenting our experience as humans. After… Read More

The Age of Context

Review: In ‘Age of Context,’ Scoble and Israel focus on the possibilities of technology

When asked what the future of personal technology might look like, I usually refer the questioner to Rainbows End. This near-future vision from Vernor Vinge, which won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Novel, is set in California in 2025. Just about every object in the world is networked; libraries are becoming extinct as all the world’s books… Read More


Now you can own those body-worn cameras worn by police

For the past six years, Seattle-based Vievu has helped more than 3,000 police agencies around the world with body-worn cameras that record what’s happening on the job. But recently, Vievu founder Steve Ward saw a new business opportunity. Everyone from real estate agents to plumbers to bus drivers began asking Vievu to make cameras specifically for… Read More


Google Glass while driving: INRIX app shows potential

Is Google Glass safe to use while driving? That question is generating lots of discussion in the tech industry following reports that officials in the UK are pre-emptively prohibiting the augmented reality devices from being used behind the wheel. But some early Google Glass users say it should actually improve safety by keeping drivers’ eyes… Read More


First porn app for Google Glass relaunches, stripped of explicit content

“Tits & Glass” is back … kind of. Earlier this month, Seattle-based adult app marketplace Mikandi got lots of attention for releasing the first-ever pornography app for Google Glass that allowed people to record sexual content on their Glass and share it with the Mikandi community. But just as they came out with “Tits & Glass,” Google updated its platform developer… Read More


First porn app for Google Glass runs smack into new ban on explicit content

Follow-up: First porn app for Google Glass relaunches, stripped of explicit content Seattle-based adult app marketplace Mikandi is getting lots of attention — and traffic — for releasing the first-ever pornography app for Google Glass. But a new ban on sexually explicit content on the high-tech specs is putting the app’s future in jeopardy. Mikandi unveiled “Tits & Glass,”… Read More


Video: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ checks out Google Glass for first time: ‘How do I reset?’

Follow up: Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel and the link between humanity and technology Google Glass is the type of futuristic gadget you might see on Star Trek. So, what does Lieutenant Commander Data — also known as actor Brent Spiner — think of the futuristic eyewear? Spiner got a first-hand look today when… Read More


Hilarious Freak’n Genius app YAKiT lets you move mouths to make photos funny

The folks over at Seattle-based Freak’n Genius certainly know how to make us laugh, and their newest app is no exception. The latest LOL-inducing program is called YAKiT, a mobile app that lets you manipulate the mouths of your family, friends, cats, dogs and really, just about anything. It’s essentially just like JibJab, but with added messaging and social… Read More


Google CEO Larry Page: Google Glass ‘gives me chills’

Larry Page is excited about the potential of Google Glass — so much so that he gets the chills when wearing them. On the first quarter earnings call today, Google’s CEO touched on several different aspects of his company, including Google’s high-tech augmented reality spectacles. He said he gets the chills because he thinks it represents… Read More