Microsoft patents long-distance virtual handshakes, hugs

It can be tough to stay connected over long distances. Yes, there’s phone calls, texting, Facebook, Twitter, IM, video chatting and everything else. But what if you could give virtual hugs to each other using battery-powered, Internet-enabled pillows? Microsoft just patented that … and more. The company has been awarded a patent on “Force-feedback within… Read More


Seattle’s social media queen Jenni Hogan leaving KIRO

Seattle’s social media queen is leaving KIRO and dreaming big. Jenni Hogan, the KIRO 7 traffic anchor and Seattle’s popular social media maven, announced today that Dec. 28 will be her final day at KIRO. Hogan will be teaming up with Target to “celebrate service” on projects involving Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy and the… Read More


Startup Weekend to ring NYSE Opening Bell, marking entrepreneur milestone

Startup Weekend has come a long way since its birth just three years ago, and the non-profit will celebrate the creation of 100,000 entrepreneurs by ringing in the NYSE Opening Bell next Friday, Dec. 28. The Seattle-based entrepreneurial education non-profit hosts 54-hour coding marathons where teams of geeks develop and design new products. The organization hosts the events… Read More


From Space to SOPA: 10 Tech Triumphs of 2012

Rovers, particles, and skydiving from the edge of space. And that was just the beginning. Earlier this week, GeekWire documented our favorite lowlights of 2012 with our list of biggest Tech Debacles of the Year. Now it’s time for the highlights, starting with a series of breakthroughs and accomplishments at the intersection of technology and… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Copycat: Amazon trademark filings indicate Kindle protection plan almost identical to AppleCare

Looks like Amazon is taking a bite out of the Apple. GigaOM spotted a trademark application indicating that Amazon is considering an extended warranty and repair service for the Kindle. It’s more than just similar to Apple’s repair service, AppleCare — the wording of the trademark description is nearly identical to Apple’s trademark. Here’s Amazon’s: “Maintenance,… Read More


Seattle cloud services startup 2nd Watch raises $4.2 million

Madrona Venture Group is finishing the year with a bang, bankrolling a series of startup companies.  The latest is 2nd Watch, an Amazon Web Services premier partner and cloud services startup that just pulled in $4.2 million in funding. The 2nd Watch technology allows companies to operate more efficiently in the cloud, helping customers like… Read More


Rewind: EveryMove’s ‘mileage program’ for your health

Our guest this past weekend on the GeekWire Podcast was Russell Benaroya, the CEO of EveryMove, a Seattle-area startup that lets users track their exercise and other healthy habits either manually or using gadgets such as high-tech pedometers. Rewards for participants include everything from gift cards to reduced health-care premiums. Russell tried to win over John… Read More


Valve opens Steam for Linux beta to everyone

After opening the doors to a limited beta of Steam for Linux to just 1,000 people last month, Valve is now rolling out Steam Linux beta for all users. People can now play 39 titles in beta, including Team Fortress 2, Portal and Serious Sam BFE, with Left 4 Dead 2 coming soon. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said earlier this month… Read More


“Amazon” cracks yearly most-searched list for first time

According to what’s people are searching for, Amazon is gaining popularity. For the first time ever, the term “Amazon” cracked Experian’s yearly list of the top-10 most-searched terms in the United States. Out of the top 1,000 search terms for 2012, “Facebook” accounted for 4.13 percent of all searches and was the top term for the… Read More


Geek of the Week: Dr. Rebecca Gardner is reprogramming blood cells to kill cancer

Dr. Rebecca Gardner and her colleagues at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are altering the body’s infection-fighting blood cells to attack cancer in the same way those cells fight viruses. The researchers take a patient’s blood, reprogram the T-cells, and infuse the blood back into the body to find and destroy cancer. How’s that for a… Read More