Study: Workplace happiness is driven more by co-workers, not managers

Employees love transparency, care more about co-workers than managers and don’t exactly know what their company’s mission is. These are some of the findings from TINYpulse’s robust new study that provides an interesting look into employee happiness — or lack thereof. It’s been one year since TINYpulse, which helps leaders get a pulse on how their employees are… Read More


Pew study: 30% of Americans get news from Facebook

While nearly one-third of Americans find news via Facebook, they aren’t necessarily going to the social media hub searching for the latest headlines. Pew Research Center published a study that polled 5,173 adults on their news consumption habits on Facebook. Almost half — 47 percent — of adult Facebook users consume news on Facebook, which… Read More


Study: 70% of Americans now have broadband

The percentage of American homes with broadband Internet connectivity continues to increase, yet 30 percent of Americans still don’t have high-speed Internet. That’s the conclusion of a report today by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. “We’ve consistently found that age, education, and household income are among the strongest factors associated with home… Read More


Ad-supported Internet firms responsible for 5.1M jobs

A new report out from the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that the ad-supported Internet business now account for 5.1 million jobs in the U.S., more than double the amount from four years ago. The study, conducted by researchers at Harvard University, also found that the industry contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy last year. That… Read More

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Study: The IPO slow down is costing the U.S. jobs

Facebook’s initial public offering last week has sparked a new conversation about IPOs. But what really does it mean when a company offers shares to the public, and why should we care? A new study from the Kauffman Foundation tries to answer that question, analyzing the revenues and jobs created by companies before and after… Read More


Study: People are more likely to lie when texting

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have concluded that text messaging leads people to be more deceitful than other modes of communication, including face-to-face interactions and video chat. “People are communicating using a growing range of methods, from Twitter to Skype,” says professor Ronald Cenfetelli, co-author on the paper. “As new platforms of communication… Read More

amazon-logo, Costco among the most trusted brands has been taking some hits lately, with at least two congressmen arguing that the company’s new Silk browser for Kindle could violate the privacy of consumers. But that possible setback isn’t having an impact on American shoppers –at least not yet. ranked that the second most trusted company in a new study released… Read More


Entrepreneurs: Born or made?

Can you actually teach people to be entrepreneurs? That question is open to debate. But a recent Zogby survey indicates that educational institutions need to do more to support entrepreneurial programs, and the best way to do that is to encourage students to actually create new businesses or take internships at startups. In other words,… Read More