Asteroid-mining company raises $1M for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

It’s official: The world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope will be sent into space within two years. Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, met its Kickstarter campaign goal of $1 million on Thursday, as more than 12,000 backers pitched in to launch a customized version of the company’s Arkyd-100 robot spaceship with an external camera into near-Earth… Read More


Asteroid-mining company launches $1M Kickstarter campaign for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

When Planetary Resources first announced its plans to mine near-earth asteroids last year, the response was impressive. More than 3,500 people applied for jobs, another 2,500 inquired about investing and nearly 50,000 reached out wanting to get involved in some way or another. While the Bellevue-based company could only allow a select few onto the team, it knew there… Read More


POLL: Should there really be more Star Wars movies?

The big news out of Hollywood this week is that Disney is bringing back one of the greatest movie franchises in history with its $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd.  Star Wars fans will now get to enjoy Episode 7, due for release in 2015 with Episodes 8 and 9 to follow. But is “enjoy” the… Read More


Weekend project: How to build a Star Wars TIE fighter

If you have a spare 30 hours and $300 this weekend, you may want to try a do-it-yourself project that’s a bit more satisfying to your inner geek than, say, installing new linoleum flooring. Dave Putnam, who put his eight-foot by eight-foot, roughly one-third scale replica of the iconic TIE fighter from Star Wars up… Read More


Dancing with the Star Wars: Sorry, but this is just wrong

Are you ready to dance your heart out for Jabba the Hutt? It’s not unusual for derivatives of “Star Wars” to bend the beloved franchise in some questionable ways, but when it comes to dubious ideas, one feature of LucasArts’ long-awaited Kinect Star Wars game for Xbox 360 promises to rank right up there with… Read More

Heed Yoda's advice

Terrible Teacher and Mentor, Top 10 Reasons Yoda Was

The Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Yoda, is one of the most beloved movie characters of all time. You will find references to him in almost every context of working life. In technology services start-ups, we talk about how certain people are the ‘Yoda’ of some given topic, where the term Yoda is meant to indicate they know all things, and are the go-to… Read More


Video: Kinect goes Star Wars

One of the E3 leaks from Microsoft’s website this morning was a new Star Wars game for the Kinect motion-sensor, and a teaser video is already available on YouTube. Watch it above. Microsoft’s E3 event is starting at 9:30 a.m. here. Stay tuned for more.

superhero wedding

Nerd Notes: Showering with Star Wars, peeing with video games and wedding with capes

Looks like the T-Mobile jingle isn’t going to survive the AT&T acquisition.  RIP little jingle. Bane gives his best over-the-shoulder glance in the first image of him released from Christopher Nolan’s latest bat flick “The Dark Knight Rises”. Purina Petcare made up a few iPad apps for cats and it’s taking every bit of self respect I… Read More


Attention ‘Star Wars’ nerds: The Force is with us

A traveling exhibit called “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” starts an extended stay in Seattle this weekend, at the Pacific Science Center. We stopped by today for a sneak preview, and it’s pretty cool stuff, with real props and characters in addition to exhibits that connect the science fiction from the films to the… Read More