Just in time for the Oscars, Amazon launches Entertainment Collectibles Store with 350K items

These days, it seems like you can buy anything on Amazon. That certainly became more true today. The Seattle online giant just introduced a new Entertainment Collectibles Store where you can find more than 350,000 entertainment-related items from an autographed B.B King guitar for $14,400 to an autographed photo of John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn for $30,000…. Read More


Across the pond: Rhapsody launching in Europe

For the first time, Rhapsody is going international. GigaOM reported that Seattle-based Rhapsody will launch in 16 European countries in the second quarter of this year. It’s a move that will keep Rhapsody, the longest running music subscription service in the U.S., competitive with Spotify, which hit one million paid U.S. users last month. In December… Read More


Amazon is growing so fast it just hired a former member of the Presidents of the United States of America

Nope, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton aren’t joining Amazon.com. But the fast-growing Seattle tech juggernaut recently hired another former President. Dave Dederer, one of the founding members of Seattle rock band The Presidents of the United States of America, has joined Amazon.com as MP3 content lead. Dederer is being a bit elusive as to what… Read More


Dropbox ‘acqui-hires’ Seattle music service Audiogalaxy

Audiogalaxy, a music streaming service that was initially created more than a decade ago by developer Michael Merhej, has been acquired by fast-growing Dropbox for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition has led to all sorts of speculation that a cloud music service might be on the way for Dropbox, which could be an interesting twist… Read More


More music in your living room: Rhapsody debuts Xbox app

As promised, Seattle-based on-demand music service Rhapsody launched its Xbox Live app today. The service is available for current Rhapsody subscribers and Xbox Live Gold members. “Many families will be gathering around their Xbox this holiday season, and this year, Rhapsody can provide the soundtrack to those memories,” vice president of business development Brian McGarvey said in… Read More


Rhapsody targets the living room on TVs and Xbox Live

Rhapsody is expanding its presence to the living room, rolling out its digital music service to LG, Panasonic and Samsung smart TVs, targeting Sharp sets in the coming months and promising to hit Microsoft’s Xbox Live this year. The Seattle-based company sees the bulk of usage on smartphones — through Rhapsody apps for iPhone and… Read More

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Paul McCartney returns to streaming music sites

In February, we reported that Paul McCartney had pulled his music from streaming sites, like Rhapsody, Spotify and Rdio. It appears that the Beatle’s camp has changed their minds — some of McCartney’s music is back online. Spotify has added his solo album, Ram (1971). Memory Almost Full (2007) and this year’s Kisses on the… Read More


4 minutes on the train with … Ali Daniali of BigShot DJ

Editor’s note: Team GeekWire participated in the Geeks on a Train voyage between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. Tuesday night as part of the GROW conference, taking place this week in Vancouver. We chatted with folks along the way for short four minute interviews, talking about a variety of tech topics. In this installment, we… Read More


Startup Spotlight: RockStar Motel aims to put the power in the hands of music fans

Music is one of the scariest industries for startups. With giant record labels dominating, it’s hard to move quickly without running into roadblocks. RockStar Motel is working to take the power out of the record labels’ hands, putting it into fans’ hands. The Seattle startup allows fans to “sign” different artists, stream songs and buy tracks… Read More


Seattle’s Best CD/Record Store is … Starbucks?

Seattle Weekly is out with its annual “Best of Seattle” awards, and in a city that takes pride in its remaining indie record shops — the ones standing tall in the face of the digital revolution — the winner of Best/CD Record Store will be familiar to everyone. It’s Starbucks, of course. Wait, what? “Hey,… Read More


Amazon’s Cloud Player now offers cloud-based music transfer with ‘scan and match’

Amazon.com today is touting new offerings for its Cloud Player music service, including a new service called “scan and match” that allows consumers to easily move their favorite music tracks from their hardrives to the cloud. Here’s how Amazon describes the new service: Amazon scans customers’ iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries and matches the songs… Read More

Citizens will be the first act to release a full-length album on Mars Hill's new label.

Mars Hill Church, now with its own music label

Rock, rap and Jesus? Seattle-based ministry Mars Hill is launching a record label to serve and attract its growing membership. The fledgling record label is called Mars Hill Music and run by Deacon Jonathan Dunn. Dunn is a founding member of the heavy metal band Demon Hunter and directed A&R at Tooth & Nail/Solid State… Read More


Bill Gates-owned Corbis unveils an ‘iTunes for music licensing’ with GreenLight Music

Corbis may be best known for licensing digital images. But the Seattle company, started by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 1989, is expanding its footprint in the digital music arena today with the launch of GreenLight Music. Some heavyweights from the industry have already lined up behind the effort, namely major labels such as EMI, Sony/ATV… Read More


Spotify’s secret to adding 8,000 paying subscribers a day

Ever since its U.S. debut last year, the popular music listening service Spotify has been adding 8,000 subscribers a day. And I’m not just talking about free subscribers. That’s paid subscribers. What’s their secret? It’s all in the marketing. I’ll show you what those strategies are and how to use them to promote your own product,… Read More