ThePlatform has a new home

ThePlatform sets sail for new digs in downtown Seattle

ThePlatform, an online video company owned by Comcast, is moving from its longtime digs in the old Airborne Express building on Western Avenue to a larger office space in downtown Seattle. The company — which is relocating to 1000 Second Avenue — plans to complete the move in May. “We just outgrew the space,” said… Read More


Casual game maker PassionFruit sold to marketing agency

PassionFruit Games, a maker of casual video games for women, has been acquired by Rally Marketing Group in a deal of undisclosed size. Formed by laid off employees of Her Interactive, PassionFruit released its first $14.99 game, Tiger Eye, last year. It is currently working on its second game. Both companies are based in Seattle…. Read More


Sony Online to shut doors on Bellevue game studio

Sony Online Entertainment is closing down game studios in Bellevue, Denver and Tucson, Arizona, a move which will eliminate 205 jobs. The company also said that it would discontinue development on “The Agency,” an online spy game which had been highly touted. It is unclear how many people will lose their jobs in Seattle. The… Read More

Paul Griff, RootMetrics CEO, in the KIRO studios

Rewind: Why your wireless coverage stinks, and how it could improve

Our guest this past weekend on the GeekWire Podcast was mobile industry veteran Paul Griff, the CEO of wireless research company RootMetrics, who joined us to talk about the ins and outs of wireless coverage, AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, and up-and-coming mobile technologies, including his company’s tests of Verizon’s LTE network. If you… Read More

(Photo via American Express)

Chart: Where are the women entrepreneurs?

A new survey out today indicates that Washington state lags the national average in terms of women-owned businesses. (See below for full chart). According to the report from American Express, there were an estimated 166,200 women-owned businesses in the state which employed 151, 400 people. That may seem like a lot, but the state actually… Read More

Bretty Eddy

Seattle’s newest online real estate upstart: Windermere?

Windermere has one of the most recognizable brands in the Pacific Northwest. But when it comes to innovating online, the Seattle real estate company has been forced to play catch up to fast-moving upstarts like Estately, Redfin and Windermere is setting out to change that through Windermere Solutions, a new entity formed on January… Read More


Cloud database startup Xeround scores cash

Xeround, which moves SQL databases to the cloud, has raised an additional, $4 million in debt financing, according to a SEC filing. The company moved its headquarters from Israel to Bellevue in 2008, and it is now led by former  BMC Software executive Razi Sharir. Backers of the company include Benchmark Capital, Ignition Partners, Trilogy… Read More


How to recruit an coder: Free cheeseburgers?

You can recruit smart developers in a lot of ways, offering stock incentives, big salaries or cool perks. But Cheezburger — the fast-growing network of comedy Web sites — has another idea to win the hearts (and stomachs) of talented techies: cheeseburgers. In a recruiting stunt today, the Seattle startup plans to provide free Dick’s… Read More


Zillow touts mobile growth, releases new BlackBerry app has attracted plenty of consumers with its iPhone, iPad and Android apps. But the Seattle company’s latest mobile release has another group in mind: real estate professionals. Zillow today is releasing its first app for the BlackBerry, the most popular mobile device used by those in the real estate profession. There’s plenty of competition… Read More


Microsoft filing antitrust complaint vs. Google in Europe

Microsoft is back in the middle of an antitrust case in Europe, but this time it’s the one with the complaint. The Redmond company says it’s filing an antitrust complaint against Google with the European Commission — alleging that the search giant has unfairly kept Microsoft Bing and Windows Phone from working properly with YouTube;… Read More

Person, Place, Thing, or… Idea

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Seattle 2.0, and imported to GeekWire as part of our acquisition of Seattle 2.0 and its archival content. For more background, see this post. By Matt Paulin This is my first post to Seattle2.0 so I think I should give a brief introduction.  I am fascinated with… Read More

Tyler Phillipi pitches CoCollage at TechCafe

Startup Pitch: CoCollage looks to become the Facebook Wall for bars and coffee shops

You’ve probably seen the technology in action at one of your favorite Seattle coffee shops. The startup is called CoCollage, and it’s looking to transform the way people interact with digital displays in restaurants, bars or coffee shops from their smartphones. “We are a Facebook Wall for a place,” explains founder Tyler Phillipi, who pitched… Read More


Windows Phone says its apps are real, not padded

What is it with these Microsoft groups feeling the need to publicly defend their numbers all of a sudden? The Windows Phone team tonight followed the Internet Explorer crew in insisting that even though one of its key metrics might look modest on the surface, the stats are actually much stronger than they might seem…. Read More


Nerd Notes: Biz on Zuck, Skype in the Classroom and Noah Wyle +1

$500 Million: Too low for Twitter? Biz drops the juicy details about Zuckerberg’s courting (it happened in a car…) on Howard Stern. Nintendo announces the next console will not be 3D.  Let’s hope it has HD support this time around. Be sure to let your parents know that Roku just got easier to buy.  Now all they need is help setting it up. Wild Tangent… Read More


Microsoft’s IE team: Pay no attention to those stats … yet

Much has been made over the past week about Firefox 4 trouncing Internet Explorer 9 in total downloads since the new browsers were released. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team is cautioning that it’s too early to make comparisons. In a post on the Windows blog, Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin points out that the company hasn’t started… Read More


Rhapsody so far avoiding Apple’s 30%, ‘hopeful’ about resolving subscription dustup

An updated version of Rhapsody’s app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was made available for download today. Yes, the update received approval from Apple. But no, the Seattle music service hasn’t bowed to the controversial new in-app subscription rules that would give Apple 30 percent of revenues from subscriptions sold through third-party iOS apps…. Read More


Exclusive: Fast-growing Swype scores cash from Ignition, hints at Apple iOS integration

One of Seattle’s hottest startup companies has scored cash from one of the region’s biggest venture capital firms. Swype, which allows consumers to input text on mobile phones and tablet computers with the “Swype” of a finger, has landed $3.5 million in a deal led by Bellevue-based Ignition Partners. Swype CEO Mike McSherry tells GeekWire… Read More

Rob Glaser

Ex-Microsoft and Google interns launch Summify, with cash from Rob Glaser and others

Two Romanian Web developers who recently landed in Vancouver, B.C. have just scored a first round of capital from RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser, Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, Accel Partners and others. The startup company, Summify, is trying to solve a big problem: information overload. Mircea Paşoi and Cristian Strat, who have been programming together since… Read More

Rob McKenna

Washington AG Rob McKenna is keeping tabs on AT&T’s planned buy of T-Mobile

One of the big fears surrounding AT&T’s proposed buyout of  T-Mobile is that the deal will decrease competition in the mobile industry, potentially leading to higher prices for consumers. The massive $39 billion deal, which still faces tough scrutiny from federal regulators, also is getting a close look by some state attorneys general, including  Washington… Read More