How tablets are taking a bite out of the TV market

LAS VEGAS — Tablets have already taken the momentum out of the traditional PC market, as many consumers opt Apple iPads, Kindle Fires, and Android tablets for scenarios that would have been the domain of Windows notebooks in the past. Now, they’re starting to do the same to the television market, an analyst with the… Read More


On the scene at CES — the Super Bowl of technology

LAS VEGAS — Team GeekWire has arrived at the 2014 International CES, which gets rolling today with preliminary press briefings followed by the traditional CES Unveiled event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. After some mixed results at the sports book over the past day (seriously, Cincinnati?) we’re ready to get to work. Our goal… Read More


CES: One television interface to rule them all?

LAS VEGAS — The technology on display at the Consumer Electronics Show each year provides a glimpse, or at least a hint, of what’s headed to our living rooms. One underlying trend at this year’s show promised to hasten the end of “television” as we know it. Capping an evolution underway over the last several… Read More

Steve Ballmer

POLL: Do you like Steve Ballmer’s new haircut?

Breaking news: Steve Ballmer is bald. Just kidding about the breaking news part, unless you’re obsessed with keeping track of CEO’s and their haircuts. But for real, Microsoft’s CEO rocked a new haircut yesterday at the CES. In fact, he didn’t just get a haircut — he got all of his hairs cut. Linda Thomas… Read More


CES: As crowds set new record, wishing for a little less

Hanson Hosein was once embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq as a correspondent for NBC News. So it means something when he describes his experience at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as something he doesn’t want to soon repeat. I’ve never been in a war zone, but I’ve been to CES, and… Read More


CES: Battle of the iPad guitars, with a very timely patent

ION Audio’s Guitar Apprentice generated lots of attention from national press at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. It’s a guitar shell that holds an iPad, helping people learn to play guitar using a special app in combination with a light-up fretboard. Turns out another company had the same idea – and it has the attention of the U.S. Patent Office. Behringer,… Read More


CES Video: Sneak peek at BuddyTV’s updated iPad app

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BuddyTV is previewing an upcoming update to its BuddyTV Guide iPad app. The update from the Seattle company integrates new social features into the experience, such as the ability to invite friends to watch and chat about shows together. BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu gives us a run-through… Read More


CES: Windows Phone outpaces rivals in Microsoft speed challenge

Posting from Las Vegas: Microsoft is promoting Windows Phone here at the Consumer Electronics Show with a publicity stunt that mixes competition with good-natured humiliation. And so far it’s working out pretty well for the company. At the company’s CES booth, Ben Rudolph of the Windows Phone team is challenging users of other smartphones to… Read More


CES: Nokia Lumia 900, two early hands-on observations

Posting from Las Vegas: Microsoft and Nokia are betting big on the Lumia 900, the Windows Phone officially unveiled here this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a big phone, with a 4.3 inch screen, coming to AT&T’s 4G LTE network. So what’s it like? The devices were literally tethered to the belts of… Read More


CES: Dell jumps into the Ultrabook game with XPS 13

Posting from Las Vegas: This year’s Consumer Electronics Show may well be remembered as the year of the Ultrabook, and Dell took a plunge into the increasingly competitive market this afternoon, appearing at Intel’s news conference to unveil Dell XPS 13. One of the big selling points is its frameless edge-to-edge screen, which means that… Read More


CES Video: Live-stream your next ski run, from your helmet

Posting from Las Vegas: Mountable HD cameras from Seattle-based Contour are already popular among extreme sports enthusiasts, allowing them to capture video of their exploits from their own points of view. A new partnership announced by the company today takes it to a new level, adding the option of live streaming video from the cameras,… Read More


Microsoft Flight hands-on: It’s a blast, and no mere game

Posting from Las Vegas: The Consumer Electronics Show here this week offers a sneak peek of Microsoft Flight, the successor to the company’s discontinued Flight Simulator franchise. I spent some time playing Microsoft Flight at the company’s CES booth this morning, and if everyone else has as much fun with this thing as I did, the… Read More


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: First buzzworthy Windows 8 PC?

Posting from Las Vegas: Notebooks that convert into tablets aren’t new, but Lenovo is turning heads here at the Consumer Electronics Show this week with a new twist on the concept — or maybe it’s a better to call it a new backflip. Rather than swiveling or popping off, the screen on the company’s newly unveiled… Read More