T-Mobile COO says AT&T’s ‘Next’ upgrade program was a ‘rip-off’

T-Mobile COO Jim Alling doesn’t think so highly of strategies implemented by his company’s rival earlier this year. Alling, speaking at an investor conference today, took a few swings at AT&T and specifically the carrier’s upgrade program, “Next.” AT&T unveiled the device upgrade and payment plan this summer, which came after T-Mobile’s announced its own previous pricing… Read More


AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile plan to stop charging for “premium” texts

According to a press release put out by the Washington State Attorney General’s office today, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have vowed to stop charging customers for the use of Premium SMS texting services, which allow third-party companies to charge wireless subscribers for messaging services like horoscopes through their phone bills. While PSMS has some legitimate… Read More


T-Mobile to AT&T: Get your hands off our magenta

The T-Mobile vs. AT&T battle just got a little juicier. The major mobile carriers, which have been throwing punches at each other recently, now have something else to fight over: colors. No, we’re not kidding — a company is suing over a color. T-Mobile filed a trademark infringement suit in a Texas federal court on Friday, accusing… Read More

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile on the rebound: Wireless renegade adds 1.1M customers in second quarter

T-Mobile US added a net total of 1.1 million customers in the second quarter, including 678,000 for its T-Mobile and MetroPCS brands — the strongest growth in four years for the newly reshaped company. That didn’t include 8.9 million customers acquired by the company through its combination with MetroPCS. All told, T-Mobile’s customer base rose… Read More


Study: AT&T, Verizon are Seattle’s best-performing carriers

If you’re living in Seattle, AT&T and Verizon will deliver the best overall mobile performance, T-Mobile is not far behind and Sprint is decent with the exception of poor data download speeds. Those are the findings from Bellevue-based RootMetrics‘ fifth performance report, which ran 48,441 tests to analyze how the carriers compare in the Seattle region. The… Read More


Study: Windows Phone hits highest U.S. market share yet

Maybe there’s some truth to the hilarious and equally ridiculous ad Microsoft put out today, which attempts to differentiate Windows Phone from Apple and Samsung by poking fun at stereotypical users of the leading smartphones. The first quarter numbers from Kantar show Windows making consistent gains in the U.S. smartphone market, as evidenced by growth of 1.9 percentage… Read More


AT&T has the fastest LTE network (if you can access it)

The big U.S. wireless carriers are all fighting over who has the fastest LTE network, touting the speeds that can be obtained over the next-generation networking technology. But who is out in front when it comes to LTE? A new report out today tries to answer that question, and the results may surprise you. AT&T,… Read More


T-Mobile fires back at AT&T with new ad: “What keeps AT&T up at night? Apparently us.”

UPDATE, 12:40 P.M.: T-Mobile got back to us and we’ve updated the story below with the newspapers that ran the ads. —————— Looks like we’ve got a good ol’ heavyweight cell phone carrier fight brewing between T-Mobile and AT&T. Just days after AT&T debuted full-page newspaper ads attacking T-Mobile’s network, Bellevue-based T-Mobile USA has fired back… Read More


AT&T bashes T-Mobile with full-page newspaper ad

AT&T thinks poorly of T-Mobile and they’re running full-page newspaper ads to prove it. In the latest chapter of the bash-fest between the two mobile carriers, AT&T began running attack advertisements yesterday in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. In the ad, AT&T claims that T-Mobile’s network has twice as many dropped calls, twice as… Read More


Sunday marks new era in cellphone carrier market power

New cellphones purchased after this Saturday Jan. 25, 2013 can be unlocked only with the permission of the carrier; phones purchased before Sunday are exempt from this restriction and have been since 2006. Back in October, the U.S. Copyright Office filed a new decision on unlocked phones in the Federal Register. The Copyright Office is… Read More