Sony hides PlayStation 3 sales data as profits fall

Maybe I’m a nerd, but one of the things I look forward to each quarter is the release of Sony’s earnings, because they provide the final data point that we need to update the status of worldwide game console sales — showing how the PlayStation 3 stacks up against the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360…. Read More


Xbox 360 marks 18 months atop U.S. console market

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 257,000 units in the U.S. in June, topping Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii for the 18th consecutive month, according to NPD Group research cited by the Redmond company. That translates into 47 percent market share among current-generation consoles. The latest numbers were down considerably from the 507,000 Xbox 360 units… Read More


Legislators rally against possible Xbox 360 import ban

It’s not often that Congress argues in favor of video game consoles, but it appears all bets are off when the issue is patents. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties have been writing letters to the International Trade Commission, siding with Microsoft and others in the tech industry on the issue… Read More


Skype plans in-game integration for Microsoft’s next Xbox

It’s a no-brainer that Microsoft’s next Xbox console, whenever it’s released and whatever it’s called, will offer some form of Skype functionality for making video calls in the living room. It’s a killer combo, especially when combined with the Kinect sensor, as we’ve been pointing out since the rumors first surfaced about Microsoft’s $8.5 billion… Read More


A ban on Xbox imports? Stakes rise in Microsoft’s Motorola patent dispute

Microsoft’s 4GB and 250GB Xbox 360 game consoles would be banned from import into the U.S. under a recommendation issued by an administrative law judge for the International Trade Commission. The recommendation follows a ruling that Microsoft’s game console infringes on Motorola’s digital video patents. Microsoft argues that Motorola is seeking unreasonable licensing fees for… Read More


PS3 sucks less than Xbox and Wii in tough Q1 for consoles

Sony reported its latest financial results overnight, and the numbers put the PlayStation 3 back atop the worldwide console market for the March quarter. But that ain’t saying much. In a sign of the current weakness of the game console market, the PS3 reclaimed the title despite seeing its unit sales decline to 1.9 million units,… Read More


The new shape of Microsoft’s entertainment unit: More diverse, less profitable

Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division has long been synonymous with the Xbox 360 and video games, which have traditionally represented the vast majority of the division’s business. That’s starting to change. For the first time, non-gaming products were responsible for more than 25 percent of the division’s revenue last quarter, based on GeekWire’s crunching of… Read More


Hail to the Master Chief? Halo 4 launching on election day

Microsoft announced plans this week to launch Halo 4 on Nov. 6, kicking off a new era for the blockbuster Xbox 360 franchise. If the date sounds familiar, it’s because there is another pretty big event also happening on that day: the U.S. presidential election. The coincidence has generated all sorts of conspiracy theories about… Read More


No Comcast bandwidth cap for on-demand Xbox video

Comcast is releasing a few more details on its promised Xfinity TV for Xbox 360 service with what might be an unexpected plus: video streaming to an Xbox through the service won’t count against Comcast’s monthly 250GB broadband cap. In an updated FAQ on the Comcast site, Comcast notes the cap won’t apply because, “the… Read More


Xbox 360 leads the pack, again, in a down month for games

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 remained atop the U.S. video-game console market to start the year, leading Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii in unit sales in the country in January. It’s the thirteenth straight month the Xbox 360 has held that position, according to NPD Group data cited by the company this afternoon. However, unit sales… Read More