Analyst: Microsoft Surface estimate cut in half to 1 million

Analysts have been projecting sales numbers for Microsoft’s Surface and it isn’t looking good for the Redmond software giant. UBS analyst Brent Thill cut his estimate for Surface sales in half to just 1 million units sold this holiday quarter. Earlier this month, J.P. Morgan analyst John DiFucci predicted just 700,000 units sold. If the Surface… Read More


Attention developers: Here’s a chance to have your Windows app appear on primetime TV

If you have incredible talent, there are lots of well-known competitions to help showcase your skills. American Idol, Top Chef and X Factor, just to name a few. Now Microsoft wants to give talented app developers just the same recognition with its “Windows Phone Next App Star” contest. It’s a competition that enables developers from… Read More


Look out, ex-Windows chief Sinofsky is blogging again

He couldn’t stay away from the keyboard for long. Steven Sinofsky, the former Microsoft Windows president, launched his own blog today called “Learning by Shipping” — promising to share “thoughts and perspectives on product development, management, and the process of bringing new products to market.” Sinofsky was legendary inside Microsoft for his lengthy posts, for both internal… Read More


Ballmer, Sinofsky and the struggle for the soul of Microsoft

This was the rap on former Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky following his sudden exit last month: He was unwilling to play along with the rest of the company — making him a poor fit as Microsoft looks to integrate its products more deeply and compete more effectively in the fast-paced world of consumer technology…. Read More

Steven Sinofsky

Poll: Is Windows chief’s exit good or bad for Microsoft?

Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky’s surprise departure from the company yesterday is generating all sorts of speculation, including a theory that he left after making an unsuccessful case to be designated Steve Ballmer’s successor as Microsoft’s chief executive. Sinofsky is a polarizing figure, with fans and critics, and the reaction to his departure is having… Read More


Sinofsky Shocker: Windows President is Leaving Microsoft

So much for all that talk about Steven Sinofsky being the next CEO of Microsoft. In a surprise move this evening, Microsoft announced that the Windows president is leaving the company, effective immediately, less than three weeks after the release of Windows 8. “It is impossible to count the blessings I have received over my… Read More


Nokia drops out of top 5 smartphone rankings

It seems like only yesterday when you would hear that Nokia jingle in every coffee shop, but the latest numbers show that the Finnish company is free-falling out of the cell phone sphere. All Things D reports that the third quarter metrics from IDC show Nokia out of the top 5 smartphone vendors in the… Read More


Microsoft vets weigh in: Here’s what needs to change

Stephen Toulouse worked at Microsoft for 18 years before leaving earlier this year, so he read Kurt Eichenwald’s Vanity Fair piece on the company’s “Lost Decade” with a former insider’s eye. And he agrees with its assessment about Microsoft’s stack-ranking system, which evaluates and compensates employees in a way that artificially pits them against each other…. Read More


Live: Microsoft unveils new Surface tablet computer

Posting from Hollywood: The technology industry has spent the past few days speculating about Microsoft’s “major” announcement this afternoon. Will it be a tablet or something else? We’ll soon find out straight from the company itself. The doors are scheduled to open at 3:30 p.m. at Milk Studios, a location that was revealed by the… Read More


Kinect for Windows adds seated skeletal tracking

Microsoft released a new software development kit for its Kinect for Windows sensor today, expanding the capabilities of the platform for software developers building new Kinect apps for Windows PCs. Version 1.5 of the SDK has been making headlines today for adding detailed facial tracking, including the ability to follow the position of the head,… Read More


Microsoft beats estimates as most divisions see growth

Microsoft just posted revenue of $17.41 billion for the quarter ended March 30, up 6 percent. Earnings per share were 60 cents, down slightly from the same quarter last year but still enough to beat the consensus of Wall Street analysts. Four of the company’s five divisions posted increases in revenue. Only the Entertainment &… Read More


Microsoft plans just 3 editions of Windows 8, radically simplifying lineup

Microsoft this afternoon announced plans to simplify the way it packages and sells Windows, announcing that the next version of the operating system will come in only three editions: Windows 8 for consumers, Windows 8 Pro for enthusiasts and business professionals, and a special version called Windows RT for ARM processors. It’s a significant streamlining… Read More