Outdoor Trek: Mirror, Mirror

Star Trek in the Park! Hello Earth Productions presents “Mirror, Mirror,” a recreation of the classic 1967 Star Trek episode in which a transporter accident traps Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and McCoy in an alternate universe ruled by a brutal empire. When: July 19, 26, and August 2 @ 7pm; and July 20, 27, and August 3 @ 2pm… Read More


Asteroid-mining company raises $1M for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

It’s official: The world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope will be sent into space within two years. Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, met its Kickstarter campaign goal of $1 million on Thursday, as more than 12,000 backers pitched in to launch a customized version of the company’s Arkyd-100 robot spaceship with an external camera into near-Earth… Read More


Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel, and the link between humanity and technology

He didn’t realize it at the time, but when Brent Spiner portrayed an android named “Data,” during 177 episodes of Star Trek, he was an inspiration for those suffering from autism and Asperger syndrome. Often struggling to understand human emotion, “Data” was one of the few characters on TV that people with autism or Asperger… Read More


Video: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ checks out Google Glass for first time: ‘How do I reset?’

Follow up: Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel and the link between humanity and technology Google Glass is the type of futuristic gadget you might see on Star Trek. So, what does Lieutenant Commander Data — also known as actor Brent Spiner — think of the futuristic eyewear? Spiner got a first-hand look today when… Read More


Nerd Notes: Iron Man goes to work, Jobs lands a comic and a woolly Robin Williams makes commercial

Bungie announces Bungie Mobile. Keep tabs on your Halo: Reach score and your buddies via iOS. Goodbye capes and Spandex, hello black turtlenecks and jeans. Steve Jobs is getting his own comic book. Ever wonder how LEGO bricks are made? Neither have I. This dude made himself an Iron Man suit and then wore it to work. Hopefully he… Read More

PopCap's 'Unpleasant Horse' is not for the faint of heart

Nerd Notes: Woz seems lonely, YouTube seems bored and Apple doesn’t seem to like horses

Woz says he’d mull return to Apple if asked — which he hasn’t been. Geek Zodiac.  Too bad geeks don’t get into things like ancient celestial paths based on constellations and ecliptic coordinate systems encompassing planets in space… The Crow is being remade.   We’re sure it’s providing emo kids everywhere with something to rage about.  Something to cry… Read More