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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek streaming series, share a laugh during Stewart’s visit to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. (Jeff Bezos via Instagram)

When the actor who plays the boss’ favorite Star Trek captain drops in at the office, it’s best to agree with the boss. Even though Amazon’s Alexa is just a computerized voice assistant, she clearly understands that much.

That’s basically how things went down today when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dropped in at the Seattle office where comedy writers come up with bon mots for Alexa … with Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard, at his side.

Stewart stars in the latest incarnation of the Star Trek saga, “Picard,” which premieres in January on the CBS All Access streaming-video service. Not coincidentally, CBS All Access is accessible to subscribers through Amazon Prime.

Bezos made his choice on the classic “Picard or Kirk?” question clear in an Oscar-themed tweet last year. But Stewart got to hear the answer straight from Alexa’s synthesized lips when he asked the question in the presence of Bezos and “Picard” producer Alex Kurtzman. Check out Bezos’ Instagram video clip:

That’s not all: Bezos showed off Alexa’s acumen for Thanksgiving jokes as well as Shakespeare jokes. Quips referencing England’s national poet are likely to hold a special appeal for Stewart, who’s almost as well-known for his Shakespearean roles as he is for his star turns on Star Trek. But the joke that Alexa told was aimed squarely at the groundlings:

“Why did Macbeth cross the road? To get to the regicide.”

Stewart was also a surprise guest star, along with Kurtzman, at a meeting for employees at Amazon — as documented in tweets and Instagram posts. For more scenes from Picard’s visit to Planet Amazon, check out’s slideshow.

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