Lego love: The greatest engagement photos ever

This week my friends Marika Burkhart and Justin Jensen posted some of the best engagement pictures I’ve ever seen. And they’re not even in them. Seattle photographer Shelly Corbett took the photos of two tiny Lego Minifigures that Marika and Justin picked as their avatars, in geeky settings ranging from “The Lord of the Rings”… Read More

Caught between casualness and formality, the serious coffee shop interview is tough not to notice. (Photo: Mónica Guzmán)

Awkward blend: Job interviews and coffee shops

Everything looked just as I expected inside the Uptown Espresso in Belltown. Then I noticed the dress. Deep red, form fitting and smart, it looked good on the young woman sitting ten feet in front of me. She who wore it with a cardigan, black shoes and — whoa wait is that pantyhose? Daring a… Read More

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10 great ways to take awful mobile pictures of people

Anyone can take a mobile photo of you. That doesn’t mean everyone should. Every week on social streams I see awful photos of good people. I don’t know why they were taken, let alone shared. Usually they’re tucked in the middle of a thoughtless gallery. Sometimes they’re right in everyone’s face. A lack of likes… Read More


The weight of words: Why I hope bookstores stick around

I was taking video of my baby’s small, assisted zig-zag steps between the shelves at Ravenna’s Third Place Books when I looked at him and said something surprising. “I hope bookstores still exist when you’re old enough to read.” Immediately I checked myself. Did I mean that? Yeah. Apparently I did. This was interesting. For… Read More


A night without power

We were making our dinner last Tuesday when the kitchen light went out. A second later, I realized the new Bruno Mars album had stopped playing. “Jason.” He was moving plates to the outdoor table. “I think the power just went out.” I opened the fridge. Dark. OK, no more opening the fridge. Oops, did… Read More


My VloggerFair vlog: How everyday online stars are changing the face of fandom

VloggerFair, the come-one, come-all festival of vlogs and vlogging, kicked off its inaugural run at the enormous Terminal 5 building in West Seattle this weekend. Could anyone across the bridge hear the screaming teens? “He signed my iPad,” one middle schooler said after she met one of the day’s biggest draws, vlogger Joey Graceffa. “I… Read More


Where’s my spaceship? Longing for an intergalactic future

I was scrolling through my news app this week when I saw the headline: “Virgin Galactic plane makes successful test flight.” It was the first rocket-powered test flight of Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo, a snazzy-looking thing designed to take (rich) tourists on quick trips to space to float around in zero gravity and see our planet as… Read More