The Innovi team. Photo via UW.

Here are the 16 student-led teams that advanced in the University of Washington’s business plan competition

Wireless routers. Influenza diagnostic tools. And even a new recipe for healthy sauerkraut. Those are among the 16 finalists who advanced Tuesday in the University of Washington’s annual business plan competition, as more than 300 judges from the Seattle community (including GeekWire’s Daniel Rossi) reduced the field of 36 student-led teams. The $25,000 grand prize winner… Read More


Meet the Seattle 10: These innovative startups are looking to change the world

Seattle is ripe with innovation. From aerospace to biotechnology to software to retail, startup companies in this moss-covered part of the globe are breaking traditional boundaries, creating groundbreaking ideas that truly could change how we see the world. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the Seattle 10, presented in partnership with the Museum… Read More


PolyDrop turns paint into conductive coatings, wins $10K at UW environmental challenge

College students are saving the world. Well, maybe not all of them. But the teams that participated in last week’s Environmental Innovation Challenge at the University of Washington are certainly impressive by our standards. Teams from universities and colleges around the Northwest congregated at the UW to pitch their innovations that addressed energy, urban agriculture,… Read More


From Boeing to Microsoft Bob: Innovation in the spotlight at Seattle’s new history museum

Seattle’s history is very much tied to innovation, whether it’s Bill Boeing’s early aircraft or Bill Gates’ early software. And those breakthrough technologies — as well as dozens of others — are on full display at Seattle’s new Museum of History and Industry. After years in development and more than $90 million in renovation costs,… Read More

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10 mental traits of truly innovative leaders

Ever since I was young I’ve always loved thinking of ways to fix things, build products and make money. And, over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with so many creative and innovative people. I’m talking about people like Whitepages’ Alex Algard, Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and BuddyTV’s Andy Liu. These guys are absolute… Read More


Countdown to GeekWire Summit: Time running out for tickets

You won’t want to miss this birthday party. GeekWire is turning one on Wednesday, March 7th, and to celebrate the occasion we’re assembling some of the top technologists, entrepreneurs and tech executives for the GeekWire Summit & Anniversary Party. This is the most content-rich event we’ve organized to date, a half-day geek fest and party… Read More

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11 things every entrepreneur should know about innovation

An innovation that revolutionizes your life is the dream of every entrepreneur. But that dream may die hard if you don’t have the right expectations. What sort of expectations should you have? Well, you can start with these eleven: 1. Innovation demands the right business model Obviously the very first thing you need to do… Read More


Soak the rich: One entrepreneur’s take on fixing the debt crisis and saving the economy

Let’s soak the rich. Apparently that’s what most Americans think should happen to reduce the deficit, including Warren Buffett.  A recent CNN poll says that 63 percent of Americans want to raise taxes on the rich. Everyone knows that our federal deficit is unsustainable.  It’s clear to me that one of the biggest bubbles that we’re building is… Read More