Amazon introduces library lending for Kindle books

Amazon.com plans to launch a new service later this year in which Kindle users can borrow digital books from 11,000 U.S. libraries. Dubbed Kindle Library Lending, the service will be available for all Kindle devices and apps. Essentially, the service will allow users to check out a digital book from a local library. Of course,… Read More


Sales of ‘e-books’ soar, now the #1 format over paper

I confess, I’ve never read an “e-book.” But, it turns out, I very well be in a shrinking class. According to the Association of American Publishers, digital titles accounted for $90.3 million in sales during February. That was up 202 percent over February of last year. Furthermore, the report found that e-books now rank as… Read More


Did Amazon just kill Lendle?

Electronic book lending service Lendle may be entering its last chapter. Amazon.com today revoked API access to the company, essentially killing a service once described as the “easiest, fastest, fairest, and best way to lend and borrow Kindle books.” Lendle informed its customers earlier today in a Tweet which read: Amazon has revoked Lendle’s API… Read More

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the company's iPad 2 unveiling last week (via Apple webcast)

Amazon vs. Apple: Emergence of the next great tech rivalry?

To understand the competitive mindset of Steve Jobs at any given moment, it’s important to listen to the sales updates that the Apple CEO traditionally gives at the beginning of the company’s special events. But it’s not the numbers that matter so much as the rivals they put in the crosshairs. And it’s no coincidence… Read More