Seattle Times owner scoffs at Craigslist founder’s journalism advocacy efforts

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, has taken part of his online classified ads money and gotten involved in advocating for journalism, funding lectures at the Poynter Institute and backing a guide to press ethics. But not everyone is thrilled with Newmark’s advocacy, including Frank Blethen. Blethen, the publisher of The Seattle Times, “scoffed” at… Read More


A non-creepy Craigslist: CampusWall rolls out a safer marketplace for college students

We’ve all encountered those questionable Craigslist ads: one person looking for an “R. Kelly Impersonator,” another selling a portable stripper pole — the list goes on. Personally, when I see an ad posted by a man who is “Unemployed. Short and bald. Chubby and pale with small features.(hands feet ears) Dominating, picky and judgemental. Sometimes… Read More


Why this Seattle startup ‘Punk’d’ unsuspecting Craigslist sellers

This seems like a great way to get yourself killed, or at least seriously injured. Replyboard founder Steinar Skipsnes and friend Nick LaPratt spent their weekends over the past four months armed with a hidden camera as they recorded bizarre interactions with people they had agreed to meet through Craigslist ads. (Editor’s note: LaPratt was misidentified in this… Read More