Yahoo posts revenue growth for first time in four years

Marissa Mayer continues to make her mark at Yahoo. The company today reported revenue of $1.3 billion for the fourth quarter, a two percent increase over the same period last year and the first revenue growth in four years. Revenue for the full year came in at $4.986 billion — a slight increase over the… Read More


Tech Moves: Avanade bolsters exec team; HBO promotes Xbox pioneer; Yahoo board changes

Avanade, a 12-year-old joint venture formed by Microsoft and Accenture, has named Florin Rotar as the company’s first chief technology innovation officer and Stella Goulet as its first chief marketing officer. Rotar has worked at Avanade since it was founded, and in the new role will be responsible for communicating the technology consulting firm’s vision to… Read More


Instant messaging: Yahoo cutting ties to Microsoft

In a blog post late Friday, the Yahoo Messenger team announced that it’s cutting several features from the instant-messaging service as part of the broader attempt to bring new focus to the company. One of the features that will be going away is interoperability with Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. The connection between Yahoo Messenger and… Read More

Doug Wheeler

Tech Moves: Optify hires Doug Wheeler; Starbucks vet joins Auction Edge; and more

Optify, a Seattle startup specializing in marketing software, has named 25-year- marketing vet Doug Wheeler to the position of chief marketing officer. Wheeler most recently worked at TappIn, which was acquired last year for up to $17 million by GlobalScape. Wheeler previously held executive roles at DocuSign, Citrix and Compaq. “Optify and its inbound marketing… Read More

Eric Schmidt

Google ‘would love’ to replace Microsoft as Yahoo partner

The whole Microsoft-Yahoo search saga has always felt like a soap opera, starting with Microsoft’s failed bid to acquire Yahoo in 2008, and continuing to the present-day shakiness of their search partnership. And here’s another potential plot twist. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and former chief executive, reportedly said during an appearance in Japan overnight… Read More


Microsoft Bing takes a chip out of Google’s giant lead

[Update: comScore changed its methods for collecting data in August, making the month-over-month comparisons invalid. The biggest change is in the combined total of Bing and Yahoo searches, as noted below.] Google’s share of the U.S. search market fell by 0.4 percentage points in the U.S. in August, while Microsoft Bing climbed by 0.2 percentage… Read More


Microsoft Bing adds Quora answers to its social sidebar

Microsoft is adding content from top contributors on the Quora question-and-answer site to the “social sidebar” on its Bing search results pages, trying to boost the usefulness of the feature. The results show up under the “People Who Know” section of the sidebar. For example, a search for “Harry Potter” on Bing now brings up a link… Read More

yahoo 200

New CEO Marissa Mayer cashing in over at Yahoo

It’s official. New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is making serious bank at the struggling tech giant. All Things D wrote this afternoon that Mayer’s take could reach at least $60 million. The LA Times Business section took a look at the same numbers and came up with a much larger valuation of $129 million if… Read More


Yahoo results: Can Marissa Mayer fix the Microsoft deal?

Yahoo posted so-so quarterly results this afternoon, with revenue flat at $1.08 billion after adjusting for the cost of acquiring traffic. One reason for the underwhelming performance: Microsoft’s alliance with Yahoo still isn’t living up to either company’s expectations. Can a former Google executive fix it? Newly appointed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the former Google… Read More


Wow: Google’s Marissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO

Google’s Marissa Mayer, one of the top executives at the search giant, has resigned to accept a position as the new CEO of Yahoo. The New York Times DealBook blog has confirmation and details of the news, which is completely out of left field. Mayer hadn’t previously been named among the people being considered for the… Read More


Microsoft Bing gains (a bit) vs. Google, as Yahoo sinks

Microsoft Bing posted a small gain in the U.S. search market in June, closing the gap ever so slightly against Google, but Microsoft search partner Yahoo continued to drag down their combined presence in the market. Bing reached 15.6 percent market share, according to the latest numbers from the comScore Networks research firm. That was up from… Read More

Sheryl Sandberg

Yahoo and Facebook settle suit, expand partnership

Yahoo exorcised another remnant of Scott Thompson’s reign today, settling the patent litigation that he launched against Facebook during his short tenure as chief executive. The companies just confirmed the settlement, along with a new advertising partnership and expanded content sharing relationship. Kara Swisher of broke the news earlier today along with the back story,… Read More


Zillow displaces as provider of rental listings on Yahoo

Yahoo and Zillow are expanding their long-running online real estate partnership to include rental properties. As part of the deal, Zillow now provides more than 400,000 rental listings to Yahoo Homes. “Zillow is now able to give landlords, property managers and rental brokers significantly more exposure for their listings by extending their reach to one of… Read More


Search: Google boosts lead vs. Microsoft and Yahoo

New numbers from comScore Networks show Google pulling further ahead of Microsoft Bing and Yahoo in the U.S. search market in May, claiming its largest lead over its competitors since December 2010. Google climbed to 66.7 percent of the market during the month, according to the comScore numbers. That was an increase of just 0.2 percentage… Read More

Scott Thompson

It’s official: Scott Thompson is out, and Yahoo is in disarray

Will Scott Thomson put this on his resume? The embattled Yahoo CEO is officially out, according to an announcement from the company this afternoon following an uproar over his false claim that he had a computer science degree. The announcement confirms a report earlier today by Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. Yahoo executive Ross Levinsohn will… Read More


Facebook to pay Microsoft $550M for hundreds of former AOL patents

Facebook will pay Microsoft $550 million in cash to buy a portion of the AOL patent portfolio that Microsoft recently agreed to acquire. Two weeks ago Microsoft agreed to pay AOL more than $1 billion for the broader portfolio — reportedly outbidding Facebook in that original auction. However, Facebook and Microsoft are partners, with Microsoft owning… Read More


Microsoft investigated Bing GM’s ties to handbag company

When Microsoft Bing marketing general manager Danielle Tiedt was hired by YouTube in February, Microsoft took the unusual step of saying that it had decided to “part ways” with her, independent of her decision to join a division of its archrival, Google. Microsoft declined to say what actually happened behind the scenes. But GeekWire has since… Read More


Yahoo job cuts: Back to startup mode for an aging web icon

Yahoo this morning confirmed that it’s cutting 2,000 jobs, or about 15 percent of its workforce —  part of an effort by new CEO Scott Thompson to make the company “smaller, nimbler, more profitable and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and our industry require,” as Yahoo put it in a news release…. Read More

Raghu Ramakrishnan

Microsoft hires former Yahoo chief scientist and database guru

Microsoft confirmed today that it has hired Raghu Ramakrishnan, a former Yahoo chief scientist, as a technical fellow in its Server & Tools business. A database specialist and the co-author of one of the field’s most-respected textbooks, he will focus on the emerging area of “big data,” helping to bridge Microsoft’s server and online divisions,… Read More

Scott Thompson

Yahoo vs. Facebook: This just got very awkward for Microsoft

Yahoo grabbed the attention of the tech industry today, but not with a new product announcement. The company filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook, a bold move under the leadership of new CEO Scott Thompson. In other words, one of Microsoft’s biggest partners just sued another of Microsoft’s biggest partners, a company in which… Read More