Olympic athletes in Sochi banned from posting video, audio to social media

There’s a reason you won’t see any Instagram or Vine videos published on social media by Olympic athletes this month in Sochi. The International Olympic Committee has banned athletes and other “accredited persons” — coaches, officials, National Olympic Committee personnel, etc. — from posting any video or audio of events, competitions or other activities taking… Read More


Olympics traffic jams not as bad as feared, INRIX finds

Gearing up for the Summer Olympics in London, one of the concerns in London was about the traffic. But it turns out the situation isn’t as bad some feared. That’s the word from INRIX, the Kirkland, Wash.-based traffic information startup. The company ramped up its services for the Olympics to help athletes, fans, journalists, British… Read More


Guy Adams back on Twitter after Olympic tweet scandal

“Matt Lauer would do well to shut up, wouldn’t he?” This is just one of many critical — and hilarious — tweets fired away from The Independent‘s Los Angeles correspondent Guy Adams‘ Twitter feed about the London Olympic Games. And it was this, among a few other zingers, especially criticizing NBC for its coverage and… Read More


Cheezburger gets Olympic spirit with ROFLympics

Cheezburger is turning its focus from cats to Olympians with a new site called ROFLympics 2012 that’s launched just in time for the opening ceremonies in London (which start in about three hours). For those not hip to Internet slang, ROFL is an acronym which means “rolling on the floor laughing.” Cheezburger, the Seattle network of comedy… Read More