Bezos defends Amazon’s profit-pinching strategy in annual letter to shareholders

This just in: Jeff Bezos’ 2013 letter to shareholders. The annual missive from Amazon’s CEO, released this morning, defends the company’s “heavy investments” in areas including Amazon Prime, the Kindle and Amazon Web Services as ultimately in the interest of shareholders, even if it squeezes the company’s profits in the short run. As one example of… Read More

Photo Credit: Bezos Expeditions

Success: Jeff Bezos recovers sunken Apollo rocket engines

How does Amazon’s founder spend his down time? Catching up on email in the middle of the Atlantic while monitoring the progress of his crew recovering historic space artifacts from the bottom of the ocean. Jeff Bezos reports this morning that his Bezos Expeditions has recovered significant pieces of two F-1 rocket engines that were… Read More


Bezos: Amazon ‘loaded plane with Kindles’ to test safety

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a great read from Nick Bilton illustrating the challenges that travelers and airlines will face in trying to get the Federal Aviation Administration to move quickly to loosen its rules for devices on flights. We speculated a couple weeks ago that the review of those rules could… Read More

amazonlogo mum on latest employee meeting at KeyArena is holding a sizable meeting of employees today at KeyArena in Seattle, triggering traffic alerts for the surrounding neighborhood. About 1,800 employees are attending. It’s not unusual for Amazon to hold its big employee meeting at KeyArena, but what caught our attention is that Amazon already had its big annual employee meeting there in March… Read More