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Can Millennials make it as tech entrepreneurs? Here are my 5 tips

You’ve heard the stereotypes: Millennials are entitled, narcissistic, and lazy. They are the Instagram junkie, selfie-taking, “Me! Me! Me!” generation, as Time Magazine put it. Yet while Boomers and Generation X struggle to adapt to the millennial mindset in the workplace, members of this new generation are carving their own paths as entrepreneurs – which… Read More


Iterating in public: 4 steps for success in the brave new world of tech design

[Editor's Note: Guest commentator David Lifson of General Assembly is one of the speakers at the upcoming HIVE technology design conference, June 20 and 21 in Seattle, presented by AIGA Seattle, the professional association for design. Tickets available here.] In today’s fast-moving world of lean startups, minimum viable products, and an Internet full of competitors and alternatives, rapid product… Read More


Arianna Huffington on the dangers of technology, and why everyone needs a ‘digital detox’

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington recently took a trip with her family to Hawaii for a weeklong vacation. But it wasn’t just fun in the sun for the media entrepreneur. The vacation was also part of a self-prescribed “digital detox” in which Huffington stepped away from the day-to-day grind, unplugging from her laptop and smartphone…. Read More

Nate Silver predicts that half of his FiveThirtyEight newsroom will be developers within five years.

Nate Silver’s advice to young journalists: Learn to code now

Nate Silver has two tips for young up-and-coming journalists: Work your ass off and learn how to code. Silver, the well-known statistician and founder of FiveThirtyEight, sat down with GeekWire this morning and offered up advice for those looking to establish themselves in the journalism world. While knowing how to write and report are obviously important… Read More

TINYpulse founder David Niu (right) spent six months abroad with his family, interviewing business owners and learning all about people management, culture and leadership.

Startup advice: CEO shares lessons in company culture, employee morale with free book

When you travel to 15 countries and interview entrepreneurs about their advice on management, culture and leadership, you’re bound to come away with some useful insight. That’s exactly what TINYhr CEO David Niu did two years ago, buying a one-way ticket to New Zealand with his wife and 10-month old daughter. Not only did the six-month trip… Read More


Startup marketing advice from Nike, Starbucks vet: ‘Think of your brand as a person’

It’s probably a good idea for entrepreneurs to take brand-building advice from Stanley Hainsworth. After all, the marketing guru has helped companies like Nike, Lego and Starbucks tell their stories and attract millions of fans from all around the world. Hainsworth, founder of Seattle-based advertising agency Tether, shared some marketing wisdom at the Hardware Workshop in Seattle… Read More


Advice for entrepreneurs: Focus more on solving problems, not building products

When Chris DeVore first meets with entrepreneurs looking for funding, the Founder’s Co-op general partner doesn’t want to hear about products being built or services provided. First and foremost, he wants to hear about problems — those that exist, and those that can be solved. “A lot of people, particularly first-time entrepreneurs, kind of want to… Read More

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Commentary: A lean startup approach to making booze

I worked at tech startups for the past 15 years — Drugstore, Allrecipes, nPost, and Blue Box Group to name a few. But last year, I opted to take on a different kind of startup: The capital-intensive manufacturing business of legally, legitimately making booze. In 2008, the Washington State Legislature passed HB 2959 and, for… Read More


Startup Day Recap: Tips, lessons and real-world advice

Last month, I attended GeekWire’s Startup Day at the Showbox SODO in Seattle. Surrounded by some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds, I decided to chat with as many people as possible in an effort to tap into their startup wisdom and advice. In addition to interviewing Gov. Jay Inslee about the role of startups in… Read More


Startup Day Video: Venture capitalists say don’t worry about dilution, think about building something big

Dilution vs. Control. It’s an age-old debate in the startup ranks. After all, how much money you take certainly impacts the ownership you hold, as well as the control you wield over a startup. It’s a touchy subject that often pits entrepreneur vs. investor, and it usually doesn’t emerge until things head south, which they… Read More

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Advice for success: Here’s Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s daily to-do list

Jack Dorsey has done pretty well for himself, helping create social media giant Twitter and then founding the uber-popular mobile payments solution Square. So what’s his key to success? Dorsey spoke at the Y Combinator’s Startup School on Sunday, sharing advice and insight from his experiences as a founder and CEO. One thing Dorsey does everyday… Read More

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The 6 habits of highly successful, fast growth companies

Pull together a list of Seattle’s fastest-growing companies and you’ll see a wide variety of industries, leadership styles, go-to-market approaches and organizational structures. But pull back the top layers that make them different, and you’ll likely find a handful of operational, productivity and management habits that make these companies look more alike than you otherwise… Read More


Let’s talk about culture: It’s more than ping pong tables and free soda pop

Within a few days of Facebook announcing plans to build a residential housing community that is walking distance to a sprawling Menlo Park, Calif. campus described by the Wall Street Journal as already, “so full of cushy perks that some employees may never want to go home,” a former Google contract worker questioned here at GeekWire as to whether the plush… Read More


Concur CEO Steve Singh: Startup success is entirely driven by culture

There are lots of ingredients to startup success, but for Concur CEO Steve Singh, one rises above them all. Speaking at the Northwest Entrepreneur Network’s “Entrepreneur University” on Friday in Seattle, Singh said that company culture is the most important aspect of startup that founders must think about. “Not only is company culture everything, but your success… Read More