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Nerd Notes: An elevator murder prank and Steve Ballmer starring in a Taylor Swift song

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. Not-so-funny elevator prank: The marketing team for the new film Dead Man Down, which was released in theaters Friday, thought it’d be funny to trick innocent New Yorkers into thinking they were witnessing a real elevator murder. Did they cross the line?… Read More


Startup Spotlight: High school whiz kids create Q&A website Junglr

For most teenagers, balancing homework and a social life is plenty of work. But for three Mercer Island High Schoolers, that wasn’t enough. Zack Elliott, Isaac Diamond, and Robert Sun have been working for over two years to develop the question-and-answer site Junglr. “Our goals were not lofty,” said 18-year-old CEO Elliott, who interned at Microsoft… Read More

National Day of Unplugging

Nerd Notes: Gay marriage and sushi, printable guns, and a 5-year-old’s $2,500 iPad spending spree

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. National Day of Unplugging (NDU): Beginning tonight at sunset, and ending 24 hours later, citizens across the nation are encouraged to unplug from all media. Even GeekWire’s John Cook is giving it a shot. Participants are asked to share their reasons for… Read More


This app studies your text messages to recommend restaurants

Intelligent robot assistants like Siri have changed the way we interact with our mobile devices, and can now make recommendations for us. But the technology has yet to fully adapt to our personal preferences. University of Washington graduate student Jared Bauer is developing an application that has several of the same functions as Siri, such… Read More

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30 Hour Famine: Teens tweet about starving for charity

This weekend, the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision will put on its 20th “30 Hour Famine,” a biannual youth fasting event aimed at raising awareness and money for hungry families around the globe. Participants were asked to raise money prior to the event, and today, they will begin fasting to get a glimpse at what it… Read More

Superhero Economics

Nerd Notes: Superhero economics, a Harlem Shake bookmarklet and playlists that adjust to your mood

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. Superhero economics: The ever-present superhero question is back on the table for debate: Batman or Spiderman? Generally, we weigh traits like physical strength, charisma, weapons, etc. Now there’s a new factor: money. This series of infographics from the Geeks of Doom compares the wallets… Read More


What the decline of the U.S Postal Service means for technology

Our guest this past week on the GeekWire Podcast was Steve Shivers, co-founder and CEO of Doxo, a Seattle startup that offers a digital file cabinet for keeping records, paying bills and interacting with utilities and other service providers. We talked about the growth of digital bill-paying and communications, but also explored the areas where paper billing… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Your Brandlive helps Internet retailers communicate with shoppers

Portland-based startup Your Brandlive formally launched today, announcing a new video social commerce platform designed to help make the retailer-customer relationship more personal. Essentially, Your Brandlive is a project of Cascade Web Development, connecting online retailers with online shoppers through live video chat. One sales person is able to communicate with hundreds of customers at once. “The… Read More

The Intimacy Dress 2.0

Nerd Notes: Big Macs and the economy, a dress that responds to sexual arousal, moth pilots and more

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. Moths that can drive — You’ve seen a dog skateboard, a cockatoo dance, and a monkey ride a pig, but have you ever seen a moth drive a robot car? That’s what I thought. Three Japanese researchers in Tokyo built a trackball-guided robotic vehicle that… Read More

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Startup Spotlight: Pinterest rival Clipboard looks to make screenshotting a breeze

If you’re tired of taking those messy screenshots and arduously cropping them to the perfect size, the solution may be here. Clipboard is a Bellevue-based company that allows users to cleanly grab images or boxes of text from anywhere on the Internet and save them to folders on the site. The service often draws comparison to Pinterest, which was… Read More

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer opens the company's Bellevue Square store in November, 2011.

Five new Microsoft retail stores to open by summer

In 2012, Microsoft opened 51 new retail stores across the nation. So far this year it has already announced six new locations coming soon, and today the company introduced plans to open five more by this summer. The newly announced stores will be in: Natick Mall, Natick, Massachusetts Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii Pioneer Place,… Read More


‘Picklestyle,’ the ultimate ‘Gangnam Style’ parody

We’ve all heard K-pop legend Psy’s chart-topper, “Gangnam Style.” His outrageous dance moves and catchy harmonies quickly went viral after the song’s release in July. For many, the song has run its course. But if you’re still hungry for more, we found the solution: “Picklestyle.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a personified… Read More


Mobile tech, social good: How these computer scientists are making an impact

Our latest episode of the GeekWire Podcast featured former Geek of the Week Yaw Anokwa. He’s a graduate of the University of Washington computer science program, the co-founder of the software startup Nafundi, and one of the computer scientists behind the Open Data Kit project (ODK), which provides smart forms for collecting data on mobile devices in rural areas, developing countries and other places with… Read More


A non-creepy Craigslist: CampusWall rolls out a safer marketplace for college students

We’ve all encountered those questionable Craigslist ads: one person looking for an “R. Kelly Impersonator,” another selling a portable stripper pole — the list goes on. Personally, when I see an ad posted by a man who is “Unemployed. Short and bald. Chubby and pale with small features.(hands feet ears) Dominating, picky and judgemental. Sometimes… Read More

Vanessa Fox

Q&A: Vanessa Fox on Facebook, Google and the changing world of search

During last week’s GeekWire podcast, Todd Bishop and John Cook had the opportunity to chat with search industry veteran and startup entrepreneur Vanessa Fox, a former Google employee who was responsible for building Google Webmaster Central. Fox now runs her own company called Nine By Blue, a startup that aims to help online publishers and businesses understand… Read More


Stevie Wonder, Brad Paisley, Beyonce: Check out Obama’s inauguration playlist

President Barack Obama made moves on the social media front today. From the official inauguration Twitter account, his office Tweeted out its second official inauguration playlist. The 16-track Spotify playlist features an eclectic assortment of tunes from all the musicians playing in D.C. during inauguration events that kick off Saturday. They include titles by the Glee Cast and Brad Paisley,… Read More