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Superhero economics: The ever-present superhero question is back on the table for debate: Batman or Spiderman? Generally, we weigh traits like physical strength, charisma, weapons, etc. Now there’s a new factor: money. This series of infographics from the Geeks of Doom compares the wallets of Batman and Spiderman, and shows a clear winner.

Harlem Shake bookmarklet: You’ve seen it, and chances are, you’re beginning to get tired of it. The “Harlem Shake” is a strange YouTube dance phenomenon that has recently swept the nation. In case you haven’t seen enough, you can now download a bookmarklet that will make any web page do the “Harlem Shake” with the click of a button.

Seattle gets geeky: Network World recently rated Seattle No. 7 on its “15 Top Cities for Tech Startups” list, following Wash., D.C. Woot!

Gene patents: Protect your genes, everyone. An Australian court ruled that human genes can be patented. The judge’s justification: “Because the BRCA1 cancer gene has been ‘isolated’ from the human body, it’s appropriate to grant a patent on it,” reported Ars Technica on Friday.

Walter Cronkite’s futuristic predictions: Click here to see how (in)accurate Cronkite’s 1967 tour of a 21st-century home is. As far as I know, the menus in my home — who has menus in their homes? — were never “given to the automatic chef by a typewriter or punched computer cards,” not even in 2001. But maybe I’m the exception?


MoodMusic: Are the Seattle showers getting you down? Do you want to listen to some sad, alternative music that matches your seasonal depression while drowning away your sorrows in an underground coffee shop full of skinny-jeaned musicians and mason-jar-drinking writers? If so, you’re in luck. Several University of Washington students are working to develop software that creates playlists after determining your mood from the tone of your voice.

The best movie synopsis you’ve ever seen: If you’re for any reason writing a paper or doing a book report on “Back to the Future I,” this minute-long video summary is your best friend. Enough said.

DIY book scanner: Students at New York Law School recently constructed the first build-it-yourself book scanner that has the ability to scan approximately 150 pages per minute — MacGyverism at its finest. Check out how they did it here.

Something to cure the Seattle chill: Reuters reported that Norway aired a 12-hour prime-time special on Friday featuring none other than…drumroll please…a burning fireplace. But that’s not all. The show also provided color commentary and advice from fireplace professionals. I hope no one forgot to DVR it. The fireplace special isn’t quite as exciting as the 134-hour-long footage of a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast that Norway aired in 2011, though.

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