Internet sales tax battle heats up for Amazon in California, Texas

California and Texas look to be headed in different directions on a contentious online sales tax debate, an issue that could have wide-ranging implications for in the two most populous states. On Tuesday, the California State Assembly voted to approve a measure that would require online retailers, like, to collect sales tax on purchases… Read More

Eric Schmidt speaks Tuesday night at the D9 conference. (Credit: Asa Mathat, All Things Digital)

Google’s Eric Schmidt: Microsoft ‘not driving the consumer revolution’

There were plenty of headline-grabbing comments from Google chairman Eric Schmidt tonight coming out of the D9 conference in California. Many of them were not-so-subtle digs at Microsoft, which Schmidt all but dismissed as a provider of consumer technology platforms. He topped it off by recommending that anyone interested in security choose Macs over Windows PCs…. Read More

Adam Doppelt

Hawaiian beach vacation from hell sparks Urbanspoon co-founder to start Dwellable

Adam Doppelt Urbanspoon helped transform the way people discover new restaurants. Now, Adam Doppelt, one of the co-founders of that Seattle entrepreneurial success story, is looking to tackle another consumer pain point: vacation rentals. Doppelt and Rob Currie just launched Dwellable, a new startup which faces big-time competition from some deep-pocketed rivals. The idea for the… Read More


Microsoft Bing takes Streetside out of the bubble

Microsoft today rolled out a new version of its Streetside feature for Bing Maps that is getting some credit for at least taking a different approach than Google’s Street View. The biggest change is the elimination of the 360-degree “bubble” view in favor of an approach that flattens out the images into a long horizontal… Read More

Luis Ceze

UW researchers develop trick to help devices use less energy

University of Washington researchers have come up with a way to reduce energy consumption in computers and mobile devices by 50 percent or more by segmenting software code into areas that require high levels of accuracy — and therefore high levels of energy — and those that don’t. The project, dubbed Enerj, has the potential… Read More

Red Russak

Startup Spotlight: helps organize your tools

Talk about building a startup in hyperspeed. Seattle entrepreneur and WordPress guru Joshua “Red” Russak came up with the idea for on May 15th, and just a few days later was rolling out a new way for people to share the online and real-world tools they use for work and play. It is a… Read More

One of the ads in dispute.

College bookstores question Amazon’s legal tactics

The National Association of College Stores, battling with over the online retailer’s textbook advertising, is questioning Amazon’s decision to go to court after the association asked the Better Business Bureau’s advertising division for an advisory opinion. In a new filing in federal court in Seattle, the association asks the court to dismiss the suit… Read More


Micron, Intellectual Ventures enter licensing agreement

Intellectual Ventures continues to ink deals with big technology companies, gobbling up patents and helping some of the industry stalwarts defend themselves if litigation were to arise. Today, Intellectual Ventures announced a licensing deal with Micron Technology, the Boise maker of flash memory and semiconductor technologies. As part of the deal, Micron gains access to… Read More


Nokia, struggling against Android, looks to Windows Phone this year

Nokia this morning dropped a bomb with new sales forecasts “substantially below” its previous expectations for the current quarter. The mobile giant, led by former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop, blamed factors including “competitive dynamics and market trends across multiple price categories” that have lead to “lower than previously expected average selling prices and mobile device volumes.”… Read More

Glenn Kelman (Randy Stewart photo)

Redfin CEO Kelman on IPO plans: ‘We’re not ready yet’

IPO fever is spreading once again through the tech ranks. And while recently filed, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman says don’t look for a public offering from his Seattle online real estate upstart anytime soon. “Barring some unforeseen screw-up, we don’t need the capital to fund operations, we probably don’t need the currency to buy companies,… Read More


Practical Nerd: Three ‘secrets’ of the digital classroom

If you think you understand what’s happening in digital education because you follow digital consumer or business developments, think again. Because there are three digital technologies changing K-12 education that you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve worked in both consumer and education digital technology for nearly 20 years. The prevailing wisdom used to be that,… Read More


A YouTube star in the making?

Ethan Newberry wants to be a YouTube star. And the Seattleite is moving closer to that goal having been selected to participate in NextUp, a new program in which YouTube is trying to assist 45 rising media stars “who’ve demonstrated passion, talent and huge potential in video making across a range of genres.” The program… Read More

Music Ideas and Problems

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Seattle 2.0, and imported to GeekWire as part of our acquisition of Seattle 2.0 and its archival content. For more background, see this post. By Matt Paulin For several blog entries we have been discussing the theory and more “meta” aspects of brainstorming and ideation.  We are… Read More


Google your name, and you might just find an Intelius advertisement

Forbes columnist Kashmir Hill recently Googled her name, and to her surprise found an advertisement in the search results from Bellevue-based Intelius. That set the reporter on a quest to find out why, digging into Google’s privacy policies and asking Intelius why it would want to buy text ads using individual names. Interestingly, Hill finds… Read More

milk1’s latest promotion: Free milk for a year

Got milk? does. And the Seattle online retailer is using the staple to lure customers to its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service in Seattle. Amazon Fresh has kicked off an email promotion for new customers, providing free milk for one year for those who place orders of $75 or more. The promotion runs through… Read More


An inside look at Startup Weekend: ‘High energy startup fever’

Not everyone can afford to devote 54 hours of their life to Startup Weekend. But, if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, here’s an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the coding and development marathon held earlier this month at Madrona Venture Group’s offices in Seattle. Produced by the very talented Mike Folden, the video captures the spirit of the event with… Read More