Report: Microsoft working on smartwatch with translucent aluminum, LTE support

While we’ve heard rumors of Microsoft working on its own smartwatch before, a couple new reports shed light on more concrete details of the company’s plans for a wearable computing device. Sources tell The Verge and AmongTech that Microsoft’s Surface team does indeed have some smartwatch prototypes in the works. AmongTech reported that the prototyped removable wristbands will… Read More


These sensor-infused socks track your steps and ID injury-prone running styles

In the past few years, you’ve heard of smartphones, smart-watches and most recently, smart-glasses. Now, courtesy of a Redmond-based startup, we have yet another ordinary product attached to your body that’s becoming more intelligent: smart socks. Meet Heapsylon, a company founded two years ago by three Microsofties that is developing what is essentially a pedometer… Read More


Wearable computing: How technology will soon be stitched into our lives

Ah, wearable computing. Whether it’s geeky wristbands you can wear in the shower or the Seattle bar that’s already banned Google Glass, the discussions and ideas for embedded electronics on our bodies are heating up. To learn more about this potentially lucrative space, we sat down with Jennifer Darmour, a designer for Seattle-based technology design firm… Read More