Poll: Would you buy a Microsoft Surface tablet?

GeekWire’s Todd Bishop just made the leap. Will you? Microsoft is turning on the marketing engines for its new tablet computer, the Surface, which is set to debut October 26th. It also just released pricing information for the first time, with the device ranging between $499 (32GB without Touch Cover) and $699 (64GB with Touch… Read More


What bugs? Here comes Windows 8, ready or not

First things first: No piece of software the size of Windows is without bugs. And in this era of regular online updates, even a significant bug isn’t as significant as it might have been. But comments allegedly made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini to employees are raising questions about Windows 8 as Microsoft prepares for… Read More


Amazon pinpoints Nokia as mapping partner for next-generation Kindle Fire has reportedly chosen Nokia to provide the mapping technology on the next-generation Kindle Fire, a device that is expected to be launched at an event in Santa Monica, California next Thursday. This may appear to be a minor development. However, in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of tech, where alliances and partnerships change frequently, the… Read More


Top posts: A sexually-charged video promoting Windows Azure leads the charts

Who knew that a video of a cheesy dance routine from a developer’s conference in Norway promoting Microsoft’s Windows Azure would grab so much attention. But that video, which we described as “raunchy” and GeekWire readers called “inappropriate”  and “weird,” led the charts for the month of June. The post set off an active discussion, touching on everything from… Read More

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Tablets surpass smartphones in e-commerce traffic

It was bound to happen. With larger, easier-to-view screens and their sheer portability, tablets have now overtaken smartphones as devices for shopping, according to Monetate, a provider of cloud-based technology for online marketers. As reported by Gigaom, tablets drove more traffic to retail sites than smartphones during the first quarter of 2012, 6.52 percent vs. smartphones 5.35… Read More


Gates: Tablets in the classroom won’t work without keyboard

Will Microsoft’s Surface tablet computer be better for students than the iPad? Bill Gates didn’t say that explicitly, but he did talk about the importance of giving students devices with keyboards when asked about the subject during one portion of an extensive interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education. “Just giving people devices has a… Read More


Microsoft’s Surface tablet: A bold and necessary risk — and some very long odds

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t display any of his trademark over-the-top energy as he unveiled the company’s new Surface tablet computer yesterday at a hipster Hollywood photo studio. There was no fist-pumping, or bellowing, or excited repetition of words. His language was enthusiastic, but his tone was that of a person with a lot of serious stuff… Read More


Video: Microsoft Surface keyboard/cover in action

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer, unveiled during a press event here this afternoon, will work in conjunction with a cover that attaches via magnets and doubles as a keyboard. Two versions will be available: one with a touch-sensitive surface, dubbed Touch Cover; and another with slightly raised keys for better typing, dubbed Type Cover. The… Read More


Report: Amazon touting ad space on the Kindle Fire home screen

We’ve known for some time now that wants to get a bigger chunk of the high-margin advertising business, a counterweight to its low-margin e-commerce business. And here’s one very interesting method to do it. According to AdAge, is currently pitching the home screen on the Kindle Fire to potential advertisers, offering a two-month… Read More


Forecast: Microsoft third in tablets through at least 2016

The launch of Windows 8 later this year will give Microsoft a boost in the media tablet market, making Windows-based machines a viable competitor against Android tablets and the iPad, but the company is still destined to be the No. 3 player through at least 2016, according to new projections from the Gartner research firm… Read More


Will a $199 Google tablet hurt or help the Kindle Fire?

Next to politics, perhaps no industry loves speculation more than tech. We may couch it as “analysis” or — if we’re being especially honest with ourselves — as “commentary” or “opinion.” But at its best, even when fact-based, it’s informed guesswork. Which leads me to the latest rumor of a Google Nexus tablet. Digitimes was… Read More


Chart: The iPad is making inroads with corporate buyers

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about whether we’re living in a post-PC era dominated by tablet computers and powerful smartphones. Well, a new study out today by ChangeWave Research indicates that the tablet market is already having a big impact with corporate IT buyers, something that Apple CEO Tim Cook alluded to in… Read More


By the numbers: Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs. Apple’s iPad

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted at a conference in San Francisco this week that he wasn’t too concerned about rising competition from and its $199 Kindle Fire. “Amazon is a different kind of competitor. They have different strengths and so forth,” Cook said in touting the success of the iPad. “And I think they… Read More


Estimates: Amazon sells six million Kindle Fires, drives 36% of Android tablet market

One of the key things we’ll be closely tracking on Tuesday during’s earnings call will be the overall performance of the company’s Kindle line, specifically the recently introduced Kindle Fire. Historically, Amazon hasn’t presented many specifics about sales of individual products, but that’s not stopping financial analysts from tossing out their projections. And one… Read More


CES Video: Lenovo’s Android notebook splits into a tablet

During a Consumer Electronics preview event tonight, Lenovo showed an array of new products, including several running Google’s Android operating system — even a new Android-powered TV set. One device that caught my attention was the new IdeaTab S2, the company’s latest entrant into the hybrid tablet/notebook market, running Android 4.0 (a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich)…. Read More