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Microsoft previews ‘Oslo’ smart social dashboard for Office 365

A new Microsoft app, code-named “Oslo,” will give Office 365 business users a personalized, searchable dashboard that uses machine learning to present the most relevant information from their documents, messages, internal social networks and other “trending” information. Microsoft says the idea is to move beyond the syndrome of prioritizing whatever happens to be at the top of the… Read More


Why a longtime Microsoft SharePoint partner made its new app for Dropbox instead

Seattle-area software maker Vizit has a long history on SharePoint, Microsoft’s widely used platform for corporate collaboration and communication. Vizit’s search and document preview technologies for SharePoint have been around since 2007, and Vizit says hundreds of thousands of people use its technologies worldwide. But when it came time to build its latest app, Clipsi,… Read More


Video: A glimpse inside Microsoft’s high-tech Global Security Operations Center

On the Microsoft campus this week, hundreds of law enforcement and public safety officials are gathering for the company’s Worldwide Public Safety Symposium. The event includes a chance to check out Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Center, one of three facilities around the world that coordinate the safety and security of the company’s facilities, and more… Read More


SharePoint rival marches band into Microsoft conference

Microsoft’s SharePoint conference in Anaheim this morning played host to an unscheduled — and unwelcome — musical interlude courtesy of Huddle, a U.K. company that was looking to, um, drum up some attention for its competing collaboration platform. Yes, that’s a real marching band, with a flag squad and cheerleaders. There were football players, too…. Read More


Geek of the Week: Jeff Teper, father of Microsoft SharePoint

Our latest Geek of the Week, Jeff Teper, had been at Microsoft for about six years in 1998 when he oversaw the formation of a new group focused on “knowledge management.” Later that group would launch a new business collaboration technology, then called SharePoint Portal Server. SharePoint has since become one of Microsoft’s largest products, surpassing… Read More


Google or not, Microsoft cloud tools win federal security nod

Microsoft says the federal version of its Business Productivity Online Suite cloud-based communications tools — including Exchange and SharePoint Online — has been certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Federal Information Management Security Act (FISMA), clearing the way for its use by 120,000 USDA employees. The announcement is notable in part because… Read More