From Picnik to PicMonkey: How these entrepreneurs rebuilt one of Seattle’s hottest startups

When Google shut down the photo-editing site Picnik in early 2012, millions of users were left frustrated and angry. Some of Picnik’s original employees shared a similar sentiment. So, they packed up, bid adieu to the corporate world and quickly got to work recreating what was lost with a new service called PicMonkey. “Sixty million voices cried out when… Read More

Jonathan Sposato

Jonathan Sposato leaves Google as Picnik winds down

Google closed the lid on Picnik last Friday, shutting down the popular online photo editing service that it acquired two years ago. With the decision, Picnik co-founder and former CEO Jonathan Sposato has stepped down from Google. His last day also was Friday. “I don’t know if this is the right analogy. But it is a… Read More


After Google pulls the plug, vultures flock around Picnik

Users of Picnik were none too happy when Google decided to pull the plug on the popular online photo editing service last week. At last count, there were more than 1,400 comments on the Picnik blog announcing the closure, a decision that was made nearly two years after Google decided to buy the Seattle company…. Read More


Flickr cleans house, plans to ditch Picnik and other features

Flickr announced Friday that it plans to dump a number of features, part of a “New Year’s cleaning” that the Yahoo-owned online photo service said will bring a “renewed sense of focus.” Among the casualties is Picnik, the Seattle online photo editing service that Google purchased in 2010. In a blog post, Flickr said that… Read More