Techstars Managing Director Andy Sacks at the 2013 Demo Day.

Techstars Seattle applications due Sunday, hardware startups welcome

For the first time ever, the Techstars Seattle incubator is welcoming hardware startups. While the program has typically only accepted software-focused companies in the past, Techstars Seattle Managing Director Andy Sack said that the influx of hardware devices in the market made his team re-think its application process. “One of the most exciting market trends is, in my opinion, the… Read More

PebbleBee founders

Boeing engineers create the PebbleBee, so you never lose your keys, kids or TV remote

Are you one of those folks who always seems to lose your keys, cell phone or TV remote control? Well, don’t sweat. Here comes the PebbleBee. Developed by Boeing software engineers Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks, the PebbleBee is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled device that affixes to various personal items, notifying users if they happen to wander outside… Read More


This startup just raised more than $1M to illuminate construction workers with an innovative ‘Halo Light’

Construction and road crew workers are constantly at risk in the field. But, as entrepreneurs Max Baker and Andrew Royal see it, the old-school reflective orange vest just isn’t enough protection. That’s why they created Illumagear, an innovative Seattle startup that’s developing new technologies to illuminate workers as they go about their jobs at construction sites…. Read More


View-Master 2.0: Seattle entrepreneurs create Poppy to turn iPhones into 3D viewers

Remember, the classic View-Master device? Well, two Seattle area entrepreneurs — Urbanspoon co-founder Ethan Lowry and Snapvine founder Joe Heitzeberg — are looking to re-create that experience for the iPhone generation. Their new oddly-shaped device is called Poppy, and it turns iPhones into a camera “capable of capturing, viewing and sharing full-motion, full-color video and… Read More


Leaked videos show focus groups panning the Microsoft Kin: ‘It’s frustrating’

Microsoft is currently trying to make inroads with its new tablet computer — taking on the likes of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But before the Surface ever arrived on store shelves, there was Microsoft’s other experiment with hardware: The Kin. Remember this poorly-conceived device? You may not, since Microsoft amazingly pulled the plug… Read More


iPad and iPhone accessory maker Discovery Bay Games uncovers $15 million

Discovery Bay Games, a maker of gaming accessories and add-ons for tablet computers and smartphones, has raised $15 million from Trilogy Equity Partners and computer hardware maker Logitech. The Seattle company will use the new funds to continue development of its Duo accessories, devices that combine digital and physical gameplay in new ways. We reported on a… Read More


Hardware: Microsoft has a $50 keyboard for your iPad

Microsoft Hardware today announced a new Bluetooth mobile keyboard that might just turn the heads of a few iPad owners. The $49.99 Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000, with special “Comfort Curve” design, works with Windows tablets and many Android devices, but its support for iPad/iPad 2 is particularly notable given the Apple device’s current leadership in… Read More

The TouchFire keyboard for iPad

TouchFire: iPad ‘screen-top’ keyboard aims to boost typing

The iPad is great for many things — watching movies, reading magazines or playing games. But when it comes to typing, the onscreen keyboard leaves something to be desired. Seattle-area engineers Steven Isaac and Brad Melmon are looking to solve that problem with TouchFire, a lightweight, silicone rubber keypad that overlays the iPad’s touchscreen. The… Read More