This note is a daily reminder at the WhatsApp office that reads “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!”  Credit: Sequoia Capital

WhatTheApp? Why Facebook would spend $16 billion on an app with no advertising

Facebook announced this afternoon that it will pay $16 billion for WhatsApp, a free messaging application that lets users tap into their phone’s Internet connection to avoid paying hefty text messaging fees. But based on what we know about WhatsApp’s business model, Facebook isn’t doing the deal for the advertising revenue. Two years ago, that… Read More


Facebook buys WhatsApp messaging service for $16 billion

Facebook announced today it is acquiring the popular WhatsApp messaging service for $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash. The deal also includes $3 billion in restricted stock units for WhatsApp’s employees. WhatsApp, which employs just 55 people, has more than 450 million monthly users — 100 million of which have joined the service in the… Read More


Facebook cracks down on HasOffers, boots startup from mobile measurement program

HasOffers, the fast-growing Seattle startup that helps companies manage affiliate advertising programs, has been removed from Facebook’s mobile measurement program after it ran afoul of the social networking giant’s privacy policies related to data collection. San Francisco-based mobile analytics company Kontagent also was booted. “After working with a third-party auditor to review the practices of all… Read More


Chart: The top tech companies for internships

It’s that time of year when college students start perusing internship opportunities. And to make the process a bit easier, Glassdoor has released a list of the 25 highest rated companies which are hiring interns this year. It also put together the map above showing where internships are geographically located right now. Thirteen tech companies… Read More


Fighting Facebook: FiftyThree looks to trademark ‘Paper’

FiftyThree, the maker of the acclaimed sketchbook app Paper, is not letting up in a battle with Facebook over its brand name and has now filed a trademark application for the word “Paper.” TechCrunch first spotted the USPTO filing Tuesday morning and noted that FiftyThree’s existing trademark is for “Paper by FiftyThree.” FiftyThree, which has offices in… Read More


‘Paper’ maker FiftyThree calls on Facebook to ‘stop using our brand name’

FiftyThree, the maker of the acclaimed sketchbook app Paper, is publicly calling on Facebook to reconsider use of the name “Paper” for its new storytelling app. In a post on the FiftyThree site this morning, FiftyThree CEO Georg Petschnigg says Paper privately contacted Facebook about the confusion surrounding its choice of name, and “they apologized for… Read More


Facebook unveils new ‘Paper’ app, not to be confused with FiftyThree’s ‘Paper’ app

Ah, the wonderful world of technology product naming. Facebook this morning unveiled an immersive news-reading app called “Paper” that is, in many ways, an alternative user interface for Facebook itself. The first section in the app will be the user’s own Facebook news feed, followed by themed sections with content on a variety of topics. Users… Read More


Silly science and our Facebook death fantasy

Why do some people like to think that Facebook might die? Would they be relieved to be free from its grip? Validated in a secret conviction that it was never as big a deal as everyone said? Does Facebook’s death seem so impossible it’s become a kind of underdog to root for? Or is it… Read More

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Facebook tweaks algorithm to favor Pages that share rich links, not just text

Facebook announced today that it is changing its News Feed algorithm to benefit Pages that post links using the company’s sharing technology over pages that post text-only status updates. Facebook says it found that text-based status updates from individual users increase engagement from other users, but its research shows that text-based status updates from corporate… Read More


Even President Barack Obama knows Facebook is no longer cool for younger people

The idea that teens on social media are losing interest in Facebook is now so mainstream that even President Barack Obama is aware of the trend. The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer just penned this hilarious post about his random encounter with an apparent healthcare-related focus group at a Washington D.C. cafe that included Obama. Meyer did his best… Read More

Salesforce's Scott Dorsey, MillerCoors Andy England, Facebook's Carolyn Everson and Ford's James Farley speak at a CES keynote titled "Brand Matters" on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Facebook exec: Mobile is ‘the best thing that ever happened to our business’

LAS VEGAS — Facebook’s mobile initiatives have recently been helping to fuel the company’s business, but it wasn’t always that way, as demonstrated by the widespread concerns about Facebook’s mobile strategy in the social network’s early days as a public company. As it turns out, “mobile is the best thing that happened to our business,” said Carolyn… Read More

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Facebook rolling out auto-play video ads in News Feed

Facebook is beginning to roll out auto-playing video ads in the News Feed — following through on a long-anticipated effort to increase advertising revenue across devices and desktop computers. The company announced today that it is running a limited “test” of the system, using ads for the upcoming dystopian teen action film “Divergent” to try out… Read More


Tech employee survey: Twitter is the best place to work, LinkedIn 2nd, Facebook falls to 3rd

Twitter trumps Facebook — at least in employee approval ratings. That’s just one of the findings from Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, which ranked the top 50 best tech companies (over 1,000 employees) to work for based on feedback from employees covering aspects like career opportunities, compensation, senior management, work/life balance and culture. Glassdoor, which compiles salary… Read More