Gov. Chris Gregoire

State saves nearly $1.7M by scrutinizing mobile phone use

And you thought your cell phone bill was getting out of control. Washington state agencies have saved nearly $1.7 million so far by scrutinizing mobile phone use by their employees, getting rid of unused devices, moving others to more efficient plans and pooling minutes. That’s the word this afternoon from Gov. Chris Gregoire, who last… Read More

Bharat Shyam (via LinkedIn)

New WA tech chief comes from Microsoft, with cloud cred

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire today named a Microsoft veteran, Bharat Shyam, as the state’s new chief information officer. Shyam, who started at Microsoft in 1993, was most recently a general manager for the company’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform. He worked on products including Internet Explorer, Windows and Xbox Live during his tenure at the… Read More