Seattle-based Landesa wins Google Global Impact Award

Landesa, in partnership with Frontline SMS, has been named one of the recipients of Google’s Global Impact Award, which celebrates entrepreneurs going out and solving problems facing the world today. The award comes with a $1.5 million grant from the Mountain View-based search engine giant to help promote the organization’s efforts to help people in… Read More

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30 Hour Famine: Teens tweet about starving for charity

This weekend, the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision will put on its 20th “30 Hour Famine,” a biannual youth fasting event aimed at raising awareness and money for hungry families around the globe. Participants were asked to raise money prior to the event, and today, they will begin fasting to get a glimpse at what it… Read More


Microsoft employees raised $105M for 19K non-profits in 2012

For the second year in a row, Microsoft employees eclipsed the $100 million mark in charitable donations, raising $105 million for nearly 19,000 nonprofit organizations. The announcement comes nearly four months after the Redmond software giant brought in Bill Gates to help celebrate raising $1 billion in cash since 1983 for approximately 31,000 nonprofits and community organizations worldwide…. Read More


Giving back made easy: New Placed app lets you donate to charity by installing app

Privacy is important and understandably, people often opt-out of having their location tracked by certain apps. But a new app from Seattle location analytics startup Placed encourages tracking by allowing users to make charitable donations in exchange for having their location tracked. The new service is called Give 2 Charity. Users install the app, grant it location… Read More


How geeks do charity: Use your GPU to churn out goats

Your computer’s graphics processor might be more charitable than you think. CoinLab, a Seattle-based tech startup that focuses on the Bitcoin digital currency, has come up with a way for PC users to take advantage of their spare GPU cycles to raise money to buy goats for impoverished families around the world. Yes, real goats…. Read More


‘Tis the season: Google’s unique Seattle-born G-Give charity program raising thousands this week

Life can get hectic for a mid-twenties software engineer at a big company. You’re working long hours at an exciting, fast-paced job and when you’re not grinding away at the computer, eating and sleeping likely take up your remaining time. It’s only natural that there’s not much time to think about philanthropy and giving back. What… Read More

The GivingTrax team

Startup Spotlight: GIVINGtrax helps businesses manage donations for social impact

It started out as a plan to create a simple tool to manage business donations. But then, Karrie and Lance Hungerford realized the opportunity grow something that connects traditional workplace giving and employer-matched donations. The answer was GIVINGtrax, a Seattle-based startup founded in August 2010 that helps both businesses and their employees manage donations for social impact… Read More


Microsoft sees charitable efforts as key recruiting tool for young talent

While high-tech companies like Google and Facebook have made it tougher for Microsoft to recruit and retain top employees and engineers over the years, the Redmond-based software giant believes that its philanthropic efforts are attracting talent now more than ever. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, sat down with reporters after Microsoft marked its 30th Employee… Read More


Community service, tech-style: GiveCamp kicks off Friday

Calling developers, geeks and techies alike: Here’s a chance to give back by using your passion and skills for technology. GiveCamp, a weekend-long event that brings together software developers, designers and database administrators who donate their time to build custom software for non-profits, kicks off at the Microsoft Commons this Friday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. and… Read More