American Express links with Twitter: Will security risks sink this buy-by-Tweet experiment?

Social commerce is about ease. And what’s easier than using a hashtag to make a purchase? Today American Express, in conjunction with Twitter, is launching a program built on that premise. The idea is simple. American Express partners with a retailer and assigns a hashtag to a physical product. Cardholders who have opted-in and synced… Read More


Banks behaving badly: Dealing with a divisive digital divide

When a company providing financial services emphasizes digital convenience, you’d think that also applies to its customer service. After all, nearly every major bank and credit union pushes online banking, mobile banking, text and email alerts and electronic bill payment. But there seems to be a digital divide between financial institutions promoting digital and thinking… Read More


Commerce Bridge raises $8M to fill lending gap for growth companies

It’s always been exceptionally tough for high-growth companies to attract traditional bank financing. But it became next to impossible after the financial meltdown. The tight lending climate is creating an opportunity for Commerce Bridge, a Bellevue commercial lender which just landed $8 million to bankroll fast-growing, mid-stage companies that are growing by 20 percent or… Read More