American Express partners with Uber, lets users pay for rides with reward points

Last week, Lyft offered discounted cell phone bills and cheap spa treatments to drivers. Now, Uber is offering American Express rewards to cardholders who user their service. American Express today announced the new integration, which allows members of its loyalty rewards program to earn double the amount of points when they pay for Uber rides with their AmEx card…. Read More


Chirpify for Facebook: The first way to make purchases from your news feed

Chirpify already lets you make purchases via your Twitter and Instagram feeds. It was only natural for them to expand to Facebook. And that’s exactly what they’ve done, as the Portland-based startup today expanded their platform to allow payments through the Facebook news feed. Chirpify now lets anyone sell, fundraise and pay directly within the Facebook… Read More


American Express links with Twitter: Will security risks sink this buy-by-Tweet experiment?

Social commerce is about ease. And what’s easier than using a hashtag to make a purchase? Today American Express, in conjunction with Twitter, is launching a program built on that premise. The idea is simple. American Express partners with a retailer and assigns a hashtag to a physical product. Cardholders who have opted-in and synced… Read More