About Kevin Lisota

Kevin Lisota is CEO & Co-Founder of findwell, a Seattle real estate startup, and was a product manager at Microsoft back when smartphones and tablet computers were new concepts.

Ballmer Matrix

The spirit of Steve Ballmer is irreplaceable at Microsoft

Guest Commentary: My first experience with Steve Ballmer was the day Visio was acquired by Microsoft. All of us Visio employees were in a conference room in Redmond to be welcomed to the company. SteveB was quietly sitting on the floor, reviewing his notes. When he was introduced, he stood up and exploded with excitement,… Read More


Bootstrap 3 launches, easing development of responsive websites

Bootstrap, the wildly popular front-end framework for web development, launched version 3 this week, promising to make it easier to develop responsive websites that look great whether viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop screen. For web developers familiar with Bootstrap, version 3 is a fairly major change. They’ve totally revamped the grid system and gone all-responsive. The fixed… Read More