Beyond stack rank: How Microsoft needs to change now

In the startup world, I’m prone to saying, “You can take the boy out of Microsoft, but not the Microsoft out of the boy.” This week I’ve been tracking the controversy around Microsoft’s abolition of the old stack-rank review system, and couldn’t help but have very strong feelings on the matter despite having left the company… Read More


A two-time Googler reviews ‘The Internship’: Hey, this movie is … kinda spot-on!

[Editor's Note: There are some mild spoilers in this review of "The Internship" by GeekWire chairman and two-time Googler Jonathan Sposato. Consider yourself forewarned!] Until now, I’d never worked anywhere that became the subject of a movie. Back in the day, ABC’s ‘20/20’ came to Microsoft to do a news segment on our youthful corporate culture… Read More


5 things I learned while working on the original Xbox

[Editor's Note: With Microsoft preparing to unveil the third generation of the Xbox on Tuesday, we asked GeekWire Chairman Jonathan Sposato to share his lessons learned while working on the original Xbox games effort, in this installment of his Startup Jedi column.] Before Xbox was an entire division of hundreds, it started out as a… Read More


Startup Jedi: How to get through the sh*t times

There’s an old West Point quote that goes something like: The best laid battle plans are tossed out the window when the first shot gets fired. Startups are the same. Pretty much every new venture I’ve been involved with has gone through incredibly challenging “near death” experiences. While we may not be facing real gun… Read More

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Should you sell your startup? Four unconventional reasons

How do you know when it is the right time to sell your startup company? I’ve been getting that question a lot lately in chats with Seattle entrepreneurs who are contemplating their next moves, an exciting but oftentimes nerve-wracking decision. Let’s assume that you like your suitor and the buyout offer recognizes your company’s value…. Read More


Jonathan Sposato: Why I’m on Team GeekWire

When you love the startup scene as much as I do, you want to breathe, eat, and sleep in that exciting universe. There are really only two things to do. First, you can launch a startup yourself. This I have done, and every time the experience has taught me about my own limits, stamina, and… Read More