Startup Day Recap: Tips, lessons and real-world advice

Last month, I attended GeekWire’s Startup Day at the Showbox SODO in Seattle. Surrounded by some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds, I decided to chat with as many people as possible in an effort to tap into their startup wisdom and advice. In addition to interviewing Gov. Jay Inslee about the role of startups in… Read More


Q&A with Skytap CEO Thor Culverhouse: How this washed-up football player made the leap into tech

Thor Culverhouse is more than just an impressive name. He’s also the CEO at fast-growing cloud company Skytap. Although new to the company, having joined in July, Culverhouse has has hit the ground running. With years of experience at companies such as IBM, Stratavia and HP, the Washington State University electrical engineering grad expects to “hit the… Read More


ExtraHop’s Jesse Rothstein: You judge a leader by the team they’ve built

ExtraHop CEO Jesse Rothstein wants to help the folks who “keep the lights on” in your IT department spend more time innovating. The Seattle startup, backed by Madrona Venture Group, Meritech Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, is developing a platform for enterprise IT organizations to manage applications in complex technology systems. What does that mean for… Read More


DailyCred’s Dave Matthews on the power of simple sign-ins

DailyCred co-founder Dave Mathews wants to solve really big problems. The latest Internet foe he’s facing off against: The user login field on your website. Website owners are spending time and energy creating sign-in fields, but none of that work “computes back to the core product,” Matthews says. “That’s not why someone came to your website.”… Read More

Jesse Robbins of Opscode. Photo: John Keatley

Q&A: Ex-Amazon ‘master of disaster’ Jesse Robbins on the power of ‘relentless optimism’ in startups

Former firefighter Jesse Robbins is comfortable under pressure. In fact, he thrives on it. Channeling positive energy and optimism into his growing organization, Robbins and his team at Seattle cloud computing startup Opscode have been changing the game in enterprise software. And Robbins, who once held the title of “Master of Disaster” at Amazon.com, says… Read More