Lyft supporters gather at a City Hall rally in February.

House of Cars: Lessons in politics from Seattle’s ridesharing saga

In this corner: We have a young, innovative company that says it’s changing the playing field, and making life better for everyone through innovation. This company’s opponents say it isn’t playing fair. In that corner: We have the government agency responsible for overseeing the playing field. The company’s opponents are calling on this agency to do something…. Read More


The Target Tipping Point: How e-commerce trumped traditional retail in transaction security

The first weeks of 2014 seemed to bring reports of new data breaches affecting retailers in the United States on nearly a weekly basis. Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels and White Lodging (operator of several different hotel franchises) all reported data breaches or investigations into possible data breaches. A key point in common among these reports:… Read More


Farewell, stack rank: Why this change is so big for Microsoft

[Editor's Note: Christopher Budd worked at Microsoft for more than 10 years, specializing in security response and communications.] Yesterday every current and former Microsoft employee felt the earth shift. Microsoft announced that the “stack rank” system for reviews — in which employees are rated and rewarded on a fixed curve — would be retired and… Read More


Ten Years of Patch Tuesdays: Why It’s Time to Move On

Earlier this month, Microsoft marked the tenth anniversary of its regular “Patch Tuesday” release of security updates. There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, but there was reflection on how this new, regular process improved security for Microsoft customers and for security practices in the industry overall. Larry Seltzer and Andrew Storms both give a good… Read More


Big shift for Microsoft’s Forefront security products: RIP ISA Server

Today Microsoft announced “Important Changes to Forefront Product Roadmaps.” Product roadmap update announcements often aren’t terribly interesting, but oftentimes the bland naming hides the full scope of what’s really happening. Today is no exception. Microsoft is making a rather dramatic change in its server security offerings, signaling a narrowing and shift in focus and bidding goodbye to nearly all… Read More


Plot thickens in mysterious leak of Apple user data

A small Florida online publishing company named Blue Toad has inserted itself into last week’s Anonymous/AntiSec-FBI story about an iOS data leak — making an already murky story even murkier. And while everyone likes a good crime story, this latest twist just underscores how affected users are the ones left holding the bag. If you’re… Read More