MIcrosoft exec Joe Belfiore and actress Jessica Alba on stage last year talking about her Windows Phone

Oh, those fickle celebrities.

alba-phoneYou just never know where their tastes will turn, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Just ask Microsoft, and actress Jessica Alba.

Less than a year ago, Microsoft recruited Alba to be a spokeswoman for Windows Phone, with the Dark Angel star appearing in ads and company events. Now, as Lessien notes on Twitter, it appears she’s switched back to her iPhone. At a recent Fashion Week event, Alba was spotted taking photos with an iPhone.

According to Business Insider, Alba’s contract with Microsoft ended in May.

You may recall earlier this year that BlackBerry spokesperson Alicia Keys allegedly Tweeted from an iPhone, and then later claimed that she had been hacked.

Here’s an ad that appeared last fall, and Alba even appeared on stage at a Microsoft event with exec Joe Belfiore last year in which she declared that “she loved the camera” on her Windows Phone.

In fact, she talked about how easy it was to switch from her iPhone to Windows Phone.

“A lot of my mom friends are really into the screen size, and they really love that all of the tiles are completely customized to me,” she said last year of her Windows Phone.

Oh, well. Guess she didn’t love it enough to snap that photo at fashion week.

Here’s Alba talking about Windows Phone last year.

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  • jhtanglewood

    Left out of the article is that she has been seen still using her Windows Phone too, even though her contracted sponsorship has ended.

    • AndrewCrocker

      So she’s using both?

      • jhtanglewood

        Other articles about this have stated that. Leaving it out makes it more compelling I guess.

      • mainmac

        No, she’s seen in all the photos using her iPhone, a Microsoft spokesperson claims she is sometimes still using her Windows phone.

  • Guest

    Shame on Ms. Alba. Her disloyalty harms only herself. I would think twice before retaining her as a spokeswoman in the future.

    • panacheart

      Her contract ended in May. If you left your employer would you still show up for work?

  • Go

    This shouldn’t be surprising. The main users of Windows Phone and Surface tablets seem to be Microsoft employees and their families. Once she stopped being an employee/contractor, she moved on.

    • Stay

      Wow, 3% of all smartphone users have worked for MSFT? I thought they only employed 100K people. This Microsoft is truly a behemoth indeed, no wonder everyone hates and fears them.

    • Guest

      Surprising would be you making a positive comment on MS, or getting a life.

  • Jerry Nixon

    And, taking a picture? With that camera? Seriously? Sheesh.

  • nobody

    Another interesting tidbit. Her company (see has an app, which is only available for iOS.

    • lubba

      It also availble on WP.

    • Guest

      Epic fail, troll.

  • Guest

    Like a lot of WP users, she probably got tired of waiting around for the team to ship new and innovative features rather than just bug fixes, and even those only slowly. The WP team requires a release cadence similar to Azure. Instead they have one equivalent to SQL. And rather than get fired, the WP people just got promoted to control everything Windows related. Typical dysfunctional MS.

  • Steven Zahl


  • Eric

    If you follow her Instagram, Jessica Alba has used her 920 very recently but just like most celebs she has multiple phones/devices.

  • panacheart

    I think it’s funny that companies pay celebrities to use their stuff – not just MS, but all major companies. That kind of says that people don’t know what they like, but if someone they think is cool uses something, they will too, despite the fact that they’re paying for something that the celebrity is paid to pretend to use.

    I’ll bet if you asked her off the record what she thinks of both devices she would have good and bad to say about both, and probably doesn’t really even care that much as long as they work.

  • Sang Kang


  • Buttercup

    Does anyone know what brand her iphone case is?

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