Our Geek Madness Final is set: No. 14 Linus Torvalds vs. No. 2 Nikola Tesla.
Our Geek Madness Final is set: No. 14 Linus Torvalds vs. No. 2 Nikola Tesla.

Editor’s Note: Geek Madness is our quest to find the greatest geek of all time

UPDATE: Voting has ended. Final tally:

Nikola Tesla, 1,828

Linus Torvalds, 1,378

Go here for the tournament recap.


Hard to believe it, but we’re just about ready to crown the greatest geek of all time.

First, though, an epic championship showdown to end the three-week extravaganza also known as Geek Madness.


From the tech corner, we’ve got the tournament’s Cinderella, Mr. Linus Torvalds. The man who created Linux came in as the 14-seed but managed to finish off Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Tim Berners-Lee and, just recently, Alan Turing in the Final Four.

But he’ll have his toughest match yet against Tesla, widely considered to be one of the most prolific inventors ever. Heck, he’s even got a super cool car company named after him. And, to top it off, the Web comic The Oatmeal has devoted a page to him about why he’s the greatest geek ever.

So, who you got? We’ll be counting up the votes Wednesday night, so vote below and let us know who should be the greatest geek of all time.


Recapping the Final Four:


No. 14 Linus Torvalds, 1,737

No. 5 Alan Turing, 1,416

Turing had an early lead, but Torvalds kept his incredible streak of upsets alive with an epic win against the man who is considered to be the father of computer science. Pretty impressive, Linus.


No. 2 Nikola Tesla, 2,002

No. 1 Albert Einstein, 1,256

Down goes our other No. 1 seed. After fellow No.1-seed Bill Gates went down earlier in the tournament, Einstein was the only top-seeded geek left. But in convincing fashion, Tesla handedly beat Mr. E = mc2. Now he’ll face his first non-science opponent in Torvalds for the title. Who you got?

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  • Arlington Albertson

    Tesla, Tesla, Tesla.

  • http://josephsunga.com/ Joseph Sunga


  • voleheart

    #unashamedteslafanboy going For The Win for the man!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wily.cardona Wily Cardona


  • http://www.facebook.com/tyson.supasatit Tyson Supasatit

    This Geek Madness tournament was a great idea. Kudos to the Geekwire team for putting it together.

  • Rafael Varela Pet

    Tesla merits are greater, and Linus is so vain…

  • http://phoxis.wordpress.com Arjun Pakrashi

    In my opinion it should be Tesla.

  • steelburn

    Tesla anytime.

  • Yusuf Baran

    Absolutely Nicola Tesla.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kshitizrimal Kshitiz Rimal


  • http://wdiaz.org/ William Díaz

    Tesla es el puto amo…

  • Stephen Sevenyoln

    Linus for Linux….. I love penguins…

  • http://www.facebook.com/krist.kristus Krist Kristus

    How do you even compare those two..I like Linus and all but Tesla was light years ahead of all humanity…some of his ideas still are..

  • Isaac

    Linus Torvalds! He made the best OS in the world! Go Linus Torvalds!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cesar.torres.37454 Cesar Torres

    TESLA, by 10,000 miles :D Well not that far, but at least by 5,000 miles ;)

  • jorge

    both but i just vote for one. linus tesla? aaaaaaaah it’s so complex.

  • http://twitter.com/mavsuarez mavsuarez

    I am grateful for Torvalds’ gift to the world but I’ll go for Tesla.

  • downtownjeff

    Without Tesla, the linux boy would be asking if I want to up size my combo meal.

  • Sale

    Nikola Tesla! Serbian genius!

  • Oiva Piirakainen

    To find out who gets the bronze medal, will you arrange the voting of “Turing or EInstein”?
    In icehockey tournaments they always play for the bronze (and the rest qualify to be among the 5th…8th or 9th…16th teams).

  • Eduardo Campos

    Ambos trabajaron para que las personas pudiéramos obtener un servicio de gratis (linus el kernel y telsla la electricidad). La gran diferencia es que a telsla le impidieron cumplir su meta, pues arruinaría el lucro de la electricidad.
    Por ambos tener una vision mas alla del lucro del dinero, ambos merecen estar como finalistas, sin embargo, Telsla debe gana (simplemente era un genio).


    Linus! Go Finland and it’s IT know-how!

    • jani jokela

      i am Finnish but still voted Tesla

      • Timo Uimonen

        Traitor! :-

        • Rv

          It’s his opinion Timo. Plus, he has a point.

      • lightscapes

        Against Tesla, Linus is Finnish. Without Tesla, we’d probably be stuck with DC power generators on every block. He’s done more to uplift science than even Einstein. Tesla FTW!

  • Penguinist

    Finland’s #1 geek FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/DJmyconix Nicholas D. West

    Hmm, Tesla or Torvalds? tough choice… I’m just gonna go for the underdog on this one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jouko.ramstedt Jouko Ramstedt

    Tesla. The greatest of them all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.reidemeister Peter Reidemeister


  • http://twitter.com/ballmersucks Ernst Lindenberg

    Nikola Tesla ain’t Steve Ballmer.

  • Cris Harrison

    You know Linus did not invent anything and Mr Bill is a nobody in this scheme of things and Scott McNealy of Sun was better than both put together…. 1. Linus took Tanenbaum’s Minux and rewrote it.. 2. Just to be very clear… They are also runners to the guy that did the work and I met when I helped installed The Interdata 8/32 a Murry Hill Bell Labs, with out Denis Richie http://www.phoenixcomm.net/ there would be no C, no UNIX, no BSD, no PalmOs, shall I keep going?! This was one of the best geeks of all time, not with Einstein, or Dick Kelly, or von Braun for math, or the Wright Brothers.. Shall I keep on going?

  • Suhail

    I voted for Linus.

  • Rv

    Tesla is the best!

  • Rv

    Nikola Tesla beaten Einstein with physics. And tesla also beaten Thomas Edison with his alternating current. He’s the greatest person of his time. He’s a special person. Really supreme without question. 700 patents, he was a hard worker for humanity.

  • roreru

    Tesla is the indisputable

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