mswatchWhile we’ve heard rumors of Microsoft working on its own smartwatch before, a couple new reports shed light on more concrete details of the company’s plans for a wearable computing device.

Sources tell The Verge and AmongTech that Microsoft’s Surface team does indeed have some smartwatch prototypes in the works. AmongTech reported that the prototyped removable wristbands will come in a variety of colors, are made of transparent aluminum that is four times harder than glass and will feature an “adapted version” of Windows 8 with LTE connectivity.

Microsoft is no stranger to the concept of wrist-based computing, having worked with watchmakers to release a line of smartwatches starting nearly a decade ago. Ultimately, they didn’t catch on, and the watches were discontinued.

But recently several reports indicate that Microsoft is certainly looking to enter the smartwatch space again. Windows’ tile-based interface could work well for a watch as shown here in this rough mockup.

The more logical path these days might be to make the smartwatch a companion to a smartphone, receiving data wirelessly from the phone, as Apple has signaled in a patent filing. But given Windows Phone’s limited market share so far, Microsoft would be at a disadvantage to Google and Apple with that type of strategy.

Along with Google and Apple, other tech titans like Samsung and Sony are reportedly all working on a smartwatch device.

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  • Guest

    Maybe they should try making Surface a success in tablets first, rather than revisiting a concept they couldn’t make work even when they dominated technology.

  • juanm105

    I thought Montgomery Scott, chief engineer of the StarShip Enterprise invented transparent aluminum using a Macintosh Plus or at least that was what was depicted in the documentary, Star Trek The Voyage Home

    • Guest

      Nobody said anything about inventing it.

      • Guest


  • pdq3

    What an “innovative” idea.

    I wonder how they came up with it?

    • Guest

      They stole it from Xerox, as always.

    • Stupid Trolls

      Did you ask the same question when Apple decided to come up with one years after MS’s original watch?

      • Guest

        By the same token ask yourself, are YOU ever critical of anything MS does? EVER?

  • don108

    Hmm, a watch with transparent aluminum and LTE connectivity. I’ve also heard rumors it will have the new Stewie Griffin time machine and the Zefram Cochrane warp drive. Too bad it’s stuck with the Zune interface.

    • iTards unite

      Buy Apple’s instead. But I guess now that they ripped off the “Zune” interface for iOS7 you’d better start getting used to it.

  • panacheart

    The original smart-watch by Microsoft that never took off had a lot of proprietary technology and patents behind it. It took its data feed from unused spectrum in the FM radio band. But that didn’t include personal data, only personalized feeds of data, like game scores, stock prices, etc. Surprising if they didn’t think of Bluetooth connections to other connected devices as a means of acquiring personal data.

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