Swype is adding new features to its keyboard app for mobile phones, including a personalized dictionary that syncs between devices; additional language support and a number of new keyboard designs. The dictionary even includes updates of new buzzwords, such as “Gangnam Style.”

But don’t try to install the new app on your iPhone. As  has been the case since Swype first launched, the innovative text-input app — which allows text to be entered with the “Swype” of a finger rather than a tap — is only available on Android.

Our hopes were raised that the iPhone app was coming when a PR representative reached out this week noting that the unit of Nuance had “big news.”

Not to downplay the new features in Swype, but big news to us would be the introduction of an iPhone app. As things are going, that may never happen, with Apple treating its keyboard design as sacred ground.

I’ve discussed the possibility of Swype on the iPhone in the past with execs Cliff Kushler and Mike McSherry (since a number of folks I know would love to give it a try). And while they’ve certainly tinkered on a version for iOS (and have one ready), from what I’ve been told nothing is imminent in terms of publicly launching.

Swype was acquired by Nuance for $102.5 million one year ago this month. Much of the team continues to be based in Seattle, where Nuance has a large presence.

At the time of the sale, McSherry told GeekWire that the fact that Swype was not available on Windows Phone or iOS did play a role in the decision to sell.

As to the new features being introduced this week, Nuance Mobile general manager Michael Thompson notes that they will resonate with Android users who love “flexibility” as part of their user experience.

“Swype has truly embraced a multimodal, personalized keyboard that learns and adapts to each user’s preference,” he said. “And with the ability to carry that experience across Android devices, pick your keyboard layout, automatically stay up on key trends and hotwords, Swype is by far the most customizable keyboard on the market.”

Sounds cool, huh? Well, sorry iPhone fans. This is Android only.

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  • shane50

    Don’t feel bad, Swype keyboard is only offered to OEMs, so if it wasn’t preinstalled on your phone, you can’t get it.

  • Factor

    Wrong, you can install the free beta on almost any android device.

  • Guest

    Forget iPhone. Let’s talk about Swype for Windows 8. I’d love to have this keyboard on my Surface. What’s it going to take to get me on board Team Swype?

  • Reese

    I really hate my iphone 5 keyboard imiss swype so much come upgrade time no swype no iPhone. Feel like I’m in prison w/ apple.

    • Sibarrap

      Same feeling. After using swype in other phones, iphone 5 typing is frustrating.

  • pok

    swype beta rocks. It’s better than the default one that came with my samsung s3

  • Richard

    bought swipe for my iphone because neither apps store or swype tells you its not compatible. PURE negligent fraud to me. Really disappointed and mad.

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