Multi-level marketing companies have gained popularity (and notoriety) in industries as diverse as cosmetics, vitamins and cleaning products. Now, a new Seattle startup called Solavei, led by former Former Congressman Rick White and former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch, is looking to bring the concept to cell phone plans.

We first covered Solavei in February when we stumbled across the company, a story that has driven intense discussion from critics and supporters alike. Today, Solavei is taking wraps off the offering, saying that it plans to launch a $49 per month wireless service in September that rides on the backbone of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network.

In addition, the company confirmed in an interview with GeekWire that it has raised an additional $3.6 million in funding from notable investors that include Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at News Corp. and former CEO of AOL; David Limp, vice president of Kindle at; and Gary Adams, an oil & gas executive from Oklahoma. Total funding in Solavei now stands at $7.7 million, with plans to raise up to another $7 million.

Rick White

White, who represented Washington’s 1st Congressional District before going on to serve as CEO of the technology lobbying group Technet, said that the new money will be used to fund operations and launch with a “bang” in the coming weeks. Solavei already has 140 full-time employees and contractors, not to mention about 2,000 associates who’ve agreed to test and market the new service once it goes live.

There are a lot of companies already offering wireless service on the backs of other networks. But White said the “genius” of Solavei is the marketing arm, which allows customers to earn $20 per month on every three mobile-service members that they or someone in their personal network adds to Solavei. The company dubs this a “Trio,” promising that those at the higher end of the network (with 2,000 “Trios”) could earn as much as $20,000 per month.

White scoffed at those critics who’ve labeled Solavei a pyramid scheme, saying that the company plans to follow the rules associated with multilevel marketing companies.

“You’ve got a new era coming here where the whole phenomenon of social networking is making the idea of people-to-people marketing a lot different, and a lot more exciting than it used to be,” said White, who is leading legal and policy for Solavei. “If you are a multilevel marketer, there are some rules you have to follow and … we will follow all of those rules that apply to us. We really think we are doing something just a little different. We are trying to take a new era of social networking, and all of the tools we have available, and try to figure out a way to monetize that for consumers, not just the company.”

White said the reaction to Solavei has been enormously positive, adding that they are “hitting a demographic who really can take advantage of this.” For most people, he said adding a few hundreds dollars per month in recurring revenue can change lives.

“Most Americans, that’s a big deal. It helps them buy a car, so the kind of response we’ve gotten has overwhelmed us,” he said. “We thought we’d be a little bit more in stealth mode than we are able to be right now because we’ve had such good response to it. It just seems like we are in a niche of a market to whom this makes sense.”

The company’s marketing materials indicate that its goal is to “create millions of thousandaires.”

White said that about 10,000 people have expressed interest in signing up for Solavei, with about 2,000 people testing the phones right now. “We’ve got a lot of very energetic people, people talking about it more than we thought they would be doing these days,” he said.

Solavei plans to sell HTC phones at cost to customers, but individual also will be able to port some existing GSM-based phones to the new service.

Solavei is led by Ryan Wuerch, who stepped down as CEO of Bellevue-based Motricity last year after results disappointed Wall Street. In a release today, Wuerch said that Solavei is a transformational company.

“We are going to make a difference in people’s lives by shifting billions of dollars from traditional mass-media advertising into the greatest advertising vehicle today – people,” Wuerch said. “Solavei is the first company to create an economic linkage between mobile service, social commerce and social-networking technology.

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  • Guest

    Wow! I’d love an extra $20,000 per month. With more than 200 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. alone, that’s more than $1 billion in rewards up for grabs every month. This could be big.

    • Guest2

      either big or ….

  • David

    Great concept. For mobile service (or any product really) I would trust a friend’s recommendation over a billboard or TV ad any day.

    • Suzy

      But, if your friend is incentivised to “sell” to you…does it their endorsement carry the same weight vs. someone who recommends something with no agenda?

      • Criss Contino

        No. It doesn’t. I reward my clients for referring their friends to me. It’s called ‘networking’ or ‘word of mouth’ advertising, and is ‘nothing new’ in many industries. For MOST people, they are paying double the $49 per month with limitations. So, is your “incentivised friend” steamrolling you for a easy loot of $7 per month from you? OR, are they offering you a $40+ per month SAVINGS (at minimum) for a service you ALREADY use? To join the fastest growing team in Solavei you can join us by requesting an invitation to our lane here: continosolutions at gmail dot com

  • malcolm

    What is there to lose? I am paying 170+ for 2 lines with limits

  • Brandon Murray

    Unlimited nationwide talk, text, data and 4G with the HTC One S for $49…You know I’m in!

  • Ciera Northern

    Need more information? watch this youtube clip!

  • Founding Member

    Email me for more information and how to get in early

  • WeurchFan

    PAY ATTENTION to Weurch’s horrible performance record, lacking returns and enormous negative feedback from nearly everyone who’s invested, worked with or for him! It should be telling that he’s returned to his snake oil vitamin selling roots. Prepare to see this company vanish like everything else he’s come in contact with.

    • Daryl

      As for as the snake oil business you refer to, it happens to generate over $100 billion per year in sales world wide. Are there that many people so hood winked we don’t know what we are buying? Or maybe it could be that MLM is such a great business model and way to move products and services that people like Donald Trump & Warren Buffet have huge stakes in network marketing. We know those two guys are very smart. It appears to me you don’t know much about this industry? Maybe you just lost money
      Motricity stock, “Sour Grapes” and now you want to defame.

  • weurchfan

    PAY ATTENTION to Weurch’s HORRIBLE past performance, negative reviews and litany of ruined companies! Those lawsuits are there for a reason! It shouldn’t be surprising that he’s returned to his snake oil, vitamin selling roots. If you’re investing with your time or money, prepare to be burned.

  • solaveigirl

    For comprehensive Solavie info – read this blog dedicated to Solavei info.

  • MarketingGuy

    For those who fault Weurch’s past… Let’s make is clear that none of us have been successful at every endeavor and most certainly won’t be the case with risk takers and those who try to change the rules. Steve Jobs was a fantastic failure many times over but also created some amazing and game changing models. I don’t have a dog in this race but as a marketing guy I can clearly see that peer marketing is the future. We no longer want to be told what we need, we want to seek it out ourselves and being approached by a friend is far more intriguing to me as a consumer than being pitched on antiquated medias. I hope they are successful, good luck Solavei I’m pulling for you.

    • Kenneth Francis Jr

      Awesome post sir!!

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius

      This is hilarious and dangerously misinformed. Being a risk taker in business, trying and failing and trying again is one thing. Ryan Wuerch was asked to step down by the board of directors because not only did he tank the company, but he was target of multiple lawsuits for insider trading. Steve Jobs never violated SEC rules and though the trials are pending and people are innocent till proven guilty, there are several lawsuits active against him for stealing shareholder money through a pump and dump scheme. To do a comparison of Wuerch to Jobs is downright ignorant and uneducated. Get your facts straight before weighing in, otherwise people like me are going to call you on your misinformation. If you don’t believe the commentary by others online, maybe you believe a credible news agency like Reuters…..

    • mundybuddy

      Well said

    • Terri

      Being successful, or unsuccessful, at an endeavor has nothing to do with ethcs and intergrity, MarketingGuy. Being a risk taker and rule changer for the good of others, or needed progress, within ethical parameters is an honorable trait to have; however, when it crosses over into the dark ethical areas that these people are pointing out with Motricity, the Nashvile company and others, matters are quite different, and those who fall for this guy’s lies become the risk takers on one very bad risk in which Wuerch and company (his delegated friends and family) are the only ones smiling all the way to the bank because that’s the way it was intended from the start. Here we are two years later, and it looks like those who dug a little deeper are very happy they did, especially in light of Wuerch’s rather sneaky move to cut the budget in a way that very painfully bites the hands that have been feeding him by 70-90%, while he still enjoys the life of Riley in his traveling oblivion. Wuerch wants to attend the Super Bowl, no worries, he just cuts everyone’s pay. Wuerch cut Solavei’s “middle marketing corps” pay in an announcement on 12/31/13, and jets off for a luxury vacation in Mexico to ring his new year in, basically laughing in the faces of those he just hurt through his lies and greed, then rubbed their faces in it with photos all over social media. Same deal with the super bowl. The lies about how many people are using the service are even funnier. It may be true that over 300K have enrolled in the service, but with an abysmal retention rate, FAR less (according to those in the know more than 60% of those who HAVE enrolled have not been retained making actual usership a MUCH lower number) are one other source of this man’s deception. And Wuerch boasted he’d have 1 million users by the end of 2013. I could go on and on with more lies, but I think you get the picture.

  • pilotemt963
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  • techmaven

    The collapse of the morale, customer base and product at Motricity both in North Carolina and Seattle is a direct reflection of Ryan Weurch’s myopic leadership. His actions continue to negatively affected thousands. While he may have many paid posters on forums like these, past performance doesn’t lie. Stock price imploded. Employees fled in droves. Technology innovation ceased to exist. All under his tutelage. It’s a story repeated at every enterprise he’s been involved with. He is a good story teller. But an absolute liability.

    • Mobile$$$

      $7 million may buy plenty of monkeys to respond to posts but it doesn’t change the past. Or the facts. I didn’t listen to North Carolina when they were telling Seattle to wise up either. Wish I had.

  • Aaron

    I already pay less than that anyways with T-Mobile. Just find a couple friends and get on the “family plan”.

    • Tanna

      That may be the case but does T mobile pay you $20 if you happen to have 3 friends that change service because you suggested it?…it’s that simple. :)

      • Johnny

        no, but lightyear wireless does as well as numerous others. MLM cell phone companies are a dime a dozen. This is not a new idea.

        • Troy DePauw

          Yep, and one of them has been around for 20 years, has more than one product, more than one carrier and is adding more every year.

      • Terri

        Neither does Solavei these days! Wuerch sits on a throne of lies, and I feel for those who fell for them.

  • Johnny

    MLM cell phone companies are nothing new. There are also many $49 or LESS unlimited plans out there. Solavei is WAY over hyped…

  • NotThisTime

    To “Marketing Guy” who says “For those who fault Weurch’s past… ” you dont know about his past I take it? While in the broad sense your comments are right, that does not assuage who Wuerch is; a self serving individual who hides behind his religion and “Purpose Driven Life) mantra though without personal application. Seriously, cannot apply your logic to one and all out there and certainly not in this instance.

  • Aubrey Dustin

    I have taken a day or two to think about what has been shared regarding Ryan on this thread. In the end I am not concerned. The climate of relations at Solavei has been fantastic thous far. The momentum building as unbelievable. The bottom line when it comes to Solavei is everyone wins. The possibilities are limitless. Our smart phone enabled world holds so many ways to turn a profit and Solavei has jumped in to bring these home to consumers. I can’t wait to see what comes next. See My Solavei Journal to find out the Solavei experience plays out for this founding member.

    • Aubrey Dustin

      I got my phone today. They shipped it overnight and everything is in order.

      • Terri

        BUT are you still involved with Solavei after the truth about Wuerch’s past is repeating itself?

  • MainMobileMan

    I’ve spoken to two wireless carriers in the last week who have told me they’ve been approached by Solavei but refused to do business with them because of what they termed as “a lack of integrity.” At the corporate level Solavei can’t delivery and that’s already obvious to folks in the industry.

  • Tony Cerrone

    I had my doubts too, until I saw the well respected investors and advisors that Solavei has on board. This can be a “game changing” business model. There really is nothing to lose by trying, so I’m going with Solavei. Would love all who are interested to contact me at

  • solaveigirl

    I have put together a comprehensive blog with 20+ articles about Solavei. If you want to join Solavei, you can do so on my site. No hype. No fluff.

  • solaveigirl
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  • weurchfan

    Current FEDERAL lawsuits recently filed against Ryan Wuerch: (This many people can’t be wrong!)

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    What makes me laugh is these responses below. Oh sure our CEO has several Federal lawsuits against him (…). Sure the Motricity Board of Directors asked him to step down as he led the company into the ground (http://www.mobilemarketingwatc…). Sure he is facing insider trading allegations which question his business ethics (…). But that is small potatoes compared to the goldmine he offers me with $20 for every 3 people I sign up. lol Sure as a founding member or a new upline, I’ll piss away my reputation and credibility on what is widely understood as a pyramid scheme, but not just any scheme, a revolutionary one (Why is it so revolutionary? Because they told you so and you just drank the Kool Aid without realizing several other mobile providers have a similar model) with someone whom has serious credibility issues at the helm. Credibility issues so substantial that he has to offer his sales force an internal propaganda sheet (…) to aid you in overcoming very relevant questions about your CEOs character and ethics. What amazes me is the tunnel vision people have in that an uncompetitive unlimited mobile phone service can make you sell away your reputations for the guy for $20/per 3 people signed up. Unbelievable! lol Are you really that hard up for cash?

    Personally, I would not have even weighed in here, but what pushed me to become vocal is being pitched over 10 times inside a week by some people who don’t bother talking to me until they had something to sell me. At this point, its time to drop my due diligence on the public and see how people justify this. The type of guy these Solavei people blindly hand their money over to is the same type of guy that they lambasted over Wall St vs Main St debates. That doesnt make you revolutionary by trying to pimp your friends out on a cell phone plan so you can make $20 for every 3 of us you sign up, it makes you a hypocrite for calling judgement on what unethical CEOs like Wuerch do on Wall St and you have now empowered to continue to do.

    What do you stand for? Whats right? I think not when you vote with your dollars to support guys like this and then try to use a piss poor insiders propaganda rebuttal written by the Defendant to justify your need to close people like me for 1/3 of a $20/mo residual. Do you care what that makes you?

    What happens if Solavei tanks based on the open lawsuits and Wuerchs past performance? How do you think your friends will view you? As a friend? Or as an opportunist who can only see you as 1/3 of a trio? You don’t find it strange that they completely gloss over the lawsuits in your FAQ/Talking points? You founding members and uplines don’t even have effective rebuttals for these concerns of your prospects. That doesn’t worry you that you are just blindly endorsing someone? I gave you the link to all the open suits, ask any attorney if those suits are something to be taken seriously or just inconsequential annoyances that are easily dismissed. I doubt one Federal lawsuit would be inconsequential, let alone SEVERAL.

    And for the argument of Wuerchs support, lets not sensationalize the investment. All Solavei got was $4M in startup financing. You think thats a substantial investment in a company? Of course you do as you have eyes as wide as saucers seeking potential riches in MLM because Kiyosaki told you it was such a great financial vehicle. No, $4M is less than the cost of a home in NY, CA, or many other states across this nation. Do you feel combined the companies you say stand behind Wuerch have much to lose if her tanks? No, they are barely vested. They can cut and run without major financial harm. Not to mention support can always be bought. Easy when you are an ex CEO who just took a Golden Parachute from Motricity. You think he cant call in some favors? We all know how it works on this tier of corruption. Lets not be naive.

    Seriously people, you now know the facts. You know the many you represent and stand behind. Is your reputation amongst your friends really worth 1/3 of $20/mo each? If it is, I hope for your sake this doesn’t fail. If we were playing Vegas rules, it doesn’t look good for you with the overwhelming evidence outlined above. For your sake if the stuff hits the fan, I hope your friends loyalty isn’t tarnished after that line of crap Wuerch Talking points PDF is shown to be just one big gulp size glass of Kool Aid you just chugged down.

    Like I said, they want to post “Revolutionary” FB images? Go for it. My FB Friend feed is ridiculous with this crap. Time to level the playing field. Dont be upset with the transparency. Didnt you get the memo? Social Media adds transparency to businesses. The days of sovereign propaganda PR campaigns is over. Explain the facts and your own internal documents.These rebuttal images should help spark that conversation.

    Obviously I had some fun generating the above images after my friend feed was hammered by this BS. Why dont you all make some and show them off here. God knows Google spiders are crawling these images and the keyword rich reply I just made above. If you all are as annoyed as I am at the purple blur on your feed and the fair weather friends hitting you up to ask you to be 1/3 of their trio, do something about it.

    – General Maximus Decimus Meridius

    • FrankBurnsEatsWorms

      You, sir, are my hero.

    • Criss Contino

      If you are so ‘annoyed’ at all the posts from your “koolaid drinking, misinformed’ Solavei friends or the “purple blur” on your news feed, there is this neat little button called “unfriend”, I am sure they wouldn’t miss the pessimism or the negativity. – or a less bitter approach is to remove your friend from your news feed. Isn’t that neat?

      For those that keep on complaining *ad nauseam* reminding us that there are ‘other “MLM” companies out there offering the “same price” etc, and that this price point is “nothing new” or whatever, or that Solavei’s financial backing is unimpressive or whatever, I think it’s pretty funny the lengths people will go to to assassinate another’s character, just because they are sick of the ‘purple blur’ on their news feed and now they are “getting vocal” and just have to “make a stand”. It’s adorable even.

      General Maximus, how’s about just piping down and pondering for a second that the all the companies backing Solavei and it’s vision probably know and see quite a bit more than you do in regards to it’s business model, which does not end at cell phone service or “MLM”….

      To join the fastest growing team in Solavei you can join us by requesting an invitation to our lane here: continosolutions at gmail dot com

      • Maximus Decimus Meridius

        Well slick, I don’t unfriend people over undesirable character traits. Some of these friends are good people, I may not agree with them, but I don’t feel the need to go to such extremes over their desires to follow the heard. Not everyone is a leader. There are however plenty of followers. Like it or not thats life. You obviously don’t think too long term to make such a rash statement, but then again look at how your response was crafted: Predictable.

        Your next paragraph is hilarious. No one has to “assassinate your CEOs character. He did well enough alone. The lawsuits, the tanked stock price at Motricity. the board of directors instructing him to step down, the Solavei “Ryan Wuerch Talking Points PDF” which are intended to help people like yourself address Ryan’s lawsuits and piss poor track record are all just as adorable as your response not addressing any of that. Hey, if you have a legitimate counterpoint, go for it. You don’t so you get cutesy with your response. Shocking that your rebuttal is so superficial with no depth. Well not really, look who you are endorsing, birds of a feather and all.

        Pipe down? How come? Because you don’t want to have to discuss the true issues with your leadership? Sorry hot shot, it ain’t gonna be that easy. I know the model, I have the inside track and I speak from having some inside knowledge on Solavei. Not only this I have been part of the telecommunications industry long enough to see fads and weak players. Solavei is going the way of Omnipoint. You aren’t even a sole source carrier, you are beholden to T-Mobiles service. The middle man never lasts. People always want the sole source provider. Add to that your boy Wuerch’s stellar track record and current legal liability and the fact MLM is synonymous with Solavei, and you have a cocktail for long term failure.

        But go ahead, have fun pimping your friends and strangers you try getting here on trios while ignoring your bosses class action suits and SEC investigation on insider trading. Its that almighty dollar thats much more important than your personal reputation. I guess thats why you spam so many blogs with your continosolutions email so you can recruit 3 people for that massive 20/mo profit. Spam = No Class or ethics (just like your CEO). Thats why your response means nothing to me. All my responses were backed up by links to proof of what I said. You speak to me from a position of desperation (spammer) and weakness (no reasonable response on your CEOs current legal issues, track record, and failure of transparency with you), go sell some more people on a lie. If you want to address me with authority next time, bring some credible proof and arguments to the table to rebut all I have stated. If all you bring me is more childish responses like the ones above, then don’t bother, you will look like a self interested, spammy, desperate pyramid scheme selling follower. Good luck with that…

        • Criss Contino

          So the truth rears it’s ugly head, you are IN the telecommunications industry, a sour grapes competitor biased to his own master, you were looking for a fight, and you think you’ve found one. Only the weak resort to personal attacks. Your assumption that I “spam blogs” is not only inaccurate, but quite presumptuous and accusatory without adequate grounds. Go ahead and find any other blog post I’ve “spammed”. I’ll save you the time – you won’t find one. Additionally, I’ve provided no links here, just a modified email address for those that are genuinely interested in THE TOPIC AT HAND, the Solavei opportunity, whether it’s to save money or make money, and it is relevant to this article, which by default nullifies it as any form of “spam”. Next.

          I only responded to this blog because of the “predictable” negativity that people of your ilk perpetuate surrounding the network marketing niche. I am not here to debate with you, there is nothing to debate. You do manage to make some rational points about middle men and what not, but I’ve apparently struck quite a nerve as evidenced by your unfounded hostility, “hot shot”.
          As I said, Solavei is obviously not for you. No one is forcing you to save money on your mobile phone plan or have the foresight to take the opportunity to help yourself by helping others. As for your friends’ news feed, those are your choices. Unfriend, hide them from your feed, leave facebook, or stop complaining. simple. You think it’s annoying you now? Just wait until September when those same friends are making full use of the Solavei social commerce system and forming all those trios.
          Deactivate the death rays my friend, chill out and pipe down. You are not “saving” anyone from a harmless, discounted mobile phone plan with the added ability to earn income for sharing the opportunity by doing what they already do, using social media and shopping at Target. You are not “saving” anyone from being “scammed” by a “pyramid scheme” (just the fact that you even chose that term shows your ignorance of exactly what that is) that offers at the very minimum, a way to drastically cut a bill that most Americans are already paying $90-$120 per month for, and at best nullify the bill and make a good monthly income from it.
          So, I don’t need to bring documents to a “fight” you are eagerly out to provoke people into, I simply put up common sense and reason. Anyone reading this I trust they found because they are intelligent enough to do their own research to their own satisfaction to make an informed and educated decision. Cheap shots and character assassination efforts at the company only makes you look like a sour grapes rival looking to sabotage Solavei, because you are certainly not out to help anyone. Sorry… slick.

          • Maximus Decimus Meridius

            My background in telecommunications was on the infrastructure support. Its non carrier dependent, so how you arrived to sour grapes is beyond me. lol As far as being a spammer, your response here is a boldfaced lie.

            “Go ahead and find any other blog post I’ve “spammed”. I’ll save you the time – you won’t find one.”


            OK, theres your first credibility problem on this latest response. Notice my response time, this was quickly and easily found. A simple google search of continosolutions shows you respond to Solavei articles trying to spam them with your gmail addy.

            Second paragraph and the predictable negativity is all based around the core issue which again you dance around and refuse to engage in as you cant justify Wuerch’s lawsuits, SEC investigations, his former Motricity board asking him to terminate his employment there, and his running the Stock price into the ground while allegedly insider trading it according to the SEC investigation and the class action suits.

            As far as my hostility, slow your roll my friend. I just replied in the same “adorable” “isn’t that neat” respect level in which you asked me to “pipe down”. If you dont wish to have a response in kind, maybe you should re-address how you approach other. Ya know, Golden Rule and all.

            You said:

            “As you are so happy with your $90+ mobile phone bill, that will never pay you, not even a dime, and your money goes to none of your friends, only to other corrupt CEO’s on wallstreet, well, no one is asking you or forcing you to leave that provider which you are so happy with, and trust so much that your $90 per month doesn’t go to people you don’t know or paying for their lavish vacations and lifestyles….and join Solavei headed by the “evil and corrupt” ex-Motricity FOUNDER and Ceo Ryan Weursch”

            I dont drop more than $50/mo now on mobile service and have one of the latest Androids myself, so again, you are speaking out of your backside. As far as your sweeping generalization on the mobile network leadership powers that be, this comment is ignorant and detached from reality. CEOs or other “captains of industry” who spend their excesses on lifestyle are quite different than a man you endorse who is under SEC Investigations, MULTIPLE Lawsuits, and who wont even give his salesforce a proper “talking points” to defend him with to your trio prospects. Like I said, Any CEO who issues a FAQ for damage control before his company launches may be a problem. Call me crazy, but that should raise a red flag with anyone. But hey, you must be extra smart to see past that and blindly endorse the guy and all he tells you to sell. So have at it. I’m sure the Motricity Shareholders bought everything he was selling, right up to the day he ran the company into the ground, took off with a $450k golden parachute and moved on to the next sheep to fleece.

            You can believe him cuz he tells ya to believe him. I say where theres smoke theres fire and there are plenty of links to credible independent proof I posted above. Not BS propaganda I bough hook line and sinker from the Defendant himself. lol So for those reasons, you are right Solavei is not for me. Do I not like all network marketing across the board? No. I will likely be joining up with one in the next month. One whom shows value, has a solid model and good backing after I have done my due diligence in nutritional supplements industry. Countless case studies and a solid track record make all the difference for me as my reputation is worth more than 1/3 of $20/mo per sale for a CEO with obvious legal problems, piss poor shareholder responsibility, poor ethical issues, and problems with the SEC investigators/the Feds.

            As far as social commerce in September, come on man, Solavei is using an affiliate sales model to supplement the phone sales with a bunch of companies. Is that special or proprietary? No, most of the companies on that social commerce list already have affiliate marketing programs. I am already an Amazon Associate, I don’t need to add a go between to make money off Amazon sales either

            There is no death ray, I am very chill, as a matter of fact I have a mixed drink in hand now. I still refuse to “pipe down” though. I have no desire to “save anyone”. Just raise a little awareness on the guy you are endorsing for that almighty dollar. The masses will do what they do, follow. Some of them may have the intelligence to do some due diligence and may value their reputations more than the $6+ per person per month for the third of a trio. Do what you want, its just a shame some peoples integrity is bought so cheaply.

            Again, there is no fight here. You are right you dont need to bring the documents, I provided all of them to which you still cannot respond to. Your best shot was comparing your guy with all of his federal and class action heat to CEOs in general enjoying vacations on my mobile phone fees. If thats the best you got, there really isn’t much more to discuss. You got nothing.

            What you call cheap shots and character assassination is laughable. I gave the docket numbers to the multiple lawsuits, the Reuters article reflecting Motricity’s board to have Wuerch step down/terminate, the internal Wuerch “Talking Points” pdf to address damage control for the previously mentioned issues. Thats the facts sir, not sour grapes, slander, character assassination, or cheap shots. You should quit while you are ahead as you are just digging in deeper showing your intent to mislead, or overwhelming ignorance. Again I have supported all of my replies, you just talk in circles. Your’e welcome you adorable spammer. lol

          • Criss Contino

            “As far as being a spammer, your response here is a boldfaced lie.”Go ahead and find any other blog post I’ve “spammed”. I’ll save you the time – you won’t find one.”
            OK, theres your first credibility problem on this latest response. Notice my response time, this was quickly and easily found. A simple google search of continosolutions shows you respond to Solavei articles trying to spam them with your gmail addy.” – Internet tough guy

            That is so adorable how you found my OWN wordpress blog. Congratulations! According to your logic then, everyone that posts or re-posts an article on their own wordpress blog is a “spammer”. All you’ve done is prove my credibility instead of disprove it. Clearly the only one here that has a desperate agenda to smear others would be yourself. Now try again and go find a blog that is NOT my own where I have “spammed” the comment section with my “gmail addy”.

            “As far as my hostility, slow your roll my friend. I just replied in the same “adorable” “isn’t that neat” respect level in which you asked me to “pipe down”. If you dont wish to have a response in kind, maybe you should re-address how you approach other. Ya know, Golden Rule and all.” – – internet tough guy

            you mean like your stale “jerky boy” impersonation? lol I’m sorry I hurt your feelings with my “respect level”, but note how I have not resorted to any smear tactics or personal attacks. I just let you do that to yourself. Trust me brother, your venom is ineffective. You attempt to mar my credibility and fail miserably, because as I stated I do not post links or otherwise “spam” blog articles as you so insist that I do, all because I placed my “gmail addy” in the comment section here which happens to be relevant to the article. Your “quick and easy” google search turned up exactly what I stated – nothing. lol

            Have a good day… xoxoxoxoxo

          • Maximus Decimus Meridius

            Internet tough guy? Thats funny, Im just going point/counterpoint and you seem to be taking it quite personally. Like I said, I responded in the same manner with which you addressed me. It’s funny how the guy ordering people to pipe down so he can sell more trios characterizes me as the tough guy. lol

            I stand corrected then on your Spamming. I’m unafraid to concede where I am wrong, a quality which you clearly lack. I suppose you own this blog which you clearly posted your email addy to. Guess thats not spamming. ;)

            The fact all you can say is that I am an internet tough guy 2x now when you clearly have no intelligent rebuttal speaks for itself. Thanks for proving the point.

            OK, I’m not sure how you pulled Jerky Boys as my posts have been well referenced with independent information. Again the only reason I responded with a bit of an edge to you was to allow you the same courtesy you approached me. Remember you called me out. You keep saying smear tactics and personal attacks but offer up no link to how I have done so. All I have done was shine a light on the facts of the guy you endorse for that whopping $20/per month per 3 people signed up. All I pointed out was how this guy is unethical, under federal investigation, fired and gives his sales force a PDF called “Ryan Wuerch Talking Points” so he can run damage control before Solavei even officially launched. Is that venom? Is that a smear campaign? Is that a personal attack? No, all of those require you state something false or intend to mislead. I just pointed out what people should know before buying everything Wuerch is selling. I believe thats called reporting the news. You obviously don’t care about any of that. You apparently swallow all Wuerch tells you thinking its the gospel. So be it.

            People want to believe in things so badly sometimes they will do whatever they have to including ignoring warning signs to feed that need. Based on your responses and lack of a marginally credible rebuttal on the facts for what you call the “TOPIC AT HAND”, it seems to me you fall in that category. Don’t call me the “Internet Tough Guy” because I raise legitimate concerns that your prospective trios should know about. We all see you have your eager face on to sell some people here on Solavei as referenced by your posting your email address in the comments as well as taking on whatever crusade you are imagining against me while littering your responses with altruistic notions of enlightening people on the “Solavei opportunity”. It couldn’t be more apparent that you are continually ignoring my points and characterizing me as a wannabe Jerky Boy or Internet Tough Guy because you are too blinded by Wuerch’s propaganda. Have fun suckling the perceived Solavei power teet. I’m not trying to change your mind. Your trying to fight your way out of a paper bag you put on yourself. Relax skippy.

          • kip

            Man shut up

          • Maximus Decimus Meridius

            aww someone is upset their CEO got called out. Nothing I said was untruthful or unsubstantiated. All facts are verifiable. But Im the idiot. lol Free speech man. It is a b!tch. ;)

          • kip

            Hes an idiot Criss

      • KCAVEN


        • Terri

          Who is crying now…NOT the people who didn’t get in!

    • DrankTheKoolAid

      I am nominating this guy for President of the fan club. :-) I hope the rest of you will put your bias aside and focus for a few moments on character and ability. Wuerch has neither.

      • Maximus Decimus Meridius

        lol, Thanks DTKA. Like I said, the initial FB “friends” hit me so hard with the stuff, I just needed to make things clear here. I likely would not have even been this vocal, but the responses from Criss had to be answered since he called me out. Not trying to smear, produce venomous posts, or slander anyone, which is why I referenced all the above posts with verifiable and credible information. I appreciate the positive response. Have a good week my friend.

    • FactvsHype

      Wow! Thanks for the links containing the information on what is currently going on. This can help one make a better informed decision now based on what is really going on with this guy. Does any one know when these cases are going to court?

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius

      Sorry I couldnt resist with the upcoming webinar. lol

  • Team49Unlimited

    Solavei is unique in that it has all the key elements that I look for in a direct sales business: the right leadership (Look at the ENTIRE executive team and board), the right funding, the right service ($49/month unlimited), the right timing (People want to be something new, fresh and exciting and are sick of contracts, etc.) and the right marketing plan (Get paid to share how you are saving money and help others do the same.)

    The message is simple but powerful which is why 1000+ people are joining daily. Yes there are other mobile direct sales companies out there, but none that are doing the above better than Solavei currently is. That makes for a winner in my books.


  • malcolm
  • Candi

    If you are interested in getting on board with Solavei, go to for an exclusive pre-launch invitation.

  • Jon

    I’m following this one from a distance to see if they are able to deliver the goods. During prelaunch, a Non Disclosure Agreement was required, with all this ‘secrecy”. I watched a webinar with a lot of hype of doing something “unique”, that no one else is doing. Yet the core product, unlimited talk, text, data for $49/mo and no contract on the 4G network sounds great, yet I can walk into WalMart and get the same exact product for $45 (don’t get paid for your referrals though) or join Vitel, another network marketing company offering the same program and they are already up and running. The prelaunch/launch is a great marketing model, I was just disappointed to find out the program isn’t as “unique” as they are boasting. Maybe I just didn’t understand the entire model. I’m hopeful for Solavei, my gut is telling me to watch and see even though I might miss out on a “ground floor” opportunity.

    • Terri

      Bet you are SO glad you kept your distance, Jon! Smart, smart move!

  • localbizexpress

    Hey Maximus,
    We get your point on the CEO Wuerch, but it seems to me your statements are somewhat of a personal attack for someone who has not had his full day in court yet, besides if you are this upset on this guy starting a new company you should be twice as upset at Mitt Romney’s exploits at Bain corporation who is running for president and the rest of the wall street crowd like Goldman Sachs.

    • Criss Contino

      Exactly, a man accused is just that. Accused. If it turns out that Solavei is indeed a “run of the mill, dime a dozen pyramid scheme mlm program offering nothing new or impressive and run by a crook” as Mr. Anonymous “general maximus” strongly implies, then no tears will be shed as no money has been vested or lost.

      Furthermore, the bashing and “awareness” campaign here is quite hypocritical, as I am certain that “general maximus” has a few cd’s in his media cabinet, as not only is the music industry labels a prime example of corporate corruption and greed, the majority of the artists under contract are not exactly “saints” themselves, but of course that doesn’t stop fans from making them multimillionaires, the artists and especially the labels they represent….. but OMG stay away from a company who’s mission is actually to HELP people, instead of taking their money….

      Solavei is in prelaunch, only those that have accepted a founders position in June-July have even purchased any phones or services of Solavei, the rest are simply pre-registered and have not been asked for a dime, and will not be until launch at the end of September, so all this venom being spewed at Solavei and it’s CEO and/or business model is unfounded and unnecessary. There is no scam here, so there is nothing to ‘expose’. lol This guy is simply hell bent on bashing a company that hasn’t even launched yet.
      meanwhile, “general maximus” tells the world his belief level is that 6000 in one’s network is “unlikely”, as he jumps in with both feet into a “established and reputable vitamin mlm”, probably offering weenie commissions for which he will need far far more than 6000 in his team to earn anything substantial or worthwhile, not to mention it’s probably not ground floor. We wish him all the luck in the world in his new “pyramid scheme”.

      • Maximus Decimus Meridius

        As far as a man accused, see my rebuttal for that above this. Are you really saying this publicly? So if Solavei tanks no money has been vested or lost? I see investor money lost, I see your buy ins lost for buying the phones, possible early termination fees for switching providers, not to mention other expenses I am sure I am missing. Sure the investors can take the hits as the street is risk vs reward, but the people you sucker into being trios based on misrepresented info on your CEO are the losers on this one here. Way to support that scenario…

        This second paragraph I laughed out loud. The music industry now? I love how you keep trying to equate illegal activity with garden variety legal capitalism which is not illegal. And your telling us that the mission is to help people? Why, because they said so? Wow, this must be the most altruistic company in history! I have no doubt you will keep loyally supporting every word the Solavei PR campaign publicizes without question, I mean look at your responses, they aren’t even marginally reasonable comparisons to illegal activity. Not to mention you would rather make it seem better than it really is by trying to justify other undesirable behavior of unethical or greedy examples and then say, hey look, Wuerch and Solavei are the lesser of two evils. lol. Really? Quit while you are ahead man, your not doing Wuerch any favors.

        Yes Solavei is in prelaunch. We all understand they are building their tiers and uplines by seating the founding members and then hyping everyone else to stick them in their “lanes”. My point is all of your “founding members” are misrepresenting Wuerch and the company’s leadership to your trios. There are many “founding members” who know the due diligence and have decided to forego their reputation and own ethics in order to make a fast buck at their friends expense. All founding members signed NDA’s and got Wuerch’s talking points PDF, so it seems you all are perpetuating the illusion of Wuerch’s altruistic ideals for Solavei knowing full well this guy is front and center of some legal trouble already. Sounds like a hell of a ground floor opportunity to me. Is that “venom” Criss? No champ, those are the facts.

        Hey Criss, when you log 6000 people in your network, let us all know. Until then you can talk about how its feasible and others have done it, but thats the dangling carrot they all hold out in every network marketing company so you all have dollar signs in your eyes. It seems like you enjoy commenting on things which you have little knowledge about. Just like my “vitamin mlm” lol. Firstly, it’s not vitamins. Secondly I am only doing it as I have seen the results, Thirdly I am not jamming it down everyones throat, and throwing my email on all referenced blogs comment sections as thats tacky. If my friends as me about it, I’ll hook em up (Free Mason style), but Im not going to be like every other MLM greedy SOB wearing out his friends lists with non stop “opportunities. The extra money will be cool if it happens, but the product is really what I like. I have conceded in areas I was wrong on your posts, but you fail to do likewise as you don’t debate honorably. Like I said quit while you are ahead, as your ignorance grows with each response you post.

    • DrankTheKoolAid

      WTH does Mitt and Bain have to do with the employees and investors who
      WILL lose their shorts with Solavei? Maximus’s comments point towards a
      history of self grandizing and pocket lining at the expense of everyone
      one and anyone else. And that’s what consumers and anyone associated
      with this company should be paying attention to.

      • Maximus Decimus Meridius

        Thank goodness someone gets it DTKA. Granted localbizexpress has a point that innocent until proven guilty is our motto here in the USA, but come on, where there is smoke there is fire. Are you telling me the psycho who shot all those people at the Dark Knight premier is innocent until proven guilty? Maybe by the letter of the law constitutionally, but the surrounding circumstances speak for themselves. Just like Wuerch’s does. The Motricity board of directors told him to step down, there are not just one, but five federal class action suits that we know about publicly, Jim Cramer after backing him even through the tough times of Motricity’s plunge on the stock market eventually did a 180 on the guy because he and the shareholders, and the board of directors at Motricity know something that everyone here seems to want to sweep under the rug for their goldmine in Trios and affiliate profits. On top of that the “Wuerch Talking Point’s PDF” has no solid rebuttals for anything I referenced above. I’m not upset at this guy, I’m just using my right to free speech here. The funniest thing to me is how people will justify doing the wrong thing because “everyone else is doing it” instead of doing the right thing by their own reputation and their friends and tell Solavei to pound sand.

      • Terri

        Looks like it didn’t take long for them to start the losing process.

  • Bradlee Frazer

    I recommend that anyone interested in Solavei this read this case first: and see if Solavei passes muster.

  • Bradlee Frazer
  • Megan Mc

    haha I had to laugh at operating in stealth mode comment. I have been hit up to join this MLM aka ponzi scheme by many many people, friends and spammers alike. Not to mention people in internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum saying they are “founding members” It doesn’t take a genius to see that the only people who benefit from a MLM scheme are those at the top. And in this case, I would not trust the failed CEO at the top. Getting ready to be bombarded with more hype-y pitches….Get a grip people. For doing the same amount of work and time it takes you to build your pod or whatever they call it, you can build your OWN business.

  • Greg Stadler

    Pretty good video about Solavei.

  • Seth Alexander

    The comments on this article are quite hilarious. Everyone trying to out do everyone else. Typical network marketing article banter.

  • SolaScam

    Solaveis new marketing campaign “We’re all about relationships… we can pimp”

  • Confusing Times Smith

    (with zero sarcastic undertone) If you want to sell phones and you ask your friends is that bad?? If you want to raise money to make a film and you ask your friends is that different? If you are a contractor and you ask if any of your friends need a contractor is that morally compromising?? Seriously. Is this different? From what i am reading it is cell service for a good price. Whether they do the MLM part or not. Am i missing a piece here????

    • Solasnakeoil

      If less than a year ago the contractor you are considering using, was sued by 7 other homeowners…would you have him put an addition onto your home?? Google: Ryan Wuerch (ceo Solavei). You are missing something for sure!

      • Confusing Times Smith

        So in conclusion what do you think his end game is with solavei (again, not being sarcastic)? I did see the lawsuits for insider trading. But, 1. the company is worth nothing now so did he fraudulently sell his shares or just get off a sinking ship? 2. Do you think he is trying to take Solavei public with similar motives or just “he’s shady”?

        • WeurchFan

          This is Ryan’s retirement plan. Based on my first hand observations and his past behavior and performance, he will continue to lie to everyone, customers, employees and investors alike. He will take out every dime that he can while screwing everyone who works for or with him. And he’ll leave a huge mess behind. Hundreds of families in the US and thousands worldwide have been worse off for associating with Wuerch. And this is a story that many, MANY people have told. You may think I’m a hater, but in reality, I don’t want to see other get burned and lose their life savings and financial security as I did. I watched this guy lie to me on numerous occasions. I saw how deeply over his head he was. And I observed his lack of morals and ethics multiple times. I hope for the best for the Solevei employees, but by now they’ve been suitably warned. This company WILL screw everybody to line Ryan’s pockets. And he won’t look back when he abandons ship.

        • Terri

          Yeah, Wuerch is SUPER shady. YES, he fraudulently bailed on shares at Motricity. He’s bilked funds from other companies as well. He has already sold shares (you can do a simple Google search to find that information) to Solavei to many investors (Solavei was even taken to court in Arkansas for improper sale of shares…also found online); and, yes, he has every intention of taking Solavei public…another way for him to take the money and run! Last April, he even presented his top earners with what everyone thought were shares to the company; but, they were options to buy shares at the going rate IF they ever do go public before they go under! In great ceremony, these top earners were paraded across the stage and given their fake shares certificates! They all later found out they weren’t shares at all!

  • Solavei Sign Ups!

    You can get a free invitation to Solavei on my blog!

    Check it out:

  • Solavei Sign Ups!

    You can get a free invitation to Solavei on my website!

    Check it out:

  • lilgreekgirl

    OMG – this guy has waaaay too much time on his hands. Does anyone notice how much corruption there is amongst the successful of this nation period. Look at celebrities (aka Martha Stewart – who is STILL a millionaire DESPITE being rightfully convicted AND IMPRISONED!!!), look at professional athletes, look at our past presidents for crying out loud. It’s out there, it sucks, but it doesn’t mean people should not be able to take advantage of what they perceive to be a sound business opportunity and share that with others that they feel would benefit. People should be able to this without people like “Maximus Einsteinoneous Oh Most Brilliant of them Allius” going on a rampage – and no…I did not take the time to ACTUALLY read ALL of your long winded rantings – I don’t have that much time in my productive life!! Good luck to those of you trying your hand in the network marketing field, whether Solavie is the first thing you’ve tried or the 100th!! It only takes one successful product/service that you can stand behind and develop and once you find that – YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!! I know firsthand. (Plus, a little guy with ALOT of money once said that multi level marketing was the quickest way to go from employee to investor and secure your financial freedom/future – his name is Donald Trump!!)

    Peace out!!

    • Terri

      The fact that others are corrupt doesn’t make it okay. Especially for a man who uses God and his “faith” to con people!

  • Confusing Times Smith

    Solavei smells like a scamy company even though it looks pretty legit. Cheap cell service using tmobile’s towers, a monthly bonus for multiple referrals, but…..something just smells fishy.

  • Jarius

    When you come to the WHO referred YOU will see either type number or username. TYPE my username: ajackson
    For questions email me at

    You wont get a personal referral link until the Launch Sept 21
    But you will already be in the system and just getting your placement early
    and you can refer your friends or family with the link below and you tell them to use you username once you are in yourself.

    You can thank me later when your rich!!

  • skm s khaled

    It’s a really cheap cell service

  • Javier Ramos

    Wao! So much crap for a $49 all unlimited mobile service that is ran on T-Mobile If you don’t like it shut up. At the end of the day you cannot calculate every single risk you are taking because you will never do it. I can’t believe so many are crying for a $49/m service. If it sucks move on but I least try it. If not, stop wasting so much energy to “inform” people that want to succeed doing something they are interested in. Some win, some loose and some just waste their life knowing it all and doing nothing. BTW- I’m not part of the company yet but lowering my phone bill by almost a $100/m and being able to get my service free if others are interested does’t sound bad to me.

  • Mobile Phone Biz

    I love Solavei. Why pay for your cell phone bill if you do not have too? That is the way I look at it. I am sick and tired of paying a $100/mo for one phone line.


  • truthinreality

    Solavei is SO much more than a CEO, and some brief due diligence regarding the entire leadership and investors backgrounds, is undeniably most impressive. Solavei’s Chief Operating Officer John Rittenhouse, is the former COO for Wal Mart, Louis Vuitton and Target…and the list goes on. The collective sum of the parts, equates into a company that is poised for MASSIVE growth and success. I find it interesting that a number of these derogatory postings regarding our CEO Ryan Wuerch, bear some striking writers DNA similarities. Might they be from the same disgruntled individual with an agenda? Hmmm:)

    • Terri

      Most of their original corporate leadership is gone just 18 months later. Their legal council, Rick White, isn’t even a licensed attorney. Investors are worried. The distributorship has been conned out of their hard work and incomes. Oh, and that massive growth you spoke of a year ago….laughable! Out of the 300K plus enrolled, there are only 122K users at last count. A far cry from the million Wuerch bragged he would have by the end of 2013.

  • Rebekah Brown

    Solavei has been an INCREDIBLE experience!!! It has been fun to see so
    many people get involved under me and to see their new businesses
    thrive. It will be great to see them blessed with their first path pay,
    path pay bonuses and trio pay on Monday!!! If you’d like more info on
    how to get started, visit or send an email to

    • Terri

      Most of their original corporate leadership is gone just 18 months later. Their legal council, Rick White, isn’t even a licensed attorney. Investors are worried. The distributorship has been conned out of their hard work and incomes. Oh, and that massive growth you spoke of a year ago….laughable! Out of the 300K plus enrolled, there are only 122K users at last count. A far cry from the million Wuerch bragged he would have by the end of 2013. Doesn’t sound incredible to me! A learning experience, yes. Incredible, in a good way, NO!

  • Dan

    I know that I have had great success with Solavei and absolutely love their customer service. One of the main things that helped me was getting setup. Now my reach in national as opposed to just the people I know.

  • Dierk Dubois
    One of the best reviews from solavei, It really explains what this company is all about.

  • SkinnyCoffeeUSA

    (877)570-5594 Skinny Coffee is still #1 MLM

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