Social media expert Shauna Causey has joined (Photo by Red Box Pictures) wants to transform the way people shop for consumer electronics, appliances and other products online by telling people the best time to buy. And now the Seattle company has landed a top storyteller to help inform the world of that mission.

Shauna Causey, who most recently led social media efforts for Nordstrom, has joined as vice president of marketing, GeekWire has learned. That position was previously held by Michael Paulson, who helped recruit Causey and will remain at the company in the role of vice president of product and business development. CEO Mike Fridgen described Causey as having “great energy,” noting that she will be able to “turbocharge” the community around’s shopping data.

“Shauna brings social media DNA, public relations expertise and tremendous charisma to the team and we’re thrilled to have her,” Fridgen said.

A fixture at many Seattle technology events and the current president of Social Media Club Seattle, Causey said she’s looking forward to the new gig.

“As I started to get to know the team, I immediately knew it was a great fit,” Causey tells GeekWire. “The team is brilliant, curious and humble.” The 35-year-old said that the amount of data that the company has at its fingertips is truly amazing, adding that it is “charting the course for the future of shopping.”

Causey previously worked at Comcast and the Seattle Mariners, but she credited her leap to the startup world to the Seattle non-profit Startup Weekend.

“I went to my first Startup Weekend event three years ago and have been hooked ever since,” she said.

Calling startups addictive and thrilling, Causey thinks she’s found the right match at her new home.

“At the heart of a great startup opportunity is working with people who truly believe anything in the world is possible,” she said. “It’s rare and I see that with the Decide team. ”

Causey isn’t the only recent big hire at the company, which recently moved to new offices in Seattle’s lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Last fall, lured Kate Matsudaira — formerly of SEOMoz — to the position of vice president of technology. raised a $6 million venture round last Spring from Maveron, Madrona,  early Google investor and former executive Ram Shriram; former Expedia CEO Erik Blachford and former Farecast CEO Hugh Crean.

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  • evanjacobs

    Congrats, Decide! It was a great move to hire Shauna.

    • daryn

      Don’t you mean it was a great “decision”? :)

  • Michael Paulson

    Welcome to the team, Shauna!

  • Andrew Dumont

    Congrats on the move, Shauna! Great team over there.

  • Monica Guzman

    Congrats, Shauna!!

  • Peter Chee

    Congrats Shauna. Very happy for you!

  • HughL

    congratulations shauna!

  • jaybaer

    Well played Shauna!

  • Jason Keath

    May your followers on Twitter ever increase.

  • Ding

    Not a startup world comment, but there is a ton of turnover in Nordstrom’s marketing group from CMO on down.

    • byron@bikehugger

      Correct and aren’t we all amazed by Nordstrom’s social media storytelling ability. Weren’t they also charting the course for the future of shopping.

  • MoonTango

    Dang… now Decide has two of the sharpest women in Seattle on their team.  First Kate… now Shauna. Kapow!

    Congrats, Shauna… you made a great ‘decision’.

  • Anthony Stevens

    Congratulations Shauna!  This is a big win for Decide.

  • Amy McD. Lakhani

    Congratulations, Shauna! What a very lucky team. 

  • Joe “The Connector” Kennedy

    Congratulations to both @ShaunaCausey and @Decide:twitter 

  • Guest

    In the space of 22 months, Shauna has been at Comcast, then Ant’s Eye View, then Nordstrom, now at Decide. That’s four jobs in less than two years. Don’t forget high-level volunteer work at three organizations and speaking engagements.

    I love her and she’s clearly an inspirational superwoman but at the same time doesn’t anybody wonder about how much dedication you’ll get out of her?  I’d be scared I’d only have her for a year or so before she moves on again, and how much can you really get done in that short a time?

    • Shauna Causey

      Guest commenter: Thanks for your note. You have a great point and I’ve had some incredible opportunities. Specifically over the last two years, consulting and then working for Nordstrom. For me, this opportunity is about making the move to work in the startup world full time (and with a great team), something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

  • Yoursuccessfinally

    Awesome! Congratulations Shauna!

  • LoriMoreno

    Awesome! Congratulations Shauna!

  • Evonne Benedict

    Congrats Shauna! You are an inspiration! 

  • Shauna Causey

    Thanks to Mike and Michael and the entire Decide team, to everyone for the comments, and to GeekWire for writing a post (that makes me sound much more interesting than I am)!

    I have a lot of love for this community and feeling very thankful today.

    • Spencer Rascoff

      Congratulations Shauna. Mike & Co are a great team, and they’re lucky to have you.

  • Maya Bisineer

    Congrats @twitter-15040500:disqus !

  • Sid F

    Congratulations, Shauna!  You are the BEST.

  • Luis Antezana (luckylou)

    Nice move, @twitter-15040500:disqus . Way to take the jump!

  • Sollo28

    Not sure what this means in terms of revenue for but she seems smart and really was idle at Nordstroms – so I guess a good move for her.  Only thing that concerns me is how people move around so fast…does this say something?

  • Mark Allen

    Congrats Shauna! I’ll miss working with you

  • tosolini

    Congratulations Shauna, you definitely represent the social media / startup American dream.

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