Rick White

Former Congressman Rick White and former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch have emerged at the helm of a  stealthy new Bellevue company by the name of Solavei. Very little is known about the company, which just raised a little more than $4 million in startup financing.

A short message on the Web site notes: “It’s going to be viral, so get ready to catch it … then spread it!” The service is set to debut this Spring.

Reached by GeekWire this afternoon, White declined to offer more details. “We are in total stealth mode,” said White, adding that they are “excited” about the opportunity they are attacking.

White is the co-founder of IP Street, a patent search tool that was formed in 2009. In 1994, he was elected to Congress, representing Washington’s 1st Congressional District, and five years later he became CEO of the technology lobbying group Technet.

Ryan Wuerch

Wuerch left Motricity last August after the company’s financial results disappointed Wall Street. The Bellevue mobile software company has continued to restructure operations in recent weeks, including the closure of its Asian operations.

Prior to Motricity, he served as president of Learning 2000.

According to Wuerch’s LinkedIn bio, he is serving as CEO of the new company.

UPDATE: Wuerch offered this rather nebulous statement on what they are doing.

“We are developing a company that is going to make life better for millions of people around the world, and we’re excited to bring it to market.  We’re very fortunate to have a great team in place, and the support of industry leading investors and advisors.  We are in the beginning stages now, the momentum for what we’re building is growing daily, and we will have more information to share very soon.”

Here’s more from the company:

The technology and services being created have never been introduced before, yet the plan is simple:  build a company that utilizes the most effective advertising method of all – its customers.  They, in turn, will be rewarded for spreading the word.

Guess we will have to stay tuned to find out what that all means.

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  • Watcher

    With Wuerch involved, the smart investor will RUN RUN RUN away.  Perhaps Carl Icahn will provide an endorsement after he gets his millions back from Motricity.

  • HisBiggestFan

    Not viral, but virus.  Wuerch is an STD who unashamedly spreads his infection to every investor and employee who’s path he crosses.  He’s stolen the dreams and futures of thousands in order to line his own pocket.  It’s already obvious that he’s continuing to do the same.

  • Frank

    Did they confirm the figure? The raw Form D just says it’s on offer, but none sold.

    • johnhcook

      Yes, they did confirm. I was told just north of $4 million.

      John Cook
      Co-founder, GeekWire

      • Ex-Mo

        Who provided the financing?

        • johnhcook

          That was not disclosed.

  • Jeff

    As a guy who moved his family across the country to follow Ryan Wuerch, I can assure you that reality and what he says are two very different things.  He changes his strategy on a whim and ignores market indicators.  He places monumental wagers on outcomes that involve hundreds of peoples livelihoods.  And he remains completely undisturbed by the outcomes of those poor decisions so long as they benefit him. Wuerch is much worse than just a liar. He’s an abjectly poor leader, an absent manager and a fear monger. He demands loyalty but returns none.  He creates massive disruption which only aligns with a massive ego. 

    I was close enough to see through the cracks in his armor and on the inside he’s a scared child who’s continually in over his head.  Investors should pay heed and be willing to lose everything. Prospective employees need only check out the reviews on Glassdoor.com to understand what they are getting themselves into.

    • Kelly Saul

      First and for most I am Jeff’s wife that moved across country and this Jeff that is posting this is not my husband.Moving to Seattle was the best thing that has happen to my family and we Love and Respect the Wuerch family as much now as we did when we moved. So instead of using my husbands name to trash someone be a man and use your own. You should be ashamed and get OVER what ever grudge you are holding on too!

      • Sue

        could it possibly be there may be two people by the name of “Jeff” in the USA? lol

        • Conspiracy Einstein

          Ha ha ha! NO! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

      • Mary Smith

        Good luck lady. Are you putting your money where your mouth is? These folks lost. I guess it depends on who Ryan’s friends are. They get paid.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004263212539 Mark James

        that dude thats posting as your husband is a real douch bag

  • Ryankoke

    Love this chronicling of thought about Wuerch & Motricity from back in 2007-2008 

  • Ryankoke
    • Jeff

       It was just seven months ago that Ryan fired most of his senior staff (again).  His leadership style and his character have never changed. Whether it be 2001, 2007 or today he’s still the conniving, egotistical, dishonest snake oil salesman he’s always been.  Simply looking at the marketing of this new venture it’s obvious he’s still employing the exact same tactics.

      • Kelly Saul

        It is funny how you talk about someones character when you are acting like you are someone else posting this comment.I guess the conniving,egotistical,dishonest snake is is not anyone but yourself. I hope anyone that has read anything will see you as the lying fraud that you are and I can assure you the best thing for you to do is leave my family out of your nasty comments and take a good look in the mirror at yourself! 

        • Tired of Kelly’s Rants

          There are more than one person named Jeff in the world!

    • Kelly Saul

      Funny how you have enough time in your day to read this let alone post this link. So….. are you a bitter Ex employee from NC or WA??I am sure your ex employment didn’t come from anything but what you did to yourself! Get over it and get a life outside your computer!

      • http://twitter.com/MomsThoughts MomsThoughts™

        sounds like a scam to me – and I am old enough to know – when something sounds like a scam – its a scam. its just that simple.

        • David Cohen

          Solavei is completely a scam! A pre-paid cell phone servie. Ryan Wuerch is a SCAMMER! Stay away from this company. The easily decieved, church going folks are eating this up! lol Poor simple minded people!

          • steve

            Seriously people! Get a grip! Its a $50 a month unlimited cell phone company that pays you to sign up your friends. yes, you pay a little more than some of the other ‘pay as you go’ plans, but its still cheaper than the other big 4. So is ATT a scam because they charge $100 a line for the same service?

          • Loyal to Verizon…maybe

            Wait! Did you say $49 per month for UNLIMITED talk, text, and DATA?? Holy smokes!! That beats the snot out of the deal I have at Verizon. I have been with them for 12 years, pay $150, but am limited to only 4gb of data. How long is the contract, and is it 4g?

          • M Pep

            Yes it is 4G, and there is NO contract! I am a founding member of Solavei, and can get you more info if interested.

          • Ron

            Um, well, no… The problem is you can get the same service without taxes as a prepaid service for $20 less… Comparing network to network, T-Mobile uses Spot Mobile, Simple Mobile, Wal-Mart Family Plan, Ptel Wireless and a few others that are all running $40 unlimited plans… No fees or taxes – my Solavei bill wasn’t $49 like the ad said, it was $59.49.

            I can get an unlimited talk, text and 2GB plan from Red Pocket Mobile on AT&T’s network for that price – better service/coverage/support via http://www.4gfastdata.com

        • Andy Mits

          Because you’re a God and you know everything? I’m not even with this company and I can tell you that free network can’t be a scam. go back to kindergarten and learn :)

    • Kelly Saul

      I guess you are not a real man either because you keep deleting everything I post.Guess the real Jeff is lucky to have married a persistent  wife because friend I will continue to Post every time you take it off. AGAIN…..Are you a bitter EX from NC or WA. None the less you have a sad,sad life! Find a few more links to post of other angry Birds that have no life! There is Therapy out there for people like you! I would encourage you to invest a little time and money in that!

      • Rgjhg

        uhh, did it occur to you that there might be another person named Jeff?

  • Watching Ryan

    Watcher, could not agree with you more. Jeff you are on point too. Ryan, is a snake in the grass. He clams to be so christian and righteous, but watch out for this man. I feel so sorry for his wife and kids.

  • Valentine

    Just stumbled upon this from a LinkedIn link.  Pretty amusing.  For Kelly- The facts are obvious:  Ryan has no sense of loyalty, either to his investors or his employees and friends.  His poor leadership cost hundreds their jobs and affected thousands. The Bellevue team had great relationships with their clients and a strong reputation.  After Ryan took the helm, that all changed; MOT lost clients and market share, suffered lawsuits, hemorrhaged their best and brightest, created a poisonous and fear based work place and spent millions (!) on consultants that delivered nothing. He took the company in ill-advised directions that caused more upheaval, more jobs and a plummeting stock price. All this from a guy who promised a Billion dollar company. LOL. 

    Ryan’s vast ego, inability to listen, and grand standing will deliver the same results at this next company… and the one after that.  It’s just too bad that people will continue to invest in his lies.

  • Funmusic

    Cramer even said on his show that Wuerch was dishonest and could not be trusted. Cramer encouraged investors in Motricity to bail, but sadly, I did not listen. Instead I ended up trusting a psycopath with a pretty smile and a nice haircut. And it cost me over 200 grand — about 20 percent of my total assets. And yes, sure enough this man will never change. The “good christian” psycopath will remain just that. See you in church!

  • Tony Dana

    All this is is a $49 a month cellphone pyramid scheme. My friends keep telling me how I should sign up and get on it before it goes public so I will make bank. I hate friend pimpers.

    • Solavei Skeptic

      I know right! Its a gsm only service, and it costs more than Straight Talk. I have friends that are all in too, I think its fair to say this is a scam!

  • warning!!

    Ryan Wuerch seems to be a scammer! Solavei, he is promising will be a multi-Billion $ company. Please people make sure you understand what youre gettin into with this guy.
    Also, just because someone says they’re a Christian doesn’t mean you can trust them.

    • http://www.solavei.com/jeanmichelo Jean Pierre M Dossous

      So far so good with Ryan. Over half million already say YES to Solavei.
      Now boarding, but you can still wait and bad mouth
      check new changes at

  • ACWright

    As I understand it, you’re not investing a bunch of $. All you’re doing is using Solavei as your cell phone service ($49/mo UNLIMITED), and POSSIBLY making $ based on referrals. You know, kinda like DirectTv pays you $50 everytime you refer a friend.

  • David Cohen

    Ryan Wuerch and Solavei are completely a scam! A MLM that is built off of un-informed people. People are making claims about a cell phone service, “changing the world”? This is pure insanity! All one needs to understand is Ryan Wuerch was FIRED from Motricity less than a year ago! He is snake oil salesman!

    • Insubordinate

      Snake oil is good :-)

  • kindofabiddeal

    This company is a pre-paid cell phone service using T-Mobile towers. They say it’s a revolution. But it seems like a pyramid scheme I totally agree! Solavei is a scam!

  • WorriedFriend

    After being invited to be part of a “revolution” by a close friend but then being informed it would require signing a non-disclosure agreement, I became concerned and suspicious. After some digging, I stumbled across a ppt entitled Solavei Compensation Plan. This looks like nothing more than a pyramid scheme preying on desperate individuals! Check out the ppt here: http://solaveicash.com/uploads/Solavei_Compensation_Plan_Overview_v8.pptx and then read this informative page about the lies of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) aka pyramid schemes http://www.falseprofits.com/MLM%20Lies.html .

  • Stupid people annoy me

    If you think it’s a scam, don’t do it! If you think you’ll lose money, don’t do it! If you are so against Ryan Weurch, Don’t do it! There is no investing in it, and instead of calling everyone dumb for believing in something, get a life and stop wasting your time bashing on those people.

    • http://twitter.com/tomthornton999 Tom Thornton

      I agree. The opportunity seemed like a good one. However, why all the secrecy? Why is the mantra “don’t answer people’s questions, just send them to a “tool” or webinar,etc”.. They claim it’s to prevent “scaring” potential associates from thinking they’ll need to spend a lot of time answering questions. Well, if someone stonewalls me when I try to ask some basic questions about the opportunity, I’m immediately thinking they’re hiding something. Not a good way to start a new venture.

      • BR

        It’s not to prevent scaring anyone. It’s hype. It’s a marketing tool. It gives people the chance to look at the service inside and out without having someone feeding them information all car salesman like. The same reason Google+ did invite only stuff and the like. It’s just another hype builder to help bring momentum. It’s not uncommon, and I personally don’t read it as a sign that they’re hiding anything.

      • http://twitter.com/FindanAssociate Jami W

        Because not everyone is fully trained and they don’t want misinformation to proceed the actual information.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004263212539 Mark James


  • Bobby

    If I listened to all the trash talk about the integrity of a individual by these idiots here, I’d be a dead broke homeless un-trusting bundle of nerves.
    We have a commandment “Thow Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor” If I would have listened to all the lies about Zeekrewards and never joined because of them, I wouldn’t be earning over 300k per year.

  • Sharon Thompson

    Have you seen the most recent episode of Secret Millionaire with Jeff Usner? Yeah google “Jeff Usner & secret millionaire”…he made his millions off of MLM. Yeah you know that thing you call a “pyramid.”

    Another one – Dani Johnson on Secret Millionaire…yeah she also made her millions off what you may believe is “a pyramid scam.”

    The only people who say “pyramid scam” are those who have been brainwashed into working for someone else for the rest of their lives in corporate America. You know the one that’s a “corporate pyramid” (CEO on top, management in the middle & everyone else on the bottom who will NEVER become the CEO)

    If Solavei is a scam…time will tell. Are there scams out there? – ABSOLUTELY!

    It’s funny…if you really KNEW how marketing works…when you see the word “scam” on a google search it’s MOST of the time some savvy marketer that knows there’s skeptics out there searching the internet typing in “scam.” Only to lead you to a website that is usually just the OPPOSITE of what you were hoping to find ;)

    More importantly than any product/service that an MLM company is offering is the reputation/background history of THE FOUNDERS. Here’s the deal….people with money understand the lucrative amount of money that starting an MLM can bring…so you get everyone “dipping their toe in” trying to “TEST the waters.”
    I wouldn’t join any company with a specific model that I wasn’t sure that the founders had PROVEN years of experience & results with. Would you go to a chiropractor for advice/assistance with your kidneys?
    Hey did ya’ know even “Donald Trump” had one (although it’s no longer active Google – The Trump Network)? Guess he’s a scammer too huh? :p

    However, what is NOT a scam is the MLM industry. It has & will continue to change peoples’ lives…..and will continue to be the industry that sets the standard for helping ordinary people LIVE extraordinary lives.
    But seriously, I hope that anyone who plans to get involved with any type of company that requires an investment does their due diligence – it would be ridiculous not to. But please for goodness sake educate yourself FULLY on the MLM industry because its REAL.

    • http://twitter.com/FindanAssociate Jami W

      You are so right. It’s a scam to work at the bottom of someone else’s pyramid and never get to reach the top . All businesses are inherently pyramidal . If you could go to t-mobile and bring nine friends and get your cell service free would you …would they ? Of Course .

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004263212539 Mark James


    • http://www.solavei.com/jeanmichelo Jean Pierre M Dossous

      Very good point Sharon. JOB{Just over Broke) is a bigger scam ever. What I like about Solavei is that. They don’t to pay 49$ at Solavei, still they might be paying $ 60 dollars else where.
      Solavei : moving forward. Over half million already said YES!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.young.5070276 Mark Young

    Detailed Compensation Plan

    July 24, 2012

    Version 2


    Member: There are 3 types of Solavei Members:

    Service Member: A Member that uses Solavei Service

    Social Member: a Member who is a Service Member and
    also participates in the Compensation Plan.

    Social Member without Service: is a small group of
    Members who choose to ONLY participate in the Compensation Plan. Social Members
    without Service must pay an annual fee of $149 to participate in the
    Compensation Plan.

    Personal Network: A Member’s Personal Network consists
    of his/her personal connections and each of their personal connections.

    Extended Network: Is anything outside of a member’s
    personal network (beyond two degrees of connection)

    Total Network: All connections within a member’s

    Trio: Consists of 3 Service Members signed up by one

    Compensation Plan: Solavei’s Compensation Plan that
    specifies how members will be compensated for their networking activities.

    Commission Period:
    The commission period consists of the commissions earning period and
    payment date. The commissions earning
    period is semi-monthly for certain commission components and monthly for
    others. All commissions earned in a given earnings period will be paid as

    All compensation earned between the 1st day
    and the 15th day of the month will be paid on the 24th
    day of the month. All compensation earned between the 16th day and
    the last day of the month will be paid on the 12th day of the
    following month.

    All commissions earned in a monthly commission period
    are paid on the 12th of the following month.

    40% Rule: In order to advance in rank, a Social Member
    cannot have more than 40% of the required total Trios come from any one
    individual within your network. This Rule applies to the Ranks of Social
    Connector and above.

    Solavei Compensation

    compensation plans consists of4 distinct components:

    Fast Action Bonus (FAB)

    Trio Pay

    Path Pay

    Path Bonus

    Action Bonus (FAB)

    How it

    Is a 60 day incentive
    program that automatically starts upon enrollment.

    Provides members with
    the ability to earn an immediate bonus up to $650 in the first 60 days.

    The 60 day timeline
    runs from the date the Member joins Solavei and is referenced by a countdown
    clock in the Member Community. This clock will be clearly displayed for the 60
    days and will countdown backwards in days, hours, and minutes.

    Is only paid on Service
    Members and Social Members. FAB is not paid on Social Members without Service.

    Is only paid on Trios
    that are signed up directly by you.

    Payment structure is as

    Pays $50 for 1st Trio

    Pays an additional $100
    for 2nd Trio

    Pays an additional $200
    for 3rd Trio

    Pays an additional $300
    for 4th Trio

    When it gets paid:

    Each of the four FAB
    Bonuses ($50, $100, $200, $300) will be paid within the semi-monthly
    compensation period earned. You do not have to wait until the 60 day timeframe

    Cut off for this Bonus
    is midnight of the 15th day of the month to be paid on the 24th
    day of the month and the last day of the month to be paid on the 12th
    day of the following month.

    Trio Pay

    How it works:

    Pays $20 per month for
    Trios in one’s Personal Network.

    Trio Pay is unlimited in
    amount and can be built continually. Members can continue to add Trios into
    perpetuity and earn money on them each month for as long as the Trio is not

    A Trio will cease to
    exist if one or more members of the trio stop paying for mobile service. When
    this occurs, the $20 associated with that Trio will cease to be paid.

    The Solavei Community
    will provide a view of your network and the status of its members.

    Horizontal Compression: Re-forms a
    trio if the member has members in their personal network not already assigned
    to a trio. For example: if someone has 4 Members they have brought in, thus
    getting paid for a Trio with one left over, and their Trio breaks (someone
    drops out), their 4th Member will automatically slot in and complete
    the Trio so there is no breakage in their pay. No additional actions are
    required from the Member, the system that Solavei has designed will compress
    automatically when a Trio breaks.

    Vertical Compression – There is
    no vertical compression within the Compensation Plan. This means that if the
    sponsor becomes deactivated, their place in the network remains unfilled. The
    rest of the network remains unchanged.

    When it is paid:

    Trio Pay is based on monthly service plan
    fees paid by members with the earnings calculated and paid semi-monthly. Trio
    Pay is earned after each member of a trio completes their monthly mobile
    service anniversary, and pays the following month’s mobile service fee. Trio
    Pay earned between the 1st and 15th of the month is paid
    on the 24th Trio Pay earned between the 16th and the last
    day of the month is paid on the 12th of the following month.

    Grace Period: A grace period of five days
    will be available for members who become suspended for non payment and then
    restore service by making a payment If a member makes a payment within the
    grace period, the Trio Pay will be
    earned as of the payment date. If a member makes a payment outside the grace
    period, absent horizontal compression, the member will lose Trio Pay for that
    period and Trio Pay will begin again if all members complete another monthly
    service anniversary.

    This compensation only requires the
    completion of overlapping Anniversary Months of service by the members. No other activity is relevant for a member
    to be paid.

    Additional Trio Notes:

    A Trio is not created
    when one Member signs 2 Service Members and another Member signs 1. This does
    not create a Trio. A Trio is ONLY created when one Member signs all 3 Service Members.

    A Trio can be created
    over days, weeks, months, or years. There is no time limit on when a Trio can
    be formed. E.g. Sign a Member today, another in 6 weeks, and another in 6
    months. Once the final Service Member is signed to complete that Trio a Bonus
    will be paid from that point forward as long as the Trio remains active.

    Trios are formed
    automatically by the Solavei Compensation System using predefined rules. There is no selection or election to be part
    of a particular Trio. For example, if a Member signs a new Service Member on
    May 20, June 2, June 7 and June 13, the Solavei Compensation System will
    examine the first 3 Service Members signed to determine if the requirements to
    form a Trio have been met. If
    qualifications are met, the Trio is formed, but if not, the system will look at
    the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Service Members to
    determine if the qualifications have been met.

    Monthly Path Pay

    How it works:

    All Members have the
    opportunity to earn Path Pay as they move up in Rank

    Rank is based on
    achieving progressively higher combinations of Personal Trios and Total Trios
    as reflected in the accompanying chart

    Path Pay ranges from
    $50 to $20,000 per month and is paid as long as the applicable numbers of
    Personal and Total Trios remain in place

    The number of Trios
    used to determine Rank is the number of Trios for which Trio Pay was earned in
    the prior calendar month.

    There are additional
    constraints that will also be considered in determining Rank

    A Social Member cannot have more than 40% of the
    required total Trios come from any one individual within your network.

    Being an Member in good
    standing (paid in full for all fees. i.e., $49 Membership Enrollment Fee)

    When it gets paid:

    Qualification for Path
    Pay is calculated as of the end of a calendar month and paid on the 12th
    of the following month.

    Path Bonus & Ranks

    A one-time Path Bonus
    is paid upon achieving the following Ranks:

    Social Connector – $500

    Social Networker – $2,000

    Social Director – $5,000

    Social Executive – $10,000

    Executive 3 – $20,000

    Insert Chart from Comp Plan One Pager

    When it gets paid:

    Path Bonus is earned
    and paid semi-monthly based on achieving the required numbers of Trios in the
    compensation period.


    If new member
    is signed up directly by a member we automatically assign that member as
    If new member
    signs up through Solavei.com and does not select a sponsor or complete the
    sign up process within 5 days of enrollment, the following process is used
    to auto-assign a sponsor:

    Identify members with Social Networker 1 rank or higher in
    the same zip code
    If no prospective sponsor is found in the same zip code, the
    search will expand to state
    If no prospective sponsor is found in the state, the
    orphaned member will be assigned to one of the Founding Members

  • http://www.facebook.com/tjtherese Theresa French

    So… I got a private invitation today. Took a look inside. I’m typically skeptical–HOWEVER… it looks pretty straight forward. Compensation plan seems simple-conservative by comparison to other MLM / Direct Sales companies but residual all the same and a product that isn’t hard to sell.

    EVERYONE needs, has or wants a cell phone plan. I could sign up for a Pre-Paid plan (as it seems everyone here is touting this is) at T-Mobile, http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/monthly-4g-plans –the announced provider of choice for this endeavor and direct to T-Mobile, I’ll pay $50 a month for 400 minutes (guaranteed overage every month in my case.) Or I can pick the currently featured unlimited plan- talk, text and data- 4G for $70. Available directly through T-Mobile. No contracts, full features. So if I want a cheap phone and don’t want a part in a scam– then, we’re golden! I have cheaper options than paying my current provider.

    HOWEVER, what you DON’T get is going directly to T-Mobile is money back. Direct with T-Mobile = money goes out Solavei = money goes out… opportunity brings money back in. If you’re opposed to that then this opportunity isn’t right for you. Move along. If that sounds like a pretty decent opportunity– then by all means, let me know. I’ll send you a private invite which allows you to check it out for yourself. Accept the invitation and you’ll have access to all of their promotional info and their compensation plan. Let me know… it might be worth checking out– no obligation! Find me on FB.

  • M Pep

    Just to address some of the concerns from the cynics:
    1) The secrecy (signing an NDA) – it’s called protecting your intellectual property. If you invented a way for cars to run on tap water, would you run around telling everyone how you did it, or would you try and patent it first? Plus, secrecy builds excitement, and excitement is marketing! Idiots.
    2) Ryan Wuerch’s History – There are a lot of Fortune 500 company’s (BofA, T-Mobile, JP Morgan, HTC, ZTE, etc…), million dollar investors, and ex-execs of major businesses (Walmart, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc…) that are partnered, or on the board with Solavei. These individuals and entities are a lot smarter than me, and above my pay grade, so don’t you think it probably occured to them to do their due diligence before attaching their names and millions of dollars to this venture?
    3) Scam/Waste of Money – I am paying twice as much for my current service (well, up until recently since I am a founding member of Solavei), so I am saving money already. It is my money, and if I want to take the risk, then it is my risk. Stop telling other people where to spend their money. You sound like the federal government. Life is about choices, and choices have consequences. I make my own choices, and I will deal with my consequences. In this case, the consequence of having free, and or, making making money off of my cell phone use.
    Cynics live their lives scared in a dark room, starring out the crack in the door at what is going on outside. Don’t criticize me because I busted down my door, and choose to live life with the lights on.
    Did it ever occur to any of you that Solavei is going to have a big impact on the other Big 3 cell phone companies, and that they probably aren’t really looking forward to this coming to market? It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the negative comments on here are from employees of those companies looking to discredit Solavei as a scam in order to preserve their jobs and well being!
    Cynics are sad, miserable people, and I feel pity for you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004263212539 Mark James

      THANKS SO MUCH m-pep for putting into words what I’m feeling right know. I went to college the other day and handed out flyers because I’m using the service and wanted to make a little money and phone service. when i told groups of kids standing around between classes what the flyer was hands went up wanting a flyer most are paying a ton of money for service. it makes sense to me and to them as well so if the guy your fails someone will take his place im sure this is backed by the biggest business entity’s in business so I EAGERLY look FORWARD to whats next with this company

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    The responses here are awesome on both sides. Come on guys don’t be haters, Solavei really is a “Revolution”. I mean come on, Amway for cellphones spread by annoying repetition through your Facebook friend feed?

    The funniest thing is the super secret NDA they all were spreading around. Ohhhh we cant tell anyone, its so proprietary. Yeah and a few weeks later the PPT on fee breakdowns, links to webinars and other insider publications are being piped to the public through every social media outlet.

    The best is what they are pushing as revolutionary. A $49 unlimited voice data and text plan. Yeah its the same one you can get through T-Mobile. (Solaveis network provider). The only difference is if you get your friends to join your bill is free. You just need three trios……BTW did we mention thats nine people? Yeah yeah forget that, you wanna make the big money? $20k a month? You only need 2000 trios. Why do we say 2000 trios as opposed to 6000 people? Because that sounds bats!t crazy and no one in their right mind would buy into 6000. 2000 sounds so much better. lol Are these people for real?

    What strikes me is all of the people I viewed as intelligent, pitching this garbage like mindless drones. Why? Think about it. Network marketing is already a tough sell as most people view anything in this space as a pyramid scheme. Now add to this:

    1. Your product/service is not competitive (T-Mobile and others offer similar unlimited packages, many with cheaper phone buy ins *something that isn’t mentioned*).

    2. On top of this you as a Solavei rep are given a PDF propaganda sheet to defend your CEO to the public as he is at the center of a Federal lawsuit. For what? We wont go into specifics in our FAQ, but trust me, its just a standard lawsuit that has no affect on me or Solavei. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” lol. Oh & Ryan Wuerch didn’t get fired, he got asked to leave Motricity for losing 90% of Shareholder value (Yeah it was his decision to leave). lol http://pdfcast.org/download/ryan-w-talking-points-faq.pdf

    3. Solavei is a closely guarded secret, we need you people on the 1st tier to sign an NDA. Yeah and then a few weeks later just distribute the “proprietary info” aggressively through social media.

    4. The margins for profit are so razor thin that we need you to pimp as many of your friends out as possible to make a meager return for the reputation you just bartered away on another cheap and ridiculous pyramid scheme led by a man with a proven track record of sinking a telecommunications company into the ground.

    Jim Cramer on Mad Money went to bat for until the ugly truth was revealed that Ryan Wuerch is the companies death sentence (Google: “Mad Money host turns on Motricity, calls it a ‘disaster”). Those not versed on history are destined to repeat it. Wuech walked away with a $400M+ Golden Parachute. Its no wonder Shareholders are suing this guy. Think about it rationally. Whose gonna lose here? Solavei customers, Solavei Employees, & Investors (Like Ichan in Motricity) if Solavei follows Motricity’s path. Someone offered the glass window link below to see what inside employees had to say about Motricity under RW’s leadership. Yeah but I’m sure his management style has drastically changed in just a few months under the new Solavei banner.

    So everyone here is all vocal about this issue and how they think this is a scam and Wuerch is ripping people off. I dont buy into that totally. I just think its irresponsible business as usual and the people, the masses are a bunch of drones looking for leadership and a quick buck and really dont care how they get it as the truth they no so far about their organization doesnt phase them. Thats OK to. This world is survival of the fittest. That said, maybe this is a challenge for this particular business model. Is this really a “Revolution”? A conflict waiting to happen? The transparency of social media will certainly reveal the victor. For those of you annoyed at the constant social media barrage of mindless Solavei Advertising I say fight fire with fire. I give you General Maximus Decimus Meridius…..You want Revolution? Let the Meme Image war begin… At My Command…..Unleash Hell…..





    • Bug50

      I agree with you. I signed the NDA not knowing who or what was involved. After seeing the presentation I did some investigating, which led to finding several lies in their initial conference call(if anyone wants details let me know) Silly things that did not need to be misstated. They want to hype up Solavei as the next Apple or Google to get people onboard.
      I do agree with you that it is not nessesarily a scam. The question you need to ask before you get involved is, Do you want to associate with a man who sends out lies on his new company, lied to shareholders at his last company, and being sued for cashing in on self inflated stock, and leaving Motricity stockholders holding the bag. Oh and dont forget he brought several Motricity execs with him, they were also fired from Motricity.

      • Maximus Decimus Meridius

        Thanks Bug50 for honestly stating your position as another independent viewpoint. I’m glad you read through what I was saying that this whole “opportunity ” wreaks of misdirection and unfavorable leadership which may soon be shown to be criminal in nature relating to Motricity. I certainly appreciate you seeing that I did not categorize Solavei as a scam but more a cheap sell off of your own reputation in endorsing such a dishonest figurehead to friends and strangers for a few dollars. Have a good weekend my friend.

      • Beachrocker

        There’s a comparison website: compare.mobileusa.biz. It is a Solavei team but the numbers are all correct. I checked the websites of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon.. It appears like Solavei is a good value on the product alone? I’m paying AT&T over $90/month.. why wouldn’t I switch, even if the founder is Donald Trump shady? The truth is I bet if we investigated half the companies out there, we would find their CEO’s all have some dirt behind them. The corporate world is inherently greedy!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004263212539 Mark James

          EXACTLY beachrocker but this site is mostly people who have a axe to grind with Motricity sounds like

  • Dreamtoys

    Consider these points before signing up or not signing up:

    1. The issue is not even the $49/month for unlimited data, etc. service.
    2. One can look beyond the Founder’s credibility and even his poor track record. He did have a Congressman on his team! Are all congressmen good?
    3. One can also ignore MLM and its associated “poor” image or opportunity to make money IF you work hard at it.
    4. You can look at yourself in the mirror every day and do not mind pissing your friends and family members off because you will for some. Some of them may thank you for the opportunity too. Yes, it will change life one way or another.
    5. Here is what you must understand and consider. This type of unlimited plan at very low prices exist – T-Mobile in this case. Then let’s examine the following:

    5.1. If T-Mobile has such a great plan, why aren’t they successful in getting customers of the other 4 major carriers to migrate to their service?

    5.1.1 Is it because, they are better in marketing than the other big boys?
    5.1.2 Is it because, they own more broadcasting towers? Cheaper cost? Etc?
    5.1.3 Is it because, they have inferior coverage? With fewer towers?
    5.1.4 Is it because, it is not a true “unlimited” plan and has hidden restrictions?

    5.1.5 Is it because, your data speed will be restricted and slow down after you have reached certain limited? (This is the most important point of all and you need to verify if this commonly known statement is true)

    Finally, if you just want to get in from the start and have a few $49s to play with and not worry about your reputation (it will get hurt regardless who you talk to), go ahead with this, especially if you are a T-Mobile customer already. You will see these people switching to this plan as they are already in and paying. But if you are not a T-Mobile customer, then I would advise to keep your carrier with good coverage and treat this as a investment or business.

    Do not switch to this plan if you want good coverage. Do not consider that more towers can be easily built in the US and around the world. This will be close to impossible unless there are other technologies available and even for overseas, it will cost money. It will depend on if the CEO has the ability and integrity to carry on such a task before he leaves again with hundred of millions of dollar via the Golden ParaShot – to the MLM’ers. It is more tempting for hm to take this money than to built more infrastructures if it is even possible.

    I predicted that some of you will make money, some of you will regret, some of you will get PO, some of you will complaint about your unlimited but restricted speed data plan.

    Have a good day and hope you make it Bill.


  • onebyone

    I finally got fed up with verizon charging me 120 dollars a month for cell service and looked for another company ended up finding solavei on t-mobile towers. (I like verizon, I just think they charge way too much) So far I have no problem with the service or the company. I really like my android phone better than that crappy no data one I had. The Solavei business side definitely looks promising but if you dont have nerve to invest or take risk with a couple of meals worth of money I suggest you stick with casinos and lottery tickets because we all know those are gonna make you money.

  • Jay504

    Meh chances are most people like myself who are paying close to $100 a month for cell services are planing on switching. There are many options with no contracts for my basic needs. $49 a month is a scam? The worst thing that can happen is the company goes down in flames. I could care less as long as I am getting what I was promised during the time. (phone service) If it is a scam, i can just pick another company. I havent bought 1000’s of dollars in useless crap that i can’t get my mom or brothers to buy, let alone strangers. The only investment I would lose is phone service but, considing I am saving $50 a month I’d call that a deal just from that point of view.

    Even if i can get a trio or more and make any money.. that is better than being contract bounded with my current carrier. You have to pay to play and take risks in investments. $50 a month is hardly something lost(beer/stripper money) if I am given the service promised. I am not interested in the guy’s history because all of us are getting it in the rear more ways than we want to admit. From the over priced food to the water we buy and so on.. Soo for the skeptics saying that this is a scam.. just relax and sit on the side line.

  • concerned mom

    My daughter got a job with solavei.She was so happy to have found a job,that she didnt think to research the company.She’s been there less than a month and all sorts of red flags have come up.The company only has 3 phone to choose from unles you buy a new sim card and activate it thru the company.Its non refundable,so if something goes wrong,you’re screwed.If you have an iphone that has 4g service and switch to their service,your speed will go to 2g.She has taken calls for so many dissatisfied”members” with everybody willing to cancel their service,she probably won’t have a job for long.The management for the call center here in Tucson was trained in a hotel,of all places.She was so enthusiastic about the company at first and wanted to learn as much as she could about it.In less than a month,she comes home depressed and in tears.The training for the call center was crap and they crammed 5 weeks worth of training into less than a week.She’s already looking for another job.There have been so many other things that did’nt sound kosher,either.She’s never been one to quit,but we have a feeling this ship is sinking.Beware and don’t work for C3,who Solavei contracts thru or Solavei.

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