John Burton refuses to use his Kindle

I thought the whole Amazon online sales tax debate had pretty much blown over in California, following a September compromise in which the Seattle online retailer dropped plans to push for a referendum.

Nonetheless, The Daily Show’s John Oliver uses the contentious debate as a springboard into California’s referendum process.

Foul-mouthed John Burton, chairman of the Democratic Party in California, succinctly describes the system as “totally f***ed up.” And then he turns his salty language on Amazon in a hilarious rant, which you can read and watch below.

Burton: “Why the **** should Amazon skate when we have a state where we are shutting down schools, shutting down hospitals, firing teachers, firing cops, firing firemen, screwing mental health people — because they don’t want to have a god damned sales tax like everybody else.”

Oliver replied in his classic deadpan: “It is the American dream. You work hard. You make millions, then you can have a voice.”

Burton: “You got to be kidding me.”

Oliver: “It is what this country is built on.”

Burton: “My daughter gave me a Kindle for my birthday present, and I will not use it because of these god damned people at Amazon. I go to my bookstore, buy a god damned book, and sit and read it. It is that simple. I can read it taking a crap, as opposed to looking at a Kindle or a computer taking a crap.”

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to the Daily Show on another piece of biting satire! This “John Burton” fellow is an excellent actor and his commentary is an hilarious homage to the bloviations of real California “officials.”

  • Guest

    ^^ John burton is not an actor. He is a former politician in CA, and the current Chair of the CA Democratic Party.

    • Guest

      In addition to that, he’s really good at acting outraged.

      • Reineduchocolat

        Because of legislators like him, you now have a perfect example of why California is failing and in so much trouble.

        • Daeniel

          Not true, I have him as a professor, really brilliant/nice guy, doesn’t curse in class maybe only until he finds the perfect opportunity to (hollywood & people who watch tv). pushed for cal grant reform for universities and won

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